Selling Sunset is back and the latest season of the LA-based reality show has more catfights, couture and multi-million dollar properties than ever before. And as we get to look around some of California’s most exclusive properties, there’s one thing on our mind: Just how much do the agents make on Selling Sunset? Well, today we are here to talk about just that, covering everything from what the Oppenheim Group commission is to revealing which Selling Sunset agent has the highest net worth. Let’s go.

Selling Sunset cast net worth
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How much do the agents make on Selling Sunset?

First of all, it’s important to note that the agents don’t actually receive a salary when they are employed at The Oppenheim Group. In fact, they make their money from commission alone, meaning that if they don’t sell, they don’t take home a paycheck!

It was revealed that the actual commission is calculated by subtracting a certain percentage from the cost of the house they sell. This percentage usually ranges from three per cent to six per cent and is often negotiated.

However, the agent doesn’t receive this full commission either. in fact, it is split into half between the person who represents the seller and the person who brings the buyer. Essentially, Jason and Brett always get a cut! This means that agents generally end up bringing home just 2.5% of the total sale price

Of course, the more expensive the listing, the higher the commission. Therefore, you can see why there is a race to get on to the A-list properties. So, which Selling Sunset agent has made the most commission? (and who sold that impressive $40 million dollar property in season one?) Read on to find out.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim net worth

Now that we know how the agents make their money, we couldn’t start without revealing the Oppenheim president’s Jason and Brett’s net worth. Well considering they run the lucrative property business, and get a cut of all of the listings sold on Selling Sunset, it’s no surprise that the individual net worth of the brothers is said to be $50million. That’s not bad for attorneys turned brokers…


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Mary Fitzgerald 

Next up, Mary is undoubtedly one of the most successful agents on Selling Sunset. She has sold plenty of multi-million dollar homes and her net worth is estimated to be upwards of $2 million. In fact, she has recently received a promotion on the new season of the show. Therefore her net worth only looks set to grow in the near future!


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What is Mary’s new role on Selling Sunset? 

Mary has been promoted to vice president of The Oppenheim Group and will be helping to oversee the firm’s real estate transactions, property management, and business development. On the Oppenheim Website, it states that Mary “sets herself apart with unrivalled work ethic, integrity, and honesty.”

Chrishell Stause

From commission alone, Chrsiell may not have done quite as well as Mary. However, this actress turned realtor has a lot of strings to her bow. Before coming on the show, Chrishell starred in plenty of popular tv shows including Days of our lives and the young and the restless. She was also married to This Is Us star, Jason Hartley. In fact, this businesswoman is now capitalising on her celebrity status, appearing on Dancing with the Stars, singing a book deal and becoming a brand ambassador. Therefore, it will probably come as no surprise that her net worth is estimated at $5 million.


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Christine Quinn

Next up, drama queen, Christine hasn’t sold quite as many properties as some of the other agents but her net worth is still said to be an impressive $1.5 million. However, Christine’s entrepreneur husband is said to be worth upwards of $20 million. Therefore, it’s fair to say that the couple probably aren’t struggling to put food on to the table.


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Heather Rae El Moussa 

Now, we get on to Heather who is one of the longest standing realtors on Selling Sunset. In fact, she was the second agent to join The Oppenheim group seven years ago! Additionally, Heather has worked as an actor, model and influencer meaning that her net worth is estimated at upwards of $3 million!

Vanessa Villela

Next up, like Chriselle, Vanessa made some money through acting before coming on to Selling Sunset. Vanessa stared in multiple soap operas back in Mexico and despite being one of the agents who has sold the least properties on the show, her net worth is one of the highest at an estimated $5 million- that’s not bad going!

Maya Vander

Did you know, that Maya is the longest-standing employee of The Oppenheim group? Likewise, the successful realtor works for another firm in Miami too. In fact, despite being very busy raising a family, Maya has still managed to accumulate a net worth of $1 million-  it seems that some people really can do it all!

Davina Potratz

Following on, is Davina. She brought one of the most expensive properties to the show- a $75 million dollar listing that would have earnt her one hell of a commission. However, it seems that Jason’s reservations about it being overpriced seemed to stand true and as of yet,  the property is still on the market. Therefore, until that comes through, Davina’s net worth sits at an impressive (still impressive) $2 million.


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Amanza Smith 

Amanza is multi-talented, having previously worked as an interior designer and a model. However, since joing the team at The Oppenheim Group in season three of Selling Sunset, the mum of two has been busy selling A-List properties. It is estimated that her net worth is around $1 million. That’s even more impressive considering her turbulent personal life, in which her ‘best friend’s mom raised her’ and where her ex-husband, NFL player Ralph Brown, has gone missing.

Emma Hernan 

Emma is one of the newest agents on the show, having joined in Season four. Like some of the other realtors, she is a woman of many talents and works for The Oppenheim group alongside her homemade empanada business. It is estimated that Emma’s net worth is $3 million.


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