Everyone says that the sciences are full of men whilst languages and the arts are full of women, but which subjects really are the sausage fests? We’re looking at the list of degrees with the highest percentage of male students released by Higher Education Statistics Agency, and how this might actually change in the future.

1. Engineering: 79.5%

degrees with highest percentage of male students - engineering
Source: AMCAT

It probably isn’t a surprise to anyone that engineering degrees are greatly male-orientated. However, as girls begin to overtake boys studying sciences at A-Level (49.7% vs. 50.3%), we would like to think that  the gender imbalance within engineering will change. Hope comes from Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO of the Women’s Engineering Society, who has said that the intake of women increased by a fifth between 2020-2021, which is definitely a plus.

2. Computing: 77.2%

degrees with highest percentage of male students - computing
Source: University of Portsmouth

With an increase of a thousand new A-Level students studying computing, you might have thought that more women would be studying computing at a university level. At A-Level, the amount of women remains low, at around 2000 female students vs. 11 thousand male. The pattern repeats at university with Computing degrees being made up of almost 80% of male students.

However, universities such as Durham are making efforts to increase their female cohorts by doubling their intake of women last year. Hopefully this is a trend we will see in many places.

3. Maths: 62.9%

degrees with highest percentage male students - maths
Source: The Conversation

Recent studies have revealed disparities in not only the intake of women and men on Maths courses, but also people’s confidence level in the subject. Initiatives are being put in place to help women, as math degrees still have one of the highest percentages of male students; hopefully changing things in the near future.

4. Architecture: 61.5%

degrees with the highest percentage of male students - architecture
Source: Construction News

According to the Architects Registration board, as of 2019, the gender split between architects under 30 was exactly 50/50. This is a steep change from the 71% vs. 29% when all ages are considered. Hopefully, the rates of male and female students will also begin to even out and further contribute to the positive change already seen in the sector.

5. Physical Sciences: 56.25%

degrees with highest percentage of male students - physical sciences
Source: The Open Notebook

Physical sciences include chemistry, geology, psychics, astronomy and more. This field is heavily male dominated with a 59.41% male student population. However, more females are taking subjects allied to medicine and related sciences.

6. Business and Management: 52.9%

degrees with highest percentage of male students - business and managment
Source: Online Course Report

Although the gap is closing, more needs to be done to promote the role of women in business. The Women in Business Network is just one example of this. They encourage women to connect and provide positive role models for women considering this career path. We can’t wait to see a female Elon Musk on the horizon.

7. Biological Sciences: 50.3% per cent

degrees with highest percentage of male students - biological sciences
Source: Michigan Technological University

Biological sciences such as medicine, biology and biomed, are steadily climbing with the number of women on their courses. Despite evidence that women regularly outperform men in STEM subjects, shoutout to all our brainy ladies out there, there is still a gender inequality to address. However, this could change soon as more females are gaining science A-Levels.

Although this list represented the degrees with the highest percentage of male students, lots of other degrees are dominated by females.