Karaoke bars are a great option for a night out. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s crazy, it’s a party. Plus, when you go with a group of friends, it can be at a very affordable rate, which is what every student loves to know! Nottingham is a student city, with about 60,000 students between the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent. So of course, the city is well catered to students and their karaoke needs! We’ve listed the best karaoke bars in Nottingham to get you singing til your heart’s content!

1. Roxy Ballroom

Roxy Ballroom karaoke bar bars Nottingham
Source: Roxy Ballroom Facebook

Located inside the Cornerhouse, you will find Roxy. They describe themselves as the “ultimate adult playground”, with bowling, arcade games, snooker, and ping pong, among others. Their karaoke rooms come at a price of £24 for half an hour at off-peak times (Sunday to Wednesday) and £30 for half an hour (Thursday to Saturday). While that may seem like a lot, when you split it between a group of say 6 people, that comes out to £4-£5 per person. A very reasonable rate if you ask me.

Address: Burton Street, NG1 4DB

2. Tenpin Nottingham

Best Karaoke Bars in Nottingham
Source: TenPin Nottingham

This is one for the UON students. If you can’t be bothered to go all the way into the city centre (who can blame you), this is a 10 minute drive or a 20 minute walk from the University Park campus. While the name may suggest that it’s just bowling, Tenpin offers a lot more. In addition to 26 bowling lanes, there are 2 karaoke rooms, a bar and laser tag. The karaoke rooms hold up to 10 people and offer more than 6,000 tracks to sing. It costs £20 to have the room for 30 minutes or £40 for an hour. But again, if you split it, you’re not paying more than a couple quid each. Bargain.

Address: Clifton Boulevard, NG7 2UW

3. The New Foresters

Best Karaoke Bars in Nottingham
Source: New Foresters Facebook

The New Foresters is an iconic LGBTQIA+ venue in the city of Nottingham. It’s been open since 1938, so it’s celebrating its 85th anniversary this year! This venue offers group karaoke nights on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8pm to midnight. On top of that, there is “karaoke roulette” every Friday, which provides a fun twist on the traditional karaoke experience.  There is (seemingly) no price of admission, so what you pay is what you drink.

Address: St Ann’s Street, NG1 3LX

4. Nottingham Bowl

Best Karaoke Bars in Nottingham
Source: Nottingham Bowl Facebook

Similarly to Tenpin, there is more to Nottingham Bowl than the name might suggest. In addition to being the largest bowling alley in the country, it has a karaoke room, an arcade and a bar. The booking price is the best of the bunch, as you can book the karaoke room for 30 minutes at the mere cost of £10. Again, if you split it among a group, you’re not likely to be paying more than a fiver each. What more could you want?

Address: Belward Street, NG1 1JZ

5. The Old Dog and Partridge

old dog and partridge karaoke bar nottingham
Source: The Old Dog and Partridge Facebook

Wednesdays from 2pm you can do karaoke in this Nottingham pub known for holding great events and even greater cheap drink deals. It’s not necessarily a place you’d associate with belting out a tune, and it’s far from a typical karaoke bar in Nottingham, but  karaoke nights (or afternoons) at The Old Dog and Partridge are actually really popular and fun. It definitely breaks up the week too, which is great for making it through to the weekend!

Address: 18 Lower Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 3DA

If you’re on the hunt for the best karaoke bars in Nottingham, these five places all deliver on sing-your-heart-out fun! Alternatively, if you want to find the best bars for students in the city, we’ve got you covered. Or for those sunny afternoons where you want to take the music outdoors, check out the best places to enjoy the sun in Nottingham.