Nottingham is a great city for taking photos, with many venues creating the perfect backdrop for a selfie. We’ve highlighted the most Instagrammable bars in Nottingham so that you know just where to get that ideal shot. From moody backdrops to themed decor, here are the best Instagrammable bars to make your followers envious. 

1. The Hockley Arts Club

The Most Instagrammable Bars in Nottingham
Source: The Hockley Arts Club

The Hockley Arts Club is essentially three venues in one: the independent bar Stockholm on the bottom floor, the Blue Rooms on the middle floor and another bar The Electric Garden on the top floor. No matter what vibe you’re looking for on your night out or for your Instagram, Hockley Arts Club has you covered. It’s also one of the best cocktail bars in Nottingham, so you can get a selfie with a great looking drink in hand too! With dynamic, quirky lighting, it perfectly emulates the vibrant atmosphere of Hockley as a neighbourhood. And, I mean, what more could you want on a night out than three venues in one? 

Address: 20a Carlton Street, NG1 1NN

2. Pitcher and Piano


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Pitcher and Piano may be a chain across the country, but its Nottingham location might be the most Instagrammable bar in Nottingham. It’s located inside an old church, so you can expect all the high ceilings and tall windows of a 19th-century church. Plus, it’s one of the best rooftop bars in the city for that sunset backdrop! They offer food and drink, although this might be a little much on the student budget. But, that just means that it may not be a frequent thing, but the perfect celebration bar. Post exams celebration anyone? 

Address: High Pavement, NG1 1HN

3. Yokocho

Yokocho Facebook
Source: Yokocho Facebook

Yokocho is a Japanese-themed bar that shows off all that Japanese alcohol has to offer. You can enjoy a glass of Japanese sake, beers, cocktails and spirits in a small but inviting atmosphere. While the aesthetic may not be as grand as the Pitcher and Piano, the minimalist decor helps to make the drinks stand out even more. With (somewhat) reasonable prices, Yokocho is a great indie bar to visit. 

Address: 3 Hurts Yard, NG1 6JD

4. The Magic Garden

The Most Instagrammable Bars in Nottingham
Source: The Magic Garden, Nottingham

As the name might suggest, The Magic Garden has the aesthetic of a magical, enchanting garden. It’s by the same people who designed the Hockley Arts Club, Das Kino and Penny Lane, so you can expect a similar vibe at each bar. Every Friday, they host a bottomless Friday night, with bottomless prosecco and cocktails and food for £34.95 per person. Again, the drinks prices might be a little much on the student budget, but the aesthetic makes up for it. 

Address: 24-26 Low Pavement, NG1 7DL

5. Penny Lane


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While it is known primarily as an arcade, Penny Lane also has a bar. So, in addition to having a bar, you have an arcade and food options like hot dogs, sandwiches, wings and waffles. Its vintage style is a throwback to the 80s with games like 2p penny pushers, air hockey and table football, among others. It has the perfect 80s aesthetic for your next instagram post or story. It’s the perfect venue for if you want to go out to a bar but don’t want to just sit around the whole time. 

Address: 9 Fletcher Gate, NG1 1QQ

So, next time you’re looking to show off your new haircut, make an ex jealous or just boost your social media following, head to one of these Instagrammable bars in Nottingham. Once you’ve got enough bar shots, head to one of these hidden gems for more Instagrammable shots.