University is a great time to join sports clubs, and for most sports, you don’t need any experience to join. Student sports clubs are a great way to make new friends, keep active, and maybe even learn something new. To help show you all the different clubs you could join, here are just some of the amazing sports clubs at Nottingham Trent University.

1. American Football

The Renegades are NTU’s American football team, who compete in leagues and competitions every year since they were formed 10 years ago. The team have three training sessions a week. The season starts in November, and the joining fee is £140 for the year, however, you can attend a taster session before you commit to joining.

2. Basketball

NTU has male and female basketball groups, and the sport is among the most popular among students. With weekly training, the teams take part in leagues and competitions all year round and have won many league titles in the past. The joining fee varies from £100 to £125, but you can attend one of their taster sessions before you commit.

3. Badminton


This well-established club is for everyone, whether you’re an expert at badminton or have never tried before. You can compete for the university or just enjoy the friendly social sessions. In total there are 5 teams for badminton, 3 men’s and 2 women’s. The team also have weekly socials, such as Ocean on a Wednesday, or bowling, ice skating, etc. throughout the year.

4. Equestrian

Everyone is welcome at NTU Equestrian as they have something for everyone, such as weekly recreational riding lessons, Polocrosse, Horseball, the development squad and termly hacking trips. Joining NTU Equestrian costs £62.50 for the academic year, and session prices vary.

5. Trampolining

This club is great if you want to learn something new or expand on your skills on the trampoline. The club learns all sorts of tricks, such as swivel hips and shape bounces. There is also the option to compete for NTU, and there are additional extra sessions you could take with a coach, although this comes at an additional cost.

6. Burlesque


This club is full of strong-minded individuals who enjoy the glitter and glamour of burlesque. The Trent Tigerlilies require no experience, as their members all vary in danceability. The club has over 100 members, who learn traditional burlesque as well as sassy and rock numbers. The Tigerlilies perform three big shows a year and have regular training as well as social events. It costs £75 to join for the academic year.

7. Rowing

There are three squads within the rowing club, novice, intermediate, and senior. They have weekly training on the River Trent and take part in local races as well as leagues throughout the year. The cost to join depends on which squad you join, with novice being the cheapest at £296 for the year.

8. Fencing

This unique sport focuses on three weapons, the sabre, epee and foil. NTU’s Fencing club has three weekly training sessions where they provide all the kit, one of these sessions is just for women, as the women’s team were unbeaten in their matches last year. The club also has a lot of social events, whether it’s a night out at Ocean or having a meal.

9. Jiu-Jitsu


This martial art originated from Japan as a defensive art, which uses joint locks, throws and strikes to defend yourself from an attack. The NTU team train and attend regional events, and they also compete individually at various Nationals.