Struggling to make that student loan last? Cooking and eating at home is often cheaper, probably healthier and it means you really get to choose what you eat for lunch. But, it also requires planning, time and effort, and it’s just not as exciting. That’s why we’ve dug around to find you cheap lunch deals in Nottingham that will save you both time and money. From greek tapas to good pub grub, go beyond your average meal deal sandwich combo and dine out at these lunch restaurants in Nottingham now.

The Angel Microbrewery

Cheap Lunch Deals in Nottingham
Source: The Angel Microbrewery

The day to go to The Angel Microbrewery is Wednesdays because that means 50% off the entire menu (excluding specials and desserts). That means that their small plates (soup, mac and cheese, halloumi fries, among others) and their sandwiches (fish finger, sausage and cheese & onion) are all under £4 (with the option to add chips on the side for what would be 60p). While it doesn’t seem like it’s an option that you can take out, the price alone, even without the discount, makes it worth a visit. 

Address: 7 Stoney Street, NG1 1LG

Spar – Portland Building

Cheap Lunch Deals in Nottingham
Source: University of Nottingham Campus News

If you’re a UON student, you’ll know that Portland Spar is an institution of UON student life. It’s the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch on the go between lectures. For £3.99, you can get a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a drink. Sure, it isn’t much in terms of quality, but it’s the most handy option out there. The one thing to watch out for is the lines. They can get very long, very quickly. The lunch rush is very much a thing. But, it is one of the best cheap lunch deals in Nottingham, which is what we students love. 

Address: University Park, NG7 2RD

Tier Bar 

Tier bar - cheap lunch deals Nottingham
Source: Tier Bar

The day to go to Tier Bar is Saturdays (opens at 1 pm), as it opens at 4 pm the rest of the week. But, when it’s open, it’s worth it. You can get a gourmet grilled cheese for between £4.50 and £7 or a “basket deal” which is fish or chicken and chips for just a fiver. While it’s only a lunch option for one day a week, it’s the perfect cheap lunch deal in Nottingham after a Friday night party. 

Address: 38 Pelham Street, NG1 2EG


Yamas cheap lunch deals in Nottingham
Source: Yamas

Yamas is a Greek tapas and mezze restaurant in the city centre. From Wednesday to Saturday, 12-4 pm, you can get 3 tapas or mezze dishes for £11.95 per person. While the prices are slightly more expensive, the quality makes up for it. A combination of pinchos de pollo, kritharaki, halloumi fries, tzatziki, among others, is definitely a more exciting lunch than your average meal deal. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, there are also Greek wraps with a side of chips for £8.95 or chicken or halloumi (grilled or not grilled) salads for £7.95. 

Address: 5 Thurland Street, NG1 3DR

Nottingham has many places to grab lunch, but we know how important sourcing the best cheap lunch deals in the city are for students. Our list features some of the best that go beyond a plain sandwich and give you the best deal and exciting food around.  Of course, there are many restaurants across Nottingham that offer plenty of different cuisines. Find some of the best Japanese restaurants in the city or check out Nottingham’s best veggie haunts.