The Best Cheap Bars in Edinburgh

The best cheap pubs in Edinburgh

Are you a student on a budget but you still want to enjoy a night out? Even though Edinburgh is considered a rather expensive city, there still are plenty of cheaper pubs to get some drinks without having to pay a fortune for them. You should definitely pay the following ones a visit!

1. The Globe Sports Bar

The Globe Sports Bar Edinburgh
Source: Bruce Group Scotland

The Globe Sports Bar is a pub where you can get relatively cheap drinks to enjoy while watching sports games. Amongst other beverages, they offer beers from around the world, with prices of pints starting at £3.30. Inside the pub, there are also six screens and two projector screens, on which three different sports channels play simultaneously. The pub is located on Niddry Street and is easily accessible from the Old Town.

2. Opium

Opium Bar Edinburgh
Source: Bruce Group Scotland

If you are looking for an alternative rock and metal pub, Opium might be the right choice for you. It offers cheap drinks and is situated on Cowgate, which is easily accessible from the city centre. Therefore, it is another great cheap pub in Edinburgh, which you can reach conveniently.

3. Subway Cowgate

Subway Cowgate Bar Edinburgh
Source: Ediburgh Live

Another great inexpensive pub in the Cowgate area is Subway Cowgate. Not to be confused with its namesake, the pub offers drinks instead of sandwiches, with the cheapest alcoholic beverages costing only £1. A highlight of their menu is the range of different slushies and cocktails, so make sure to give them a try if you visit this pub.

4. Bar Salsa

Bar Salsa Edinburgh
Source: Old Town Pub Co

Bar Salsa is another great option for spending a cheap night out. They offer shots from only £1 as well as pints which cost £3.25. Furthermore, you can get cocktails and pitchers for sharing. From Monday to Thursday, they also offer a special deal where all spirits and mixers are only £2. This South American themed pub is located in the area around Cowgate as well.

5. Shandwick’s

Shandwicks Bar Edinburgh

Shandwick is a pub near Princes Street. It is known for offering one of Edinburgh’s cheapest pints, but other drinks such as cocktails, wine, and gin are also on the menu. As Shandwicks has a reputation for being one of Edinburgh’s best pubs for getting great value drinks, you might want to pay it a visit!

6. The Hive

The Hive Edinburgh
Source: Trip Advisor

The Hive is a very popular pub amongst younger people, particularly students, for getting cheap drinks. Like the Globe Sports Bar, it is located on Niddry Street, near the Old Town.

7. J D Wetherspoon

JD Wetherspoons Edinburgh
Source: Hospitality & Catering News

Wetherspoon, which is often nicknamed “Spoons” by the locals, is a pub and restaurant chain in the UK. There are several pubs of this chain at different locations in Edinburgh, including two on George Street in the New Town. They offer cheap meal and drink deals, mostly under £10. If you are lucky, you can even grab a pint for under £2!

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities for you to enjoy a night out even if you are on a budget. Amongst this wide selection of pubs with cheap drinks, you are sure to find one which suits you!

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