Selling Sunset makes living in LA look like it is all riches, fancy houses, gorgeous tans and even more gorgeous people. But how much of it is real? And how rich are the stars of Selling Sunset really? We’ve got the Selling Sunset Rich List to show you exactly how well-off the realtors are.

11. Romain Bonnet – £375k


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First on our Selling Sunset rich list is Romain, a model and Mary’s husband. He moved to Hollywood as a pastry chef and during the pandemic he started working for the Oppenheim Group. He has been working as a project manager for the twins, and between that and his modelling work, he’s worked up a steady net worth of £375k.

10. Mary Fitzgerald – £750k 


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41-year-old Mary graduated from Ball State University in Indiana, US and then moved to New York, then Lond and now she lives in LA, working for the twins. She worked in both NYC and London as a real estate, and has been successful in her career from the get go!

9. Maya Vander – £750k 

Maya grew up in Israel and then moved to LA in 2002, where she took a liking to real estate. She’d grown up in a family involved with buying properties, renovating them and selling them on. So her decision to enter real estate was an easy one! And obviously, it’s working for her.

8. Amanza Smith – £750k 

Amanza started her career by studying Interior Design and Indiana State University. She then moved to LA where she began a lucrative career in modelling and entertainment, even working as an NFL cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts at one point! She also worked for many magazines, adverts, and 2 seasons of Deal or No Deal. But, ultimately, she returned to real estate – and it’s clearly paying off, she’s worth £750k after all.

7. Davina Potratz – £1.5 million


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German-born Davina graduated with an IB and then moved to the US to study in Malibu. She has worked as a model for Ford Model Agency before moving on to real estate around 10 years ago. That’s plenty of time to work selling huge lavish houses to anyone with their pockets full in Hollywood – no wonder she’s worth over a million!

6. Christine Quinn – £1.5 million


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Christine has been working for the Oppenheim Group for a few years, and before working in real estate she worked in fashion and entertainment – she was even featured in Vogue magazine. After this successful career, she travelled around the world for 2 years and that’s where she found a passion for architecture and interior design. She earns a fair amount from her hard work in real estate, hence the sturdy net worth of £1.5 million!

5. Emma Hernan – £2.25 million


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Emma grew up in Boston and then moved to LA to enjoy the sunshine and culture of the coast. She bought her first home and then developed a passion for real estate, leading to her becoming a realtor and joining the Oppenheim Group in 2018.

As a teenager, Emma worked as a model and babysitter and started investing in stock! She now not only works in real estate but followed in her family footsteps and started a food business; an empanada company called Emma Leigh & Co. So it’s really not shocking that she’s worth quite so much! #Girlboss.

4. Heather Rae Young – £2.25 million 

From Southern California, Heather Young started working as a model at the age of 18. She quickly rose through the ranks and found international success. She even worked with Playboy, becoming Playboy Playmate of the Month in February 2010.

She then took a turn into acting, starring in 8 films including Love In The Time of Monsters, before developing her career as a realtor, where she scored a role on Selling Sunset. Considering her previous Playboy escapades and her acting roles, it’s a surprise that her net worth isn’t higher than £2.25 million.

3. Chrishell Stause – £3.75 million


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Chrishell is a 40-year-old American actress and real estate agent who has starred on Days of Our Lives and All My Children before ending up on Selling Sunset. From Kentucky, Stause’s real name is Terrina, but she chooses to go by her middle name instead. From all of her acting jobs, she has managed to amass herself a healthy net worth of £3.75 million! Not bad, Chrishell.

2. Vanessa Villela – £3.75 million

Mexican-American Vanessa is an actress and real estate agent, who, before Selling Sunset, appeared a number of Mexican TV series. She is 43-years-old and entered the show fairly recently. She has quickly slid into the Selling Sunset family though, with Amanza Smith saying that they all felt Vanessa was family very quickly. She went on to thank Jason’s ability to pick realtors.

On top of acting and real estate, Vanessa is also a fashion designer! She has been collaborating with Lascivious on some of her own designs. Between all of this, it really isn’t too surprising that her net worth is as high as £3.75 mill!

1. Brett and Jason Oppenheim – £37.5 million


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It may come as no surprise is that top of our Selling Sunset rich list is the Oppenheim brothers. They own The Oppenheim Group that all of the Selling Sunset realtors work for, so it is really no surprise that the twins are worth a pretty penny. At 44 they can afford to live very glamorous lifestyles from their real estate empire alone! Their business was started by their great-great-grandfather in 1889, and the twins have continued in their families footsteps.

After both studying law at university, they then both became successful lawyers, and then jumped into real estate. They are two of the most successful real estate agents in LA, having sold properties to names as big as Meryl Streep, Orlando Bloom and Dakota Johnson.

Due to the firm’s immense success, the two twins are said to be worth $50 million each (or £37.5 million)!

That’s a wrap for our Selling Sunset Rich List. Interested in what more of your favourite celebs are earning? Then check out our Love Island Rich List too. 

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Last Updated on September 2, 2022