The beautiful students of the London School of Economics are the most attractive bunch of the lot, according to a recently released survey.

People attending the uni based in the capital were deemed to be the most gorgeous out of a total of 50 universities included in the table, released by Fixr-App.

The luscious Londoners were closely followed by the stunners at University of Oxford and University of Leeds, who came in second and third, respectively, in the attractiveness rankings.

At the other end of the spectrum were students from the University of Warwick, who were revealed to be the ugliest lot in the land, coming in 50th at the table.

They brought up the rear behind St. George’s, London and University of East Anglia, ranked 49th and 48th, respectively, for the least attractive students.

Data collection for the rankings was done online via websites and apps such as Just Eat, Tinder, and Pint Price and by interviews with students at the schools.

The table also revealed Brighton University students have the most sexual partners.