The most recent season of Married at First Sight UK was certainly one for drama. Different from previous seasons, the 2021 edition had EIGHT couples compared to the usual two or three. Naturally, more couples mean more drama, which also means more questions. Well, one question in particular. Where are the cast of Married at First Sight UK now?

Alexis and Ant

Alexis and Ant Married At First Sight UK
Source: Express

Fans already know Ant’s wifey No.1, Nikita, was sent packing early on. The two got off on the wrong foot, and managed to (barely!) survive their honeymoon trip to Mexico before calling it quits when Nikita made her exit from the series.

Ant returned to the series later on to couple with the also newly-singled cast mate, Alexis. Alexis herself and hubby Jordon felt they weren’t a match, and separated after a jaunt through the Maldives.

So that leaves Ant and Alexis, the couple finding a second chance at love in one another. Or so they hoped. And they would be wrong, because following the theme of the show, these two also broke up and left the experiment, citing friendship over romance.

Matt and Daniel

Married At First Sight UK Cast where are they now? Daniel and Matt
Source: OK! Magazine

Married at First Sight’s first same-sex marriage (and isn’t that a tongue twister?) on the show seems to have been successful so far. The two were a solid match from the start but had fans clutching their pearls when it appeared that Matt felt unsure about relocating after the show.

However, the worry was all for nought as Michael and Dan are still living in wedded bliss together at Dan’s home in Northern Ireland. They’re reportedly very happy with each other and are honoured to be the first same-sex marriage: for Dan, in particular, who hails from Northern Ireland where gay marriage has only recently been legalised.

Amy and Joshua

Married at First Sight UK cast Amy and Josh where are they now?
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These cast members were paired together in the third episode, and saw it through all the way to the commitment ceremony. But, all good things must come to an end, and that was certainly the case here.

Amy and Josh, despite seeming to work well at the series’ end, have since gone their separate ways. Amy, taking her broken heart on the chin, has looked to greener pastures and taken to the ways of the former reality star spectacularly. In other words, when she’s not at her day job she’s busy being sponsored by Klarna and JD. Josh went in a similar direction and has titled himself an ‘athlete and a DJ’ in addition to his pre-MAFS job.

Tayah and Adam

Married At First Sight cast Tayah and Adam
Source: Radio Times

I’d call this marriage a whirlwind romance but in most situations the ‘L’ word comes before the vows. This hasn’t been a problem for Tayah and Adam however, who are as strong as ever.

Viewers thought this bride and groom were a match made in heaven, and have been proved right! Not only did they survive the show, but they’re engaged and planning for an official wedding. Tayah spends a lot of time in London with friends, at least so her Instagram tells. Adam travelled back to Doncaster after filming wrapped up, and continued working as an electrician. Distance, like absence, makes the heart grow fonder, as Tayah is even having ‘visions’ of a baby this time next year!

Morag and Luke

MAFS UKs Morag and Luke
Source: Metro

As the picture above would suggest, veterinary nurse Morag and fireman Luke weren’t exactly jumping for joy at being tied together. Nevertheless, they saw it through the final commitment ceremony and left the show a seemingly happy couple. Keyword: seemingly.

The irony of reality shows is that the cast is often smacked in the face with real life when they end. Luke and Morag were unlucky enough to be one of the couples to take a hit and split up days after the show finished. Poor Morag was ghosted by Luke who revealed that he’d “never loved her” in a shocking plot twist. But separation seems to be working well for each of them, with Luke’s Instagram rife with fire trucks, his dog, and a cheesy grin. Morag is equally happy with her “paw-fect man”, AKA a chihuahua patient at her job, but who doesn’t love dogs?.

Frankie and Marilyse

MAFS UK 2021 Frankie and Marilyse
Source: Radio Times

If you’ve ever wanted a bland answer to ‘Where are the cast of Married At First Sight Now?’ then here’s your opportunity. Frankie and Marilyse has a rocky start with some disagreements but did see their marriage through to the end of the show. They had a lot in common and not too big an age gap. But will anyone really be shocked to know they didn’t last? Probably not.

After their trip to Splitsville, Frankie vacationed in Dubai before returning to the UK. He took up his old mantle as a strength & fitness coach, and seems to be enjoying himself. In a similar case, Marilyse hasn’t been too devastated by the end of her marriage. She consoles herself with time spent amongst friends and her children.

Bob and Megan

Bob and Megan contributed a plateful of drama at the first dinner party of the series. Despite being newly married, Megan cheated with fellow cast mate Jordon (check first couple!), and devastated poor Bob.

The two therefore split up before the final decision and seem to have no contact with each other. Bob travelled to Portsmouth for his 27th birthday (sans wife), and returned to his regular life. Megan frequently travels into London and remains an actress/wellness coach.

It’s safe to say that ‘where are they now?’ aren’t for the optimistic watchers, especially in this case. The cast of married at first sight typically never lasts longer than a year in their marriages and still, for six years running, viewers have tuned in as hopeful as ever. More hopeful probably, that the cast themselves. So, if you’re the kind of TV watcher obsessed with behind the scenes of MAFS, give this a read. Or, if you’re the complete opposite and Netflix is more your thing there’s something for you too.