Fancy a night out in Notts but don’t want to break the bank with expensive drinks? Here is a list of the 10 cheapest bars in Nottingham; most of them have great atmospheres and an amazing range of drinks that make them a must-see during your time in the city. You won’t have to compromise cheap drinks for a great time if you visit one of these bars.

1. Cucamara

Located in Hurts Yard in Nottingham, Cucamara has amazing offers available every day that make it one of the cheapest bars in Nottingham. One of the best deals they have is that you can buy a cocktail, a shot and a bomb all for £5, which is a sure-fire way to get you drunk with little money. Some other offers they have include two for £10 cocktails, six “shooters” for £10 or two bombs for £5. They have a great range of drinks as well, offering many different flavoured vodkas and bombs, meaning that you don’t always have to opt for the classic Yaeger bomb. Cucamara is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for cheap alcohol in a variety of flavours.

2. Revolution

Commonly short-handed to “Revs”, this bar has two for £10 cocktails during Happy Hour, which can be really great when sharing drinks with a friend. Furthermore, if you download their app “Revs” and prove that you are a student, you get exclusive access to further deals and offer, making this place a must-visit during a bar crawl. There are Revs located in Nottingham, the most popular one being located in Cornerhouse, and the other in Hockley.

3. Coco Tang

Coco Tang
Source: Coco Tang

One of the best things about Coco Tang, apart from its relatively low prices, is the fact that you can order a Regina George cocktail complete with its own edible Burn Book, inspired from Mean Girls. But don’t worry, if pink drinks aren’t your thing, then you can order regular drinks from this bar too. Located in Bridlesmith Gate, Coco Tang is one of the most popular bars with students as it is hidden away underground, hosts eclectic music and they sell amazing cocktails.

4. Pepper Rocks

Pepper Rocks
Source: Left Lion

As well as being one of the cheapest bars in Nottingham, with House cocktails only being £5 each every day until 10 pm, it also has one of the best atmospheres. It has an array of comfy sofas, house plants and soft lighting that makes it insta-worthy. If you love a great atmosphere and a huge range of drinks, then Pepper Rocks is definitely the bar for you. It is also situated right next to Coco Tang, so is great if you want to check out multiple bars in one night.

5. Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar
Source: Trip Advisor

With vibes similar to walking amidst a South American jungle, Tiki Bar is perfect for escapism. Offering rare cocktails at the price of two for £10, along with two for one pizza, it really is one of the best and most underrated bars in Nottingham. As a part of the Lost City Adventure Golf, the Tiki Bar is also located in the Cornerhouse.

6. Billy Bootleggers

Billy Bootleggers
Source: Nottingham Post

Most cocktails are priced at £7.50 each, however, during Happy Hour they are a lot cheaper. With live music, rustic décor, and home flavoured spirits, this American themed dive bar is an essential place to go in Nottingham, near Lace Market.

7. Wetherspoons

J D Wetherspoons
Source: J D Wetherspoons

What list of cheapest bars wouldn’t be complete without adding in Wetherspoons? Whatever your takes are on its morals, you can’t help but appreciate its low-cost. Two pitchers for £12 is almost too cheap to say no to, especially when splitting them with a group of friends. There are many Wetherspoons located within the city, but the most popular with students is the Lloyds No.1 bar located in Lace Market.


With an extensive range of cocktails to choose from and two for one drinks during happy hour, MOJO is the perfect place to go if you want to listen to great music and prefer easy-going vibes. You can even request songs. They have a great range on their drinks menu, with many different cocktails involving gin, vodka, rum, tequila and more. MOJO is located in Hockley and is a 3-minute walk from Market Square.

9. Boilermaker

Located behind a boiler showroom on Carlton Street, this speakeasy may not have the cheapest drinks but is definitely worth a visit. The drinks menu is a lot of fun, with humour thrown into the drink titles and descriptions. They boost a range of creative and ingenious drinks which are worth the slightly pricier amount of £8 each. If you’re looking to only buy one drink then definitely go and check out Boilermaker.

10. Bunk

Bunk Cocktails
Source: Bunk Cocktails

Bunk is quite a small bar with a great range of cocktails at a relatively low price. Whilst they may not have the biggest range of drinks, they also offer a good food menu which is really great for when you’re craving something during a night out. They also offer a takeaway and delivery service before 10 pm, which is especially great if you’re stuck at home in self-isolation. Located in Stoney Street, Bunk is situated in Lace Market near the Motorpoint Arena.

Last Updated on August 3, 2022