Whether you’re a complete newbie to Manchester or a returning student, it’s time to get ready for the first week at university. Before studies start, you have the perfect opportunity to make new friends and have some fun. But where to start? It can be overwhelming when you look for things to do, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. That’s where we can help. So, here are some of the best freshers events in Manchester happening in 2023!

Before you get to University

Avoid Scams

First things first, you need to ensure that the events you pay for are legitimate. You might find people in freshers group chats advertising events you haven’t heard of anywhere else, and it’s likely that whatever wristband they want you to buy doesn’t exist. The best place to look for tickets or wristbands is the official Student Union website of your university. You can find the events schedule for each major university in Manchester below.

For students at the University of Manchester, click here and here.

Students at Manchester Met, click here and here.

Students at the University of Salford, click here.

Freshers’ events hosted by Universities

Freshers fair

freshers events in Manchester
Source: UCEN Manchester

All week long, each university will hold their own freshers fair. Here, you’ll be able to find information about student accommodation, events and more. Usually, there are some freebies available, so get down to your fair for a free slice of pizza! There’s also the boring stuff like highlighters, planners and pens, but they’ll come in handy for saving money on stationary further down the line.

Society fairs

freshers events in Manchester
Source: University of Manchester

One of the best ways to make friends at university is by joining a society. In the first few weeks, you’ll find out about all the different groups you can join at the society fair. From burlesque to musical theatre, the options are endless. Students at the University of Manchester can find societies here, MMU students here, and University of Salford students here.

Tours of the city

If you’re new to the city, there’s lots to explore. What better way to do so than through a tour around Manchester? These open up around September and are usually cheap to sign onto. You’ll get led around places like Oxford Road and the City Center to become an expert on where to go in Manchester before you’ve even been anywhere.

The best freshers’ events in Manchester

1. F*CK ME It’s Freshers – 21st September, Vision Club

best freshers events Manchester
Source: https://fixr.co/

This event, a tradition for over 11 years, promises a spectacular and immersive nightclub atmosphere, featuring UV paint, neon glow sticks, LED batons, carnival-style stilt walkers, UV neon dancers, confetti cannons, face painting, and much more. With Manchester’s top DJs playing chart, commercial, house, hip hop, and R&B in the main room, this is a great event to start off uni life.

Early bird tickets are cheaper and always sell out in advance, with refunds available for those who don’t secure a university spot. Entrance requires valid 18+ ID, and it’s recommended to arrive by 11PM for smoother access.

Back to the 90s & 00s – 19th September, Gorilla

Gorilla Manchester

If you love the thought of dancing to old school pop, hip hop R&B and more, this is for you. Let’s face it, they were the best decades for music anyway and there’s nothing quite like dancing to Beyonce, Rhianna and others when they first started. There will be 90s inflatables, retro glasses, confetti showers – and cheap drinks of course.

If you’ve got the official 2023 Manchester Freshers Wristband, you can get a discount on this event too. Find out more info and get early bird tickets on Skiddle.

The Manchester Freshers Moving in Party 2023 – 17th September, FAC251

best freshers week events in Manchester 2023
Source: Fixr.co

Manchester Freshers, brace yourselves for the grandest moving in party at one of the city’s trendiest clubs! Following last year’s jam-packed event, this year promises even more thrills as the official kick-off to your Freshers’ Week. With the buzz of 800 students, the night boasts an advanced sound system, cutting-edge lighting and lasers, and complimentary sweets.

There’s something for everyone, with three rooms offering diverse music: Room 1 features Hip Hop, R&B, and Commercial; Room 2 delves into Indie, Pop, and Chart; and Room 3 grooves with House, Deep House, and Student Mash-Up. Plus, you can save big with the 2023 Manchester Freshers Wristband, granting access to six of the most significant freshers events at a reduced rate. Get your wristband here!

Freshers Zoo Party – 18th September, Bread Shed

Freshers Zoo Party Manchester
Source: Fatsoma

Even as summer wanes, the excitement doesn’t stop in Manchester! Dive into an Ibiza-inspired evening with the Freshers Takeover Zoo Party this September. No need to be an expert in body paint; the club will feature zoo paint stations for you to embrace your wild side. Alongside, expect to dance with hundreds of animal inflatables, all set against the backdrop of a fully transformed jungle-themed venue. For a night of unforgettable fun, ensure you grab your tickets early. This roaring event will take place at Manchester’s top club, Bread Shed. Brace yourselves for a freshers night like no other!

Salford Freshers UV Neon Rave – 10th September, Kable Club

Salford freshers events Manchester 2023

Marking its 10th consecutive year, Salford’s official Freshers Welcome Party is back with its signature UV Neon Rave! Known as the pinnacle event of the Salford Freshers’ Week, this extravaganza is a must-attend for every newbie, promising an unforgettable dive into university life.

Boasting a lineup of the UK’s top-rated DJs, who have graced stages from Creamfields to Amnesia Ibiza, this rave is the premier kickoff to your academic year. You’ll find UV neon face painting, an abundance of UV glow sticks, spectacular giveaways, an outfit competition, laser shows, massive inflatables, and much more. Given its reputation, tickets have been selling out each year, with last year’s tickets disappearing weeks before freshers even arrived. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event; secure your spot now!

DISCO PUSS: Freshers’ Fiesta – 17th September, Hidden

Disco Puss - Freshers events Hidden Manchester
Source: Hidden

If the thought of raves fills you with anxiety and you’re sick of all the indie or R&B playlists, then Disco Puss might be a great alternative in the list of best freshers events in Manchester 2023. It’s a massive lineup of DJs playing soul, funk, disco and disco house. You can also get free tickets for a limited time too!

Hidden is a little on the outside of the main centre of Manchester, so you can avoid the chaos but still feel part of the city too.

Other club nights in Manchester to check out

Toxic every Wednesday at the Factory

Toxic Night Every Wednesday at the Factory Manchester
Source: The Factory 251

Students have famously claimed Wednesday nights, and the Factory knows this. With concession tickets for students, it couldn’t be a cheaper night out than at the club with your new friends (after pre-drinks, of course). Every Wednesday, you can grab yourself a ticket for the Toxic event which takes place every week. They separate the club into three different bar environments, with a mix of Indie, Hiphop, House, RnB and Dance music. This is a great place to go on a night out, but if you don’t drink or going clubbing isn’t your vibe, there’s plenty more on this list for you!

Everyday events at Cargo

Everyday Events at Cargo, freshers events in manchester
Source: Cargo Manchester

Cargo is another student hotspot known for hosting foam parties, rodeo bulls and surf simulators. Even better, drinks are as cheap as £1.50! Again, there are concession tickets for students, saving you money. There are events on every day, from manifest Saturdays to bottomless brunch, so there’s plenty for you and your new mates to do.

We hope you liked our pick of the best freshers events in Manchester. Check out our list of 15 fun sober things to do during freshers for more ideas.