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The 7 best cheap pubs to visit in Bath

With Monday the 17th of May finally around to bless us with more easing of restrictions, going pubbing will make much more sense now since seating inside will now be allowed. Living in Bath for your university degree, you know by now that Bath’s pricing is leaning towards the more expensive sides. A pint can cost you up to nearly 4 pounds!!!

As the end of the exam period is approaching, everyone’s wondering what they will be up to in June. Well, here’s a guide to the cheapest pubs in Bath!

1. The Royal Oak

Location: Lower Bristol Rd, Bath BA2 3BW

cheap pubs the royal oak
Source: The Royal Oak, Facebook

Located near the train station in Oldfield park, the Royal Oak is a favourite of the students as most students live in Oldfield park anyway. The Royal Oak has a standard British Pub atmosphere and serves the classics just for your taste.

2. Pig and Fiddle

Location:  2 Saracen St, Bath BA1 5BR

pig and fiddle bath
Source: Pig and Fiddle Twitter

The Pig and Fiddle pub is much more central, located near Walcot street and Milsom Place. They have both outside and inside seating. The atmosphere is great, and you will find they also have live music on some days.

3. The Bell Inn

Location: 103 Walcot St, Bath BA1 5BW

the bell inn bath
Source: The Pizza Bike

Also Located around Walcot street, The Bell Inn is one of the favorite of Bath’s resident. The interior design gives you grovy feels, and you are bound to fall in love. To make it all better, the place has table football, pool tables and chess and even backgammon!

4. Belushi’s

Location: 9 Green St, Bath BA1 2JY

belushis bath
Source: Belushi’s

For those much more appreciative of sports, Belushi’s is one of the favourites for all types of sports fan. The atmosphere is very free, and all ages will find themselves something to their liking in the place. It is also located very centrally, right near the Waitrose shop.

5. The Cork

Location: 11-12 Westgate Buildings, Bath BA1 1EB

the cork bath
Source: The Bath Guide

Who could forget the Cork! Favourite of the students and the locals, the Cork is always full on most nights. Their outside and inside seating provides loads of space for your friends to all sit together and enjoy a Friday night. There are some games inside, too, making everything all the more enjoyable.

6. The Lamb and Lion

Location: 15 Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QU

the lamb and lion bath
Source: Bath City

The classic by its name, the pub serves all day every day. The quirky interiors are bound to make you fall in love. You can also enjoy yourself in the large garden in the back of the place.

7. The Crystal Palace

Location: 10-11 Abbey Green, Bath BA1 1NW

the crystal palace bath
Source: The Crystal Palace

This is the ultimate gem of the city. The Crystal Palace serves everything, making it great for undecisive individuals or people who like a bit of everything. It features many of the original structures of the building from 1654. It is certainly one of our favourites, too!

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