Looking for the best Sunday roasts in Sheffield? Well, you’re in luck. Sheffield has a superb variety of pubs and restaurants to accommodate for every budget and taste. So, whether you’re in need of a hangover cure lunch or a meal out with the family, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best Sunday roasts in Sheffield to try this weekend.

10. The Fat Cat

Address: 23 Alma Street, S3 8SA

Located in the hipster neighbourhood of Kelham Island, The Fat Cat is one of those rare pubs with a personality. In fact, the Fat Cat is not just a city landmark; it’s starting to gain national recognition. Students will love the relatively lower prices, meaning that The Fat Cat is an amazing location to enjoy the traditional Sunday roast whilst on a budget.

the fat cat Sheffield roast

9. Riverside Kelham island

Address: 1 Mowbray Street S3 8EN

As suggested by the name, Riverside is another pub that is gradually building a name for itself in the heart of Kelham Island. During the week it is a busy pub catering to all sorts of clients, and although the Riverside is a well-known spot to go out for a drink, its Sunday roast menu should not be underestimated. Indeed the Riverside, starting from £12, offers several variations on this all-time favourite meal.

8. The Rutland Arms

Address: 86 Brown Street, S1 2BS

The Rutland Arms sheffield roast

Despite the central location and traditional sounding name, the Rutland Arms can definitely pass unnoticed when buzzing out and about in Sheffield however, make sure to add the Rutland Arms to your must-visit destination since the Rutland Arms are consistent in delivering freshly produced food and outstanding service. Furthermore, given its location near the station, the Rutland Arms could be an amazing place where to stop for a Sunday roast if you have guests visiting from outside Sheffield.

7.Brocco Kitchen

Address: 92 Brocco Bank S11 8RS

Brocco Kitchen Sheffield roast

Conveniently located between Endcliffe park and the student village, this lovely and welcoming restaurant remains an underrated sight for students. However, it’s a sought-after destination for locals and food enthusiasts alike because in 2022, Brocco Kitchen successfully made it into the Michelin listing. Brocco Kitchen, as suggested by their status can be rather expensive, indeed their Sunday roasts feature on the menu for £18, therefore, is advised to save Brocco Kitchen for special occasions.

6. The Wick at Both Ends

Address: West Street, S1 4EW

Tired of constantly going for the same Sunday roast option? Or maybe your best friend is celebrating their birthday and they want to eat something memorable but not too sophisticated? If you have answered yes, then the Wick at Both Ends holds a  pleasant surprise because of their unique approach to Sunday roasts where they are famously served on a pizza base. Perfect for those who want the best from both worlds.

5. The Beer Engine

Address: 17 Cemetery Road, S11 8FJ

The Beer Engine sheffield roast

The Beer Engine is a welcoming spot in the Highfield area. Although for University of students, Highfield remains an almost unknown name, Sheffield Hallam students are rather familiar with the area. Indeed, the Beer Engine with its cosy decor and excellent beer and rotating food selection. If you are lucky you might get there when they serve Sunday roasts but the Beer Engine is also a decent place where to get vegetarian and vegan food.

4. The Broadfield

Address: 452 Abbeydale Road S7 1FR

The Broadfield has a long and reputable history, opened in 1896 this lovely pub located in the iconic and quaint area of Netheredge will delight your palate with their savoury Sunday Roasts. Furthermore, Broadfield is a really underrated corner in Sheffield and is great to explore after.

The Broadfield sheffield roast
credit: Lisa Baker from Unsplash

3, The Florentine

Address: Tapton Park Road S10 3FG

The Florentine stands for elegance and quality. This restaurant also has an extensive menu, with a rich selection of Sunday roasts. For the solid price of £17.50, it is possible to order their famous succulent sirloin steak. Got guests overnight? The Florentine got you covered since they also offer short-stay accommodation.

2. The Lescar

Address: 303 Sharrow Vale Road S11 8ZF

 The Lescar sheffield roast

Locals and students alike know that lovely Lescar is one of the contested places for the best Sunday roasts in Sheffield and honestly is not difficult to see why. Located just off the ever-so-busy Ecclesall Road, the Lescar provide a warm welcome and on a Sunday such a welcoming atmosphere can be felt in their dedication to serving good quality Sunday roasts for a decent price. Indeed their 21-day aged sirloin beef is served with a complete nourishing  garnishment is served for £16.50

1. Silversmiths

Address: 111 Arundel Street

Silversmiths Sheffield roast

Finally, Silversmiths is the best place where to try a Sunday roast in Sheffield. Although the place was highly contested with Te Lescar, all-time favourite Silversmiths holds a certain advantage as a result of their more central location, elegant decor and complete focus on serving the best culinary products from Yorkshire. Silversmiths have a special Sunday lunch deal where a two-course meal costs £20. Slightly more expensive compared to similar venues, the higher price is totally worth it.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2022