When most people think about shopping, they think about shopping centres and high street stores, but there are plenty of charity shops with things we want to, whether that be clothes, furniture or books.

Buying from charity shops is a great idea as not only may you find some bargains; you also have the change to recycle and upcycle items somebody no longer wanted. So here are just some of the many charity shops in Nottingham.

1. British Heart Foundation

Long Row, City Centre

The British Heart Foundation fund vital research into heart diseases, and stroke and vascular dementia, in order to help people avoid heartbreak. Each year the foundation funds over £100 million of research, which is funded through donations. If you’re looking for new furniture, the British Heart Foundation charity shops usually have some great options, as the organisation also has collection vehicles to help people clear outhouses.

2. White Rose

Multiple locations in the city centre

White Rose was only launched in 2010 by Nottingham Trent Graduated, and now it has multiple locations in Nottingham. The shops focus on recycled and sustainable fashion and encourage people to buy second-hand clothes rather than brand new ones. The money they raise goes to the Aegis Trust, a charity that works to prevent genocide and mass atrocities.

3. The Salvation Army

King Edward Street, Nottingham

The Salvation Army is a Christian Church and charity who help children, communities, victims of modern slavery, the homeless, as well as others. There are 400 Salvation Army shops across the UK, and many of their stores have quality clothes, houseware, kitchenware, and some either have designer items.

4. Age UK

Thurland Street

There are more than 250 Age UK charity shops in the UK, some of which are in Nottingham as well as its surrounding towns and villages. They have accessories, books, clothing and even kitchenware in their stores, so you are sure to find a bargain. Their shops are run by volunteers, and the money the shop earns helps to provide care and support for the older generations.

5. Cancer Research UK

Friar Lane, Nottingham

This charity funds vital research into cancer and one way they raise money is through their 600 charity shops across the UK. Their shops are run by volunteers, and they accept all sorts of donations, such as clothes, accessories, books, and electricals. If you want to get some new clothes at a great price, check out one of their charity shops.

6. Mind

Friar Lane, Nottingham

Mind helps to provide mental health services for people over 18 across England and Wales. Their charity shops sell all sorts, from clothes and accessories to cards and games. Everyone struggles with mental health at some point or other, so when you shop at Mind rather than another shop on the high street, you are also supporting someone in your community.

7. Barnardo’s Shop

Angel Row, Nottingham

Barnardo’s is a charity that has been helping vulnerable children since 1867. They have many shops across the UK, and you can donate all sorts to them by organising a collection from your home. You can also help support Barnardo’s through their online shops, and they also have dozens of items on eBay, so if you can’t make it to their actual store, you can still shop and support them online.


Last Updated on August 4, 2022