Nottingham is a brilliant city with many great attractions, but have you ever visited its pubs? The city has many historic pubs that date back to as long ago as the 1100s. So, here is a list of Nottingham’s most historic pubs.

1. Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

most historic pubs in nottingham
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Nicknamed ‘The Trip’, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is the oldest pub in Nottingham, but it is also thought to be one of the oldest in the country, and it boasts the title “the oldest inn in England” painted on the front of the building. Built into the rocks at the side of Nottingham Castle, it dates back to 1198. Crusader knights are believed to have visited there in the past, and it’s also where King Richard and his men are thought to have gathered in 1189 before they travelled to Jerusalem. Now, it is owned by the Greene King pub chain. Many say that visiting this pub makes them feel like they have travelled back in time!

2. Ye Olde Salutations Inn

the sal historic pub nottingham
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This is a pub that narrowly missed out on the title of the oldest pub in Nottingham because it is not quite as old as ‘The Trip’. However, it is still Nottingham’s second most historic pub. Ye Olde Salutations Inn (nicknamed ‘The Sal’) is thought to date back to roughly around the mid-1200s – it states 1240 on the side of the building. Before the pub was built, the caves were formerly a Saxon farm, living quarters for a servant, and used for brewing beer. You can even explore the Anglo-Saxon caves underneath! Both Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem and Ye Olde Salutations Inn are thought to be in the top ten most historic pubs in England, so they are definitely worth coming to Nottingham to visit.

3. The Bell Inn

the bell in historic pubs nottingham
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As one of the 120 Friaries that were established in Nottingham by Jewish monks in the 15th Century, parts of The Bell Inn are thought to date back to 1420. In the past, it was used by the monks from the local monastery. It, unfortunately, missed out on a place on the league table of oldest inns in the UK, but it still remains one of Nottingham’s most historic pubs. The building was nearly set on fire during the Goose Fair riots in 1831, but luckily it survived and is still in Nottingham to this day. Now, it serves a classic pub menu and shows sport on TV. It can be found in Angel Row. The pub also offers guided tours of its cellars!

4. Hand And Heart

hand and heart historic pub in nottingham
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Hand And Heart can be found on Derby Road near Lenton – in the perfect location for students. The pub is built in sandstone caves, making it one of the most unique pubs in Nottingham, as well as one of the most historic. Originally, it was a Georgian House, complete with stables at the back of the house and a cave below. These very caves were used throughout the 1860s as a method of storage for beer whilst it was maturing. They were also important during World War Two when the cellars were used as an air-raid shelter. It was founded in 1866, originally as a brewery.

5. The Cross Keys

cross keys most historic bars in nottingham
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The Cross Keys pub is thought to date back to the start of the 20th Century. However, it originated a long time before this since it was used as a brewery in the 1700s. Ale was sold outside of the building in Victorian times. Now, it has a new structure which was built in 1899, but because of the knowledge that a pub did exist there beforehand, it is considered to be one of Nottingham’s most historic pubs. It can be found on Byards Lane.

6. The Prince Rupert

the prince rupert historic pub in nottingham
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Located in Newark near Newark Castle, The Prince Rupert was visited by soldiers during the Civil War who used the pub as shelter. If you are interested in the history of the Civil War, there is a trail around the town of Newark that stops at many historic spots, including The Prince Rupert. So, if you are interested in history, then why not give it a go?. The building is thought to have originated in 1452, and now, it is owned by Knead Pubs. It may not be in the city centre, but it is still worthy of a visit if you are able to travel a little further out.