With both Hallam and the Uni of in Sheffield, there are plenty of student nights to choose from- but which are worth your money? Today we give the rundown of best student nights in Sheffield.

1. West Street

Address: 128 West St, Sheffield, S1 4ES

West Street is infamous for its nightlife. The wealth of bars, takeaways and off licenses make it the perfect student haunt and there’s something for every taste.

If you’re into sports check out Walkabout, if you love a dance and some cheap drinks check out West Street Live, popular for its unique cocktails and live music, or Tiger Works with its notorious £5 round. Similarly popular is Bierkeller, where you can dance on the tables to all your favourite tunes. But it is not recommended to venture to these venues sober. Instead, try The Wick at Both Ends or the Cavendish for a chill evening.

Either way, you can finish up with a kebab from Aslan’s. Aslan’s popularity is self-evident from the wallpaper- thousands of photos of staff with drunk students. Doing a bar crawl down West Street should be on every Sheffield student’s bucket list and that’s why it’s the number one student night in Sheffield.

2. The Leadmill

The Leadmill Sheffield
Source: The Leadmill Instagram

Address: 6 Leadmill Rd, Sheffield S1 4SE

With the title of Sheffield’s longest running music venue, The Leadmill has a lot to live up to, but it definitely delivers. Mainly indie bands, the venue hosts a ton of live music events and including the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers and Two Door Cinema Club. Each year they host 100 live gigs, 150 club nights, 50 comedy events and 50 other events such as film screenings. The Leadmill has something for everyone but the student favourite is definitely Club Tropicana. Don your hawaiian shirt for this 80s themed club night because everyone will be wearing one. The summer vibes continue with inflatable bananas and themed cocktails which have little rubber ducks swimming in them. Top this with the fact that you can experience what most visitors will imagine is the busiest McDonalds stampede you have ever seen at the McDonalds over the road and the Leadmill is a firm student favourite.

3. University of Sheffield’s Student Union, The Foundry

The foundry Sheffield
Credit: Nativefm

Address: Sheffield University Students’ Union, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TG

The union had been voted the best in the country for the past ten years and the night outs available will make you see why. Almost everyday there’s a different event at the Foundry. From Tuesday Club which specialises in underground electronic dance music to Roar! and Pop Tarts which serve the best cheesy anthems, with two rooms of bangers. They also frequently host the LGBTQ+ specific night, Proud! and foreign language music nights. If you don’t fancy clubbing check out Bar One where you can take part in their karaoke night or simply enjoy a burger. All of this, along with the fact that there’s a women’s minibus ready to take you home safely makes the SU a great option. 

4. Corporation

Corporation Sheffield
Source: Corpsheffield Instagram

Address: Milton Street, Sheffield, S1 4JU

Better known as Corp, Corporation is one of the top three live band and alternative nightclub venues in the UK. It was also named one of the top three rock nightclubs in the UK and clinched the top-rated rock club night for its DROP Fridays, as voted by Kerrang readers. But don’t think Corp is only for rock fans. Their most popular night is Corp Wednesdays or ‘Skool Disco’. Everyone dresses in a school uniform for three rooms of absolute belters ranging from pop-punk to rap, pop and R&B you can try a bit of everything. Corp is also famous for its Rainbow Challenge. This entails drinking every colour ‘Corp Pint’ available. The pints contain three shots and there’s seven of them so the challenge is essentially a one-way ticket to vomiting and getting kicked out. Instead, we recommend you stick to the most popular, the blue pint. Some say that Corp is a fresher’s night out and some stay loyal throughout uni. Whatever your opinion, Corp is an essential Sheffield student experience.

5. Tank

Tank sheffield
Credit: Tank Instagram

Address: 53-55 Arundel Gate, Sheffield, S1 2PN

Popular with mostly Hallam students, Tank is Sheffield’s ‘Underground House and Bass Nightclub’. It has won multiple ‘Best Bar None’ awards for Best Nightclub and Best Independent Venue as voted by its visitors. Its most popular night is Sunken, the biggest student house, tech and bass night in Sheffield. Aside from Sunken, Tank hosts many events including Creation, the Bass and D&B night and Danza which plays Dance and Techno. Tank is Hallam’s answer to Uni Of’s Tuesday Club, and on a larger scale. The dance floor is usually packed and with good reason.

6. Yellow Arch Studios

Address: 30-36 Burton Rd, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8BX

This venue may be famous for discovering the Arctic Monkeys but it has so much more to offer. The space, formerly a Nuts and Bolts factory set in Sheffield’s main industrial area, is now home to a recording studio, a band rehearsal facility and live music venue. Gaining popularity since its 2015 opening, the studio was listed as one of the Guardian’s top five night’s out in the UK, and Sheffield’s students agree. The venue frequently hosts live music, poetry and club nights. Headliners include Disco Stu’s club nights, playing some of the best disco music alongside other events such as Soul Train. Yellow Arch Studios deserves a special mention as a jewel in the crown of Kelham Island, Sheffield’ part of the rejuvenated industrial area. 

7. Kelham Island

Peddlier Night Market Sheffield
Source: Peddler Night Market Instagram

Some may know of Kelham Island as the area which inspired the Arctic Monkey’s song, ‘When the Sun Goes Down’. However, Kelham Island today is not the same dilapidated and dangerous area depicted in the song. Due to an impressive effort to revive the area, it is now a cultural centre in Sheffield, hosting many great independent pubs such as the Fat Cat, bars such as Boozehound and restaurants such as Church: Temple of Fun. A favourite with students is the Peddler Night Market, set in an old warehouse, this event hosts many indie food and drink vans and even special events such as Veggie Peddler, so there’s an option for everyone. Kelham Island houses many hidden gems outside of the city centre so you can spend a great evening there supporting new local businesses.

8. The Independent Bar District

8.The Independent Bar District
Source: Bungalows & Bears Instagram

Address: Division Street, Sheffield

Every student knows you haven’t studied in Sheffield until you do a bar crawl or pub golf down West Street but few know that a street over on Division Street is Sheffield’s independent bar district. Check out Bungalows and Bears which hosts various events from DJ sets to Jazz nights, or Common Room, every nook and cranny has a TV so you’ll never miss a score in this sport’s themed bar. Just below Common Room is Forum, an Instagram haven with its fairy lights and neon signs, Forum also backs on Devonshire Green and is the perfect location for summer’s evening pint. The Independent Bar District is nestled between Uni of and Hallam and is surrounded by loads of student accommodation, meaning you’ll never have to stumble home very far.

9. Pub Crawl

Bar Crawl Sheffield
Source: thisiskelham Instagram

Sheffield’s booming brewery industry has led to a resurgence in great independent pubs all over the city. You may choose to start your crawl at the Itchy Pig near Uni of’s halls of residence and slowly make your way to the city centre or Kelham Island. Some highlights include The Closed shop, a student favourite in the heart of Crookesmoor and The Nottingham House, where you can soak up your beer with a delicious homemade pie. There are so many good pubs in Sheffield this suggestion may need to be split over several nights to avoid alcohol poisoning.

There are so many great options for a night out in Sheffield and all of them should make it onto your post-COVID bucket list.

Last Updated on January 24, 2024