Whether it’s a special offer on wines in the local off-licence or £1 drinks at LuvRhythm, we all love to get a bargain on beverages. But what about when you fancy going somewhere slightly more sophisticated for a tipple? With our collection of the happiest of happy hours in Nottingham you need to look no further.

1. 2 for 1 cocktails

cocktail from Be At One Nottingham

When? 4.30pm to 8pm Monday to Friday, 4.30pm to 7pm on Saturday and All night Sunday.
Where? Be At One, 20 Victoria Street, NG1 2EX.

A slightly more sophisticated venue with a great atmosphere and gifted bar staff to mix up your favourite concoction — what more could you ask for really? Their wide selection of cocktails will satisfy even the fussiest of drinkers. They also have a tool on their website to help you find your ideal cocktails, which saves trawling through the menu.

2. Two for £5 bottles, £12 prosecco and 2 for 1 cocktails

super smasher cocktail from Salbox Bar in Nottingham

When? Every Friday from 4pm to 7pm.
Where? Saltbox, Bolero Square, NG1 1LY.

Split into three areas including the main bar and lounge, The Box restaurant and a private area, this venue has you covered — no matter the occasion. It’s also a perfect place to snap some pre-going out pics with a glass walkway and champagne cocktail bar as a backdrop.

3. Pints from £2.50, £3.60 doubles and two cocktails for £7

Cocktails in rescue rooms nottingham

When? All night Mondays and 4pm to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday.
Where? Rescue Rooms, Masonic Place, Goldsmith Street, NG1 5LB.

With plenty of the latest up and coming artists performing live and DJs playing all the hits, this is the perfect place to party. Whether you’re a Fickle Friends fan or prefer a bit of Dave, they’ve got you covered. Their drinks deals will also add a sweetener to the night.

4. 30% off food and drink

nachos and beer from Southbank Bar in Nottingham

When? 4pm to 7pm Monday to Friday.
Where? The Southbank Bar, 18 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ.

If you’ve had a hard day of lectures, seminars and revision and need an escape from campus, The Southbank Bar offers 30 per cent off both food and beverages to give you a stress free evening. Leave the cooking to another day and relax in their bar while you’re being entertained with live music.

5. £4 for prosecco and selected cocktails

cocktail from tilt in nottingham

When? Tuesday to Friday 5pm to 7pm.
Where? Tilt, 9 Pelham Street, NG1 2EH

This moodily lit bar has a chilled out atmosphere — perhaps not an ideal spot if you’re looking for somewhere to pre-drink but very ideal if you’re looking for somewhere to catch up with friends. They take great pride in making good cocktails so you certainly will get your money’s worth.

6. 2 for 1 cocktails and Mahou lager for £3

cocktail from revolucio de cuba in nottingham

When? Monday to Friday 3pm to 7pm and Saturday 5pm to 7pm.
Where? Revolucion De Cuba, 26-28 Market Street, NG1 6HW.

This Cuban themed bar is the offspring of Revolution Bars so you can expect a similar atmosphere with a Tropicana twist. Their cocktails are also influenced by the Caribbean country so expect plenty of rum.

7. £4 and £5 cocktails

cocktail from four hundred rabbits nottingham

When? Every day 5pm to 8pm.
Where? Four Hundred Rabbits, 15-16 Hurts Yard, NC1 6JD.

This bar takes you across the globe from Nottingham to Mexico. Get your sombreros at the ready as you will party Mexican style at this bar.

8. £4.50 and £5 cocktails

cocktail from Tier Nottingham

When? Every day 5pm to 8pm.
Where? Tier, 38 Pelham Street, NG1 2EG.

This place may specialise in melts but going there doesn’t make you one. With bare brick walls, plenty of places for you to sit and have a chat, this contemporary bar is perfect for chilled-out cheese and booze lovers, and let’s face it who doesn’t love that combo?

9. 2 for 1 cocktails

cocktails from las iguanas in nottingham

When? All day, every day.
Where? Las Iguanas, 4 Chapel Quarter, Chapel Bar, NG1 6JS.

Whether you’re in the mood for a Cuba libre or a margarita Las Iguanas has you covered. Their cocktails are 2 for 1 all day every day but still vary in price so keep an eye out for that. If you’re really in the mood to party they also have an offer on some of their pitchers, which are £18.95 to £19.95 each when they have a symbol next to them.

10. £4.50 cocktails

cocktail from pepper rocks in nottingham

When? Every night until 10pm.
Where? Pepper Rocks, 12 Pepper St, Bridlesmith Gate, NG1 2GH.

With two floors filled with plenty of places to sit, this continental style — whatever that means — bar is the perfect place to take a date to hide away from the hustle and bustle of the city and whisper sweet naughtiness into each other’s ears.

11. £2 beers, £3.50 craft cans and £3.50 doubles

cans of ber at Bodega in Nottingham

When? All night on Mondays, 4pm to 7pm Tuesday to Thursday and 4pm to 9pm on Fridays .
Where? The Bodega Social Club, 23 Pelham St, Nottingham NG1 2ED.

A perfect venue to suit any occasion. From chilled nights watching your favourite new band with a beer in hand to themed club nights with DJs playing anything from soul to punk rock. If you haven’t already, it is almost guaranteed you will visit this place at least once during your time at uni.

12. Deals for days

Two cocktails at Das Kino in Nottingham

What? 2 for 1 on selected cocktails.
When? All day Tuesday.
What? 2 selected premium gins and a mixer for £6.50.
When Thursdays.
What? £12 for a bottle of prosecco.
When? Ever Saturday from 12pm to 2pm.
Where? Das Kino, 22 Fletcher Gate, NG1 2FZ.

Ping pong, decent drinks and food, what more could you ask for? The bar staff are passionate about their drinks and can be well trusted to fix you up a tasty cocktail. If you fancy some-thing a little different, why not try their boozey ice cream floats which take a new twist in a childhood favourite.