It’s essential to be aware of the sexual health clinics available in your area so that you know where to go when you need help. Furthermore, it’s important to get tested for STIs regularly or every time you have a new partner. In Nottingham, there are two sexual health clinics in the city, City Hospital and Victoria Health Centre, run by Nottingham University Hospitals, with an additional 20 community clinics across wider Nottinghamshire. The Queen’s Medical Centre also has a gynaecology department suitable for appointments related to sexual health. However, it doesn’t have its own sexual health clinic available. There is also a centre that offers free support to anyone who’s experienced sexual assault, called the Topaz Centre, located near one of the hospitals.

Until the coronavirus outbreak is over, none of the sexual health clinics are walk-in, and all have to be arranged via telephone appointments. You will be offered a telephone consultation in the first instance, and if you need to come in, you must wear a mask and attend alone. The clinics provide STI testing, free condoms, contraception, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, PREP, PEP and advice and general support.

City Hospital

Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG5 1PB

nottingham city hospital
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This clinic is open every Monday 9-7pm, Tuesday-Wednesday 9-5pm, Thursday 1-7pm and Friday 9-1pm. They are available to book appointments on their website: City Hospital | Sexual Health Clinics | NUH and can also be contacted via this number: 01159 627 627.

Victoria Health Centre

Glasshouse Street, Nottingham, NG1 3LW

Victoria Health Centre
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This clinic is open every Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9-5pm, and Wednesday 9-7pm, Thursday 1-5pm and Saturday 10-2pm. They can be contacted on this number for appointments/general concerns: 0115 962 7627 and are also available to book appointments on their website: Victoria Health Centre | Sexual Health Clinics | NUH. As both of these clinics are run by Nottingham University Hospitals, they offer the same services, so it really is a matter of convenience on which one to choose.

The Topaz Centre

Whilst the Topaz Centre isn’t a sexual health clinic exactly; it is important to include this on the list as a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC). Their address isn’t listed on their website, but you can contact them on the email above or via this number: 0800 085 9993. They will provide you with advice and consultation. If you decide to come in, they will then provide you with details on how to get there. They provide examinations, which can be used as evidence if you decide to get the police involved. However, they are completely confidential and will only contact the police with your explicit consent. They also offer services such as support and guidance, medical assessment and treatment, and aftercare referrals. You are welcome to use as many or as little of their services as you wish. You can self-refer here or go through your GP or the police. There are also other SARCs available in Nottingham that may be more suited to your needs. You can contact your GP or look on the NUH website for more information. Here is the link to the Topaz Centre’s website.