Everybody knows that the majority of studying at university is fuelled by caffeine. If you’re sick of making coffee for yourself and studying in your room, why not try studying in coffee shops? Studying in coffee shops is great for improving productivity, especially considering you can’t just get back in bed when you’re out and about. These are the best coffee shops in Manchester for all of your studying needs.

The best coffee shops in Manchester to study in
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Navarro Lounge

Although the Navarro Lounge is more of a bar than a café, it’s still a fantastic place to study and they serve amazing lattes. It’s probably best to go there if you’re looking for an early-morning study space since it gets quite busy at lunch and dinner. You can order on your phone and get your coffee without even having to queue or leave your table!

Blackwell’s Caffé Nero

Caffé Nero is a staple for University of Manchester students. It’s located upstairs on the campus of Blackwell’s, making it easy for you to pick up the books you need for your course and grab a coffee. Due to its location in the bookstore, it’s a nice, quiet place to study, and there are plenty of tables.

Blackwell’s Caffé Nero, best coffee shops in Manchester to study in
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Waterstones Café

Waterstones Café is a little further from the campuses, being in the city centre, however, it’s still a great place to study. There’s a nice view of Manchester from the windows since the café is quite high up. Again, the bookstore vibe makes a great quiet study space. You could even grab a book on your way up to the café.


GROW Café is a meat-free cafe located on the Manchester Metropolitan University Campus. It’s a perfect option for vegetarians and vegans, and it’s a great place to study and learn.

Christie’s Bistro

Christie’s Bistro, located in the University of Manchester campus, is a beautiful cafe, perfect for academia. The bookshelves along the walls, the old-fashioned paintings, and the elegant busts create a beautiful atmosphere, guaranteed to inspire creativity.

Christie’s Bistro, coffee shops in Manchester to study in
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The Hub Coffee

The Hub Coffee is a fantastic option for MMU students since it’s conveniently located in the business building. It’s currently undergoing a renovation, reopening in time for the new academic year. If you’re looking for an on-

Chapter One Books

Chapter One Books is located closer to the city centre, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to do a bit of shopping to treat themselves after studying. Located inside a bookstore, the quiet atmosphere will really help you focus and get your work done.

Café Muse

Café Muse, located directly next to Manchester Museum, is a beautiful place to study. It is also in the middle of a renovation, so by the time the new academic year starts, Café Muse will be better than ever. The museum atmosphere creates the perfect study space for any student, but humanities students especially may find inspiration here.

Cafe Muse, Best coffee shops in Manchester to study in
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Now you have some ideas of where to go if you’re looking for the best coffee shops in Manchester to study in, so get out there! If you’re looking for more of a study break, check out our list of fun things to do in Manchester.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022