The best student halls in Nottingham revealed

Written by Jessica Goddard + Hannah Ross

Finding the right student accommodation can often either make or break your first year at university. These are the best halls in Nottingham revealed.

You want somewhere that’s affordable, while also suiting other needs that you may have (finding somewhere that has double beds is often a top priority for most students). If you’re thinking of coming to Nottingham to study, then this list may be of help to you! Here’s our ranking of the top student halls at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham for freshers.

Nottingham Trent University

Gill Street South

Gill Street South is one of the newer accommodation blocks built by the uni, and this becomes obvious when you compare the rooms and kitchens to what other accommodations have to offer, despite only having single beds. At Gill Street, you’re a stone’s throw away from the university and the city centre itself, making it a popular choice amongst Trent students. A room at Gill Street south is definitely on the pricier side (£167.71 per week for the 2020/21 academic year), however, in our opinion, it’s worth the extra cash!

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Goldsmith Court

If you fancy being even closer to the university action, then Goldsmith Court might be the halls for you. Goldsmith is a private student accommodation which sits right on the doorstep of Nottingham Trent’s Newton building, meaning it would take you less two minutes to walk to your lectures.  This accommodation also offers en-suite rooms, along with a host of other benefits such as on-site laundry facilities and social events throughout the year. Prices start from £136 per week.

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The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse is another popular choice among Trent students, which is probably because it’s conveniently above an Aldi supermarket and next door to the city’s main shopping centre. The Glasshouse is also privately owned and has a variety of different en-suite and non-ensuite rooms for students to rent. Despite it still being less than a 10-minute walk to uni, The Glasshouse is probably one of the better value student accommodations on offer in Nottingham, with prices starting from £114 per week which even includes a ¾ bed.

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If you’re a sociable bunny and don’t mind living with quite a few people, then Sandby could be the halls for you. Owned by the university, Sandby is made up of flats with 12 or 13 bedrooms, each with two kitchens and a common room. The accommodation pretty much backs onto the student’s union and is therefore only minutes from the main university buildings, which is great if you don’t fancy a long commute. A standard en-suite room at Sandby will cost you £136.36 per week.

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New Hall

With kitchens that are of generous size and modern design, New Hall is a great residence to live in for your first year at Nottingham Trent. This student hall is split into flats of 6-12 people, so for students wanting to jump straight into university social life, New Hall is certainly ideal. Each room also comes with its own en-suite bathroom, so you won’t have to share with a large flat. New Hall is situated within the spacious Clifton Campus, so it is perfect for any perspective humanities or technology students. Prices for New Hall start at £157.92 per week.

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Curzon House

Curzon House is one of Nottingham’s private student halls and is a 15-minute walk away from the university campus. This residence has had good reviews from previous occupants for its supportive maintenance staff, though, unlike university-owned accommodation, it must be noted that there are no cleaning services provided. Still, Curzon House has other perks, such as its closeness to an Aldi supermarket, which is perfect for shopping on a student budget, and the accommodation additionally provides bike storage if you were considering cycling to university. Prices are slightly lower compared to other private accommodations, from £138 per week, though Curzon House definitely seems to provide a high standard of living for its student population.

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Nottingham Square

If private accommodation is the option for you, Nottingham Square is definitely a safe bet. Being within the proximity of various shops and popular bars, life at this residence is bound to be far from dull. And, being only 15 minutes away from the City Campus on foot, the location of Nottingham Square is ideal. As a Grade II listed building paired with stylish, modern interior design, Nottingham Square proves to be an attractive living option for the busy student who loves the historical as well as the functional. Prices vary, with the lowest renting option costing around £99 per week.

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The University of Nottingham

Nottingham Two

Nottingham Two has unsurprisingly been rated extremely highly by students. Owned privately by Student Roost, these halls are only a five-minute walk from the University of Nottingham Jubilee campus, a short bus ride away from the city centre and next door to a Lidl supermarket. Nottingham Two also boasts a catalogue of modern facilities including an on-site gym, an outdoor courtyard & BBQ area and secure car parking. En-suite contracts start from £155 per week, which includes a small double bed.

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Derby Hall

If you don’t fancy yourself as much of a chef, you should maybe choose to consider Derby Hall as an option for your first-year accommodation. Derby Hall is catered for, meaning that you won’t have to worry about cooking your own meals and burning your flat down in the process. It’s also conveniently right in the centre of the University Park campus and has a variety of different room options to choose from, including en-suites. Prices start at £171 per week.

Derby Hall
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Nightingale Hall

Nightingale Hall is another catered University of Nottingham accommodation located in the Sports Zone of the University Park campus. Surrounded by green space and even a couple of tennis courts, Nightingale hall has its own canteen, bar, common rooms and washing facilities and has been commended for its social atmosphere. Much like other accommodations at the University of Nottingham, there is a plethora of different rooms on offer here to suit every student.

Nightingale Hall

Cripps Hall

Known for its Hogwarts vibe, Cripps Hall is a popular choice for students studying at the University of Nottingham University Park campus. Along with its sizeable dining hall, library and bar area, Cripps has large bedrooms, which are mostly en-suite, and excellent proximity to other university buildings. If you prefer a more traditional looking accommodation, Cripps may be the perfect choice for you!

Cripps Hall

Raleigh Park

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If you are a student looking for self-catered accommodation instead, Raleigh Park may be for you. For years, this privately-owned accommodation has been positively reviewed by students regarding its social life and location. Even though it may lack certain extras that other Nottingham halls possess – such as a student bar – Raleigh features elements that other residences lack, such as an outdoor gym and an Amazon Pick-Up Locker. With only a five-minute walk from university, Raleigh Park is accessible, and for people not wanting to live in a university-owned student village, it remains a solid choice. Prices start at £105.00 per week, subject to availability.

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