Finding the best student bars in your uni city is like a rite of passage. Whether it’s the nightlife you prefer, or a chilled sit-down with friends, bars are the happy middle ground where everyone can enjoy themselves. And the best thing about students studying in York is that you can find bars hidden among the gorgeous architecture. While there are lots of bars in York to try, this is my pick of the best ones to go to if you’re a student, complete with price ratings.

8. The Postern Gate (Wetherspoons)

The Postern Gate - Pubs In York - J D Wetherspoon
Source: J D Wetherspoon

Ah, Spoons. You can’t have a pub or bar list without a Spoons now, can you? Located on the outskirts of the city centre, this bar makes a perfect location both for pre-drinks and as a safe haven for the whole night. It really does have it all – cheap drinks, tasty pub food, and an atmosphere perfect for students on a night out. My personal favourites from here have to be the Woo Woo pitcher (think Sex on the Beach but better) and the classic onion rings. However, while Wetherspoons truly is a classic, there are definitely student bars in York on this list for if you’re looking for something alternative.

Price rating: £

Address: 90 Piccadilly, York YO1 9NX

7. Revolution York

Downstairs interior of Revolution York, featuring a cocktail bar and seating. student bars
Source: Revolution Facebook

If you’re a soon-to-be Uni of York student, then let me warn you: Sunday Revs will become a consistent part of your routine. No, you cannot change this fact. Your fate has already been written. Luckily for you, Revolution York (lovingly known as Revs) has a place on this list for a reason. Like many of the student bars in York, Revs has both a daytime scene and is also famous for its nightlife. During the day, Revs is known for its classic pub food and bottomless brunch (a little pricier than Cosy Club’s bottomless brunch but still respectable)- during the night, however, Revs becomes an alcoholic beacon of light for students to swarm towards. Sporting two bars, two floors, and a decent outdoor area, Revs has everything a student needs to have a good night out.

Price rating: ££

Address: Coney St, York YO1 9NA

6. D-Bar

student bars in York include D Bar

Are you a Uni of York student? Do you want to have a good time but can’t be bothered with the bus ride or club entry prices of town? Located in Campus West, D-Bar is the place to go when you want to have a quiet night in (because let’s be honest, if you go to town you’re not getting back before 3am). With quiz nights and student-friendly prices, the D-Bar is undoubtedly one of the safer student bars in York for anyone who doesn’t drink often or who just wants to have a chill night. The staff mainly consists of students too, which not only makes a lot of students feel safer but also means that there may be job openings in the future if you’re interested. Like I always say; if you want a good time but you’re unsure about town, go to D-Bar.

Price rating: £

Address: Derwent College, Heslington, York YO10 5DD

5. The Lowther

The outside of the Lowther, showing its name and opening times.
Source: The Lowther Facebook

Ah, the Lowther. Yet another student classic, but with an added feature of being open during the day for food (including a banging Sunday roast). Located right next to the iconic River Ouse, the Lowther offers amazing views and again is incredibly popular amongst students. The popular blue stuff is also offered here. It’s a decently-priced triple vodka with blue raspberry syrup, so it immediately gets a high spot on this list because we’ve all gotta get those cheap drinks, guys. The Lowther is unique in that you can buy a ‘Lowther card’; this allows you to get this drink and other ‘student’ drinks on non-student nights. This is more of a life-saver than you think because, as you may have guessed, cheap drinks are a vital part of any York student’s diet. Overall, the Lowther is a fairly chill pub, and definitely gets points from me for not being cramped and sweaty like most student venues.

Price rating: £

Address: 8 Cumberland St, York YO1 9SW

4. Evil Eye

student bars in York
Source: Evil Eye Facebook

Self-described as a cocktail bar, Evil Eye is arguably one of the more unique student bars in York. Boasting three comfortable-sized floors and out-of-the-ordinary furniture (this bar has beds, y’all), Evil Eye is definitely a place to escape the norms of your average bar. As an added bonus, this bar plays music that you wouldn’t necessarily expect- there truly is nothing like drinking at Evil Eye and suddenly hearing the opening chords to a Fall Out Boy song, causing you to relive your emo phase you had at 12. Although the drinks here are a little more pricey than at Spoons, I truly cannot give it enough credit. The cosy decor and absolute bangers on the speakers is nothing short of fabulous for a night out with friends.

Price rating: ££

Address: 42 Stonegate, York YO1 8AS

3. Dusk

Dusk. Independant cafe bar in central York

An independent cafe by day and a cocktail bar by night, Dusk makes for an amazing student bar if you’re looking to make your night out just that little bit fancier. A lot of their cocktails are named after celebrities, with names like Britney Spears, Barack Obama and even the Milky Bar Kid making an appearance. With drinks like that, you basically have to dress up, right? Dusk also allows for large groups to book in advance, making it a perfect location for society socials. The 2-for-1 cocktail deals here make it a perfect place for students to go if you fancy something a bit different to the usual clubs, and I think it’s definitely a bit of a conversation piece to be able to say you drank Phil Collins.

Price rating: £

Address: 8 New St, York YO1 8RA

2. The Stone Roses Bar

Stone Roses Bar York

As the name may reflect, the Stone Roses Bar is your classic rock bar- even sporting a pool table for authenticity! This bar is a staple for any student, finding its way into almost every pub crawl for literally every society. On top of this, the Stone Roses Bar is almost always the first bar that comes to mind when thinking of the blue shit. The student nights here are always a hit (they check student IDs at the door so you know there’ll be no creepy old men) as they’re a prime opportunity to get cheap drinks and shots, and socialise with other students over common interests. Truly, you can’t go wrong with the Stone Roses Bar, making it one of the better student bars in York.

Price rating: £

Address: 4 King St, York YO1 9SP

1. Cosy Club

Cosy Club York Facebook
Source: Cosy Club York Facebook

Admittedly more of a restaurant than a bar, the Cosy Club in York is a fantastic location to go for a meal and a few drinks with your friends. Now, the Cosy Club is a little on the pricier side, but we all need to treat ourselves every now and then- being a student isn’t for the weak! Boasting gorgeous meals (the salmon is to die for) and cocktails that leave you wanting more, it’s no surprise that the Cosy Club is a great choice when it comes to wanting an Instagram-worthy dinner. They also have deals like the Teatime Tipple where you can get two cocktails for £12.50, and a bottomless brunch deal for £25pp. We all know that exams and uni work can get incredibly exhausting, so Cosy Club is definitely a place to go to treat yourself and unwind from the stress of being an academic weapon.

Price rating: ££

Address: 19-22 Fossgate, York YO1 9TA

I think we can all agree that knowing what student bars to go to is a very important part of uni life. But if you’re looking to save or just fancy staying in, why not take a look at our best cheap party drinks to make at home?