Looking to enjoy a good meal in Southampton? Maybe you fancy a good burger, with lots of fries and a good drink? We know exactly the vibe you’re going for. So we’ve made a list of the best burgers in Southampton for you to try out. Maybe make a burger bucket list!

9. Red Dog Saloon

Address: West Quay South, Southampton SO15 1DE

Red Dog Saloon best burger in southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

This Texas BBQ restaurant is one of the best places in Southampton to go for a proper burger. You can choose from a single or a double on any of their options, and pick from the Cheeseburger, OG Special, Sweet Bourbon BBQ, Philly Cheeseburger, Punisher MK2, Doomsday Device, Gooey Louie, Peanut Butter Burger, Hickory, Chilli Cheeseburger, Devastator or a Beyond Meat patty. Or, if you want to spice it up a bit more, try the Smash Burger style on any of their burgers! Even better, you can pick from chicken burgers too, their range includes the Louie’s Hot Burger, The Sando, LTB, KC Special and the… Peanut Butter and Jello burger… Yeah, we’re not sure about that one. Finish your meal off with some fries, chilli, mash or mozzarella sticks, and you’re good to go.

Best burger: HICKORY

The Hickory Burger is our favourite on the Red Dog Saloon menu. It is a 30-day dry-aged 6oz ground chuck steak topped with marrow butter glaze, chopped brisket, BBQ sauce, onion ring, American cheese, onion and garlic mayo.  Very American, but very tasty.

8. The Black Phoenix Pub 

Address: 29 Carlton Pl, Southampton SO15 2DX

black phoenix best burgers in southampton
Source: Deliveroo

This lovely pub serves up a hell of a surprise in the form of their burgers and hot dogs. Order in the restaurant or on UberEats to takeaway, and choose from The Swanson, Smoke, Peppa, The Hot or The Hot One if you fancy beef, or you can choose from Jerk 2 or Seoul for a chicken burger. Then, of course, we have the vegan burgers; The Vurger, Peach and Pit, and some hot dogs. Finish your meal off with loaded fries, chicken strips, jackfruit bites or gouda, and have a gouda time… Get it?

Best burger – The Swanson 

Plain and simple, 2 patties, salad and ketchup. If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.

7. Carnicero Steakhouse

Address: Carnicero Steakhouse, 29 Oxford Street, Southampton, SO14 3DJ 

carcinero steakhouse best burger in southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

Whilst a pricier choice, the Carnicero Steakhouse burgers are juicy, tasty, and really meaty. Choose from their Fillet Beef Burger, Grilled Beef, Bacon and Cheese, Grilled Chicken Bacon and Cheese or their Grilled Halloumi option. All of their burgers come with salad, Spanish slaw and fries – what more could you want?

Best burger – Grilled beef, bacon and cheese 

It pretty much does what it says on the tin, but you can also add chorizo for an extra £1, and this makes it a spicy, cheesy, salty burger that melts in your mouth.

6. The Brewery Bar 

Address: 10 Winchester Street, Botley, Southampton, SO30 2AA

the brewery bar best burger in southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

This hipstery brewery bar has a hidden secret – its glorious burgers. There isn’t a huge range, but there needn’t be when what’s on offer is this good. Choose from the Brewery Burger, Mushroom & Blue, Mexican, Crispy Buttermilk Chicken, Cajun Spiced Chicken, Vegan ‘beef’ or a Grilled Halloumi burger. Finish it off with some cheesy chips, and a drink (which, on Tuesdays is only a tenner!), and Bob’s your uncle. Perfect dinner.

Best burger – Crispy Buttermilk Chicken 

This crispy chicken breast comes in a brioche roll with chilli mayo, candied bacon, lettuce and tomato, and is a lighter version of your usual chicken burger or chilli burger. All the spice, all the flavour, less of the bloating.

5. Sulas Greek Taverna 

Address: 116A Portswood Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO17 3FY

sulas greek taverna best burger in southampton
Source: Sulas Greek Taverna

Whilst burgers aren’t what you’d associate with a Greek restaurant, but hidden away on their menu, Sulas have a Greek Pita Wrap Beef Burger. It comes with homemade tzatziki, tomato, onion, lettuce and seasoned chips, and is a lovely twist on the classic beef burger.

4. Mike’s Fish and Chips 

Address: 23 Queensway, Southampton SO14 3BL

mikes fish and chips best burger in southampton
Source: Trip Advisor

Again, it isn’t a burger place, but they clearly know what they’re doing. Mike’s Fish ‘n’ Chips has 6 options available for burger lovers: Quarter Pounder, Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger, Half Pounder Cheese Burger, Chicken Burger, Mushroom Burger and a Veggie Burger. Despite being a chippy, they’re cooked well, taste good, and are a fraction of the price of anywhere else on this list!

Best burger – Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger 

Meaty, cheesy and great. All we need to say.

3. Cafe Thrive 

Address: 18 Hanover Buildings, Southampton SO14 1JX

cafe thrive best burger in southampton
Source: Deliveroo

Looking for some veggie burgers that are worth the hype? Cafe Thrive has exactly that. Choose from The Wholefood Burger, The Fried ‘Chicken’ Burger, The ‘Meaty’ Burger or The Vegan Halloumi Burger. Top it off with some seitan slices, hash browns, hummus or burger sauce for a few extra pennies, and voila – a perfect veggie meal.

Best burger – The Fried ‘Chicken’ Burger 

Seitan is one of the best meat substitutes out there, and we love the way it tastes in this brioche roll with BBQ sauce, vegan cheese and coleslaw!

2. Smugglers 

Address: 16 Carlton Pl, Southampton SO15 2DY

Smugglers best burger in southampton
Source: Visit Southampton

Smuggler’s is a well known, award-winning bar and restaurant in Bedford Place. IT has a range of meals and cocktails, and brilliant burgers. You get to choose from their Buffalo & Blue Chicken burger, Brie & Bacon burger, Cheese & Brisketburger, Pulled Pork burger, Vegan Cheese burger or Halloumi & Mushroom. Add these to a plate of Brisket Fries or Vegan Dirty Fries, and you’re going to be coming back for more!

Best burger – Pulled Pork Burger 

This pulled pork is so tender and tasty, we just had to have it as our favourite. Perched on top of a 7oz beef patty, it’s our definite fave.

1. 7Bone Burger Co. 

Address: 10-112, Portswood Rd, Portswood, Southampton SO17 2FW

7 bone best burger in southampton
Source: 7 Bone Facebook

We literally can’t list all of the burgers that 7bone have. It would take up the rest of this article. But some of the highlights include the Dirty Linda Meat Free, Frankie Says Rilassare, Donnie J Trump, Ronald’s Revenge, Katsu Sando, Sloppy Mo(by) and the Matty Pelt. Pair these with wings, tater tots, skins or fries and you’re bound to be in burger heaven.

Best burger – Donnie J Trump 

This is an American cheese stuffed patty, with deep-fried mozzarella, relish, lettuce and Wotsits. It’s weird. Wacky. And we love it.