Are you struggling to decide what to study at university, then try our degree personality quiz which assigns you a subject area based on your personality traits and interests. It’s got a range of multiple questions designed to help you think about learning styles and environment, whether you’re good in groups or prefer to fly solo, if you enjoy more practical tasks or like a good debate instead, and so on.

Obviously if you’ve got your heart set on a particular career, choosing a degree isn’t necessarily based on your personality but your chosen career path. However, if – like many, many future students – you’re not sure what you want to study, this quiz can actually help identify the subject areas you’d most likely enjoy and do well in.

Take the Unifresher degree personality quiz here

Why take the degree personality quiz?

Ok we’re not pretending this some sort of well-documented psychometric assessment tool, but the quiz not only evaluates your interpersonal skills and individual preferences but delves deeper into how you absorb information best—whether through listening, doing, or observing. As you respond to questions about your problem-solving techniques and how you handle team projects, it assigns the best-fit degree area with examples of courses to consider.

Beyond just suggesting a major, the quiz offers insights into careers that could fit your identified strengths and interests too. Whether it points you towards engineering, teaching, or the arts, it connects how you think and work with roles where those traits are in demand. Additionally, the quiz provides a fun and interactive way to consider various paths that you might not have contemplated before, possibly opening doors to exciting new educational opportunities.

So, if you’re hovering between choices or curious about what studies could ignite your passion, this quiz is a fantastic starting point. It’s a blend of self-discovery and academic guidance, tailored to help you carve out a path that not only suits you academically but also prepares you for a fulfilling career.

Other tips to help choose a uni course

degree personality quiz

Beyond our fun degree personality quiz, you can also think about the following to help decide on what course might be the best one you.

Understand what you’re interested in

The first step in choosing the right university course is to deeply understand your interests, strengths, and career goals. This includes researching various subjects and identifying what excites you the most. An alignment of your course with your personal and professional aspirations ensures a more engaging and fulfilling university experience. It’s essential to consider how different courses can serve as a pathway to your desired career or further studies. Don’t do something just because it’s what you got an A in at school or college, think about what sounds like fun so you can be passionate about your learning.

Consider your academic skills realistically

Having said that, it’s still important to consider how well you have done in some subjects. That isn’t to say if you got a D in high school in History you can’t go on to study something in a related discipline at uni. It’s more important to think about what was it that you did or didn’t do well in in terms of learning – was it the subject modules, was it the type of assessment, was it the teacher?? This can happen…

Before settling on a course, it’s crucial to realistically assess your academic strengths and weaknesses. Consider the entry requirements of each course and match them with your predicted grades. This ensures that you select a course that challenges you without being overwhelming, optimising your chances for success and satisfaction in your university life.

Read about the course content and structure

When selecting a course, it’s important to look into the specific content and structure of the program. This includes understanding the core modules, elective options, and the types of assessments used. Familiarising yourself with the course layout can help you decide if it matches your learning preferences, whether you thrive in hands-on projects, traditional exams, or a mix of both.

Consider the status and resources of the uni department

If you know which uni you want to go to, or have a list of a few, then read about their departments of the courses you might want to do. You can compare universities by rankings, as well as faculty expertise, facilities like libraries and laboratories, and partnerships with industries. This broader perspective helps in choosing a course that not only educates but also provides a conducive environment for personal and professional development.

When choosing a uni, you could also look at our Alternative University League Table, which compares unis on more fun factors like social life, sustainability and price of a McMeal in the area.

Do some long-term thinking about career prospects

Evaluate how well the course aligns with the job market demands and your career aspirations. This might involve researching employment rates for graduates in your chosen field, potential earnings, and professional development opportunities. Understanding the career trajectory that a course offers can significantly influence your decision, ensuring that you invest your time and resources in a degree that offers tangible future benefits.

Go on campus visits and read student reviews

If possible, visit the campuses of the universities you are considering. Talking to current students about their experiences can provide invaluable insights that are not captured in brochures or rankings. Campus visits help you gauge the atmosphere and community spirit, which can be crucial in your decision-making process. If you can’t do that, go online to forums where students share their opinions of unis. 

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