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The best halls in Brighton revealed

When you’re going away to the university, your student experience is most definitely impacted by your accommodation. It can make or break your student experience. There’s no question of right or wrong- but which is the best option for you!

You would want to stay somewhere that’s affordable and which also serves the best of both worlds; the city and the university. If you are planning on coming to Brighton to study in either the University of Brighton or the University of Sussex, this list may be useful for you. Here are some of the best halls in Brighton

University of Brighton

1. iQ Student Accommodation Sawmills


iQ Student Accommodation Sawmills Brighton
Credit: IQ Accommodation


Address: 2-4 Newmarket Rd, Brighton BN2 3QF

Price: from £245 per week

Sawmills offers a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for an en- suite room in a flat or would want the comforts of a studio, this property has it all. It is also very conveniently located close to the University of Brighton (a 10- minute walk precisely) as well as the city centre. The property boasts of high-speed Wifi, common room with reception, study spaces, as well as each room, is furnished with a single bed, ample storage space and large en-suite shower room and laundry facilities. The rooms are priced at a slightly high £245 per week but are totally worth for en- suites in Brighton.

2. Abacus House, Brighton

Brighton, Abacus House
Credit: IQ Accommodation

Address: 6-11 Baker Street Brighton BN1 4JN United Kingdom

Price: from £240 per week

Abacus House is centrally located in Brighton, just off the busy London Road and offers modern rooms and studios and a lounge with pool table, TV and a piano and an outdoor terrace. The rooms come furnished with double beds, and the common area is big enough to host social events. The friendly student accommodation is within walking distance from the University of Brighton, and you could also take a bus to the Sussex University campus. With all the modern facilities and a great location, this accommodation comes at a price of £240 per week.

3. Great Wilkins Halls

Santuary Students
Credit: Great Wilkins Halls

Address: Village Way, Falmer Campus, Brighton, BN1 9QW

Great Wilkins Halls are situated in the perfect location for students attending the Falmer campus (less than a 5- minute walk) of the University of Brighton. There are also excellent transport links to the city centre. The accommodation is an en-suite bedroom arranged in flats of one to six students, well- equipped with all kitchen and dining facilities. The bills are included in the rent along with insurance and internet charges, which means no hidden costs and everything is covered. They also provide a couples flat. The price for this accommodation would vary according to the room you select and further details could be enquired while arranging a viewing

4. Varley Park Halls of Residence, University of Brighton


Firle House offers self- catered single room en- suite options priced at £156 per week. The contract length is for 39 weeks, and 63 rooms are divided in flats of maximum 8 people. The rent includes all the utility bills including the internet, cleaning and also has the option of a £5,000 contents insurance. The accommodation is accessible easily with continuous busses running as well as connected with cycling and train routes.

5. Phoenix Brewery student halls

Phoenix Brewery

Address: Southover St, Brighton BN2 9WJ

Price: from £155 per week

Single en- suite rooms in Phoenix Brewery cost around £155 per week. The rent includes a £5,000 contents insurance, all utility bills – gas, electricity, water, broadband and also cleaning of communal areas. The contract lasts for 39 weeks, and the total of 298 flats are divided among a cluster of 6-8 rooms per flat. The accommodation is exceptionally close to Grand Parade and St Peter’s House library.  The accommodation is absolutely worth for money because of the prime location and sits at a great 3.57 stars out of 5 in students reviews.

6) Paddock Field student accommodation

Paddock field student accommodation

Price: £142 per week

Paddock field is a self- catered en-suite option available at a great price £142 per week. The contract lasts for 39 weeks, and the rent includes £5,000 contents insurance, all utility bills – gas, electricity, water, broadband, and also cleaning of communal areas. The accommodation is located on the Falmer campus of the University of Brighton and is close to excellent sports facilities, and bus and rail links.

University of Sussex

1. Norwich House


Price: from £115 per week

Norwich house is an undergraduate hall of residence inside the Sussex University campus. The single bedrooms are priced at £115 per week, for 39 weeks. The kitchen is shared with around 11 other students and bathroom with 4 other students. The room comes fully furnished and even has a sink in it. There is no separate social room, but the kitchen itself is spacious enough. The laundrette is 0.2 miles away in Park Village, and other amenities on campus such as the library are just 0.3 miles away. The rent includes utility bills (water, electricity and gas) and service charges, regular cleaning of common areas and internet access

2. Stanmer Court flats


Price: from £159.40 per week

A single en- suite room in Stanmer court costs around  £159.40 per week. The flat has a shared kitchen facility between 4 to 6 flatmates. The rooms are fully furnished as is the kitchen, fully equipped with modern facilities. The flats are right next to Falmer station, which makes it easy to access both the bus stop as well as the train station. Apart from transport, accommodation is also close to other amenities on campus, including co-op supermarket and the library.

2. Swanborough flats


Price: from £167.50 per week

Newly built en- suite single rooms in Swanborough flats are priced at £167.50 per week. The flat is shared between 4 to 7 flatmates. The accommodation is located close to the library, which is 0.2 miles away.  The laundrette is also close and located in Park Village, which is just 0.2 miles away.

3. East Slope residences


Price: from £167.50 per week

A single en- suite room in East slope residences cost around £167.50 per week. The accommodation is suitable for both undergraduates as well as postgraduates. Along with en- suite, east slope also has shared bathroom options which are priced lower at around £159. East slope residences are fairly popular and comprise of 4 clusters, and the choices can be indicated while filling the accommodation form. For the next session, the university has plans of expansion into a retail store a Student Services one-stop-shop

4. Brighthelm houses


Price: from £145.90 per week

Brighthelm house is shared between 5 flatmates and has 2 bathrooms along with shared kitchen and washing machine and dryer. The rooms are priced from £145.90 per week, which is ideal considering there are less number of housemates as well as own washing facilities inside the house. Brighthelm houses are one of the oldest as well as one of the famous student halls at Sussex university. They are also located at an almost equal distance from every other amenity and facility on campus.


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