The best student halls in Bristol revealed

Bristol has been one of the most popular and vibrant student cities in the country for a long time, with a lively alternative music scene and a wide range of unique independent businesses. It is certainly a university city with a growing student population, and so it may seem easy to get lost in the experience straight away. Consequently, for students who are moving to Bristol for the very first time, searching for the perfect residence hall may seem like a daunting prospect! To shed a little more light on the subject, the following is our list revealing some of the best student halls in Bristol.

University of Bristol

Clifton Hill House

Credit: UOB

Price: from £187 per week, including meals.

Set in the charming district of Clifton, Clifton Hill House is one of the oldest and most established halls of residence in Bristol, as it was built when the university was founded in 1909. This catered hall is only a 14-minute walk from campus and exhibits attractive Georgian architecture. The living spaces themselves are more modern, though students would have to pay extra for a basin, and there is no option for an en-suite bathroom. However, with its own bar and generously sized common room, this student accommodation certainly doesn’t lack in additional perks that would be sure to make any first-year experience that bit more enjoyable. Prices start at £187 per week, including meals.

Goldney Hall

Picture 1
Credit: UOB

Price: from £157 per week

Goldney has been a top choice among University of Bristol newcomers for a long time. This self-catered accommodation sports a rather ordinary appearance at first glance, but upon looking a bit closer, it’s a different story entirely! Goldney has its own gardens, which look like they should belong to a stately home rather than a university hall. They are the perfect place to sit and study in the warmer months and remain a great way to take a break from the otherwise bustling city. The residence itself sports a mixture of flats with en-suite bathrooms or shared bathrooms, and the decision as to who gets which option remains to be a luck of the draw. But, with its own study spaces and sports facilities, Goldney Hall caters to the first-year student very well.

Study Inn – Marlborough House

Credit: Study Inn

Cost: £176.30 per week

Some students prefer to go into private accommodation for their initial stay at university, and there are a wide variety of these options available in Bristol if this is more your speed. A residence that has been highly rated by many students and fits this criteria is Marlborough House. This residence has been praised for its safety, with a 24-hour reception and ever-present staff. There are additionally onsite gym facilities, making Marlborough House an attractive option for those who prefer to work out without having to walk to the university sports centre. And, for those looking to live closer to the city centre, this residence is perfect. Marlborough House is slightly on the pricey side, costing around £176.30 per week, though with its top of the range facilities and central location, it may be worth the cost.

New Bridewell

Picture 1
Credit: UOB

Price: £177 per week

In terms of other city centre living options, New Bridewell would also be a strong choice. It certainly offers perks that other halls do not, such as double-sized beds which are bound to make first years who live in university-owned accommodation jealous. New Bridewell comes with a plush, stylish common room, complete with a table tennis table, a flatscreen TV and comfortable-looking settees. The higher price, then, is not hugely surprising. At £177 per week, New Bridewell is on the expensive side, but most student reviews claim that you definitely get what you pay for.

University of the West of England Bristol

Wallscourt Park

Screenshot 2020-07-06 at 13.40.09
Credit: UWE

Price: from £98.32 per week

This residence hall is located on UWE’s Frenchay campus, so it would not necessarily be ideal for students studying in the city centre. However, for students who study nearby, Wallscourt Park seems to be a steal. The common room comes with a pool table, and the rooms are kitted out with 4-foot beds rather than the tiny singles you would find in most university accommodations. There are also a variety of choices available for this residence, in terms of choosing an en-suite or shared bathroom, and also deciding whether to share a bedroom, which would cut your first year living costs considerably.

Student Village

Picture 1
Credit: UWE

Price: from £151.65 per week

The UWE Student Village is located on the Frenchay campus, and is comprised of four different accommodation courtyards: Brecon, Cotswold, Mendip and Quantock. This living option has remained quite positively reviewed by new UWE students due to the social atmosphere and ease of access when getting to lectures. With around 2,000 new residents each year, the Student Village is bound to have an exciting ambiance, particularly when Fresher’s Week rolls around. The complex is also only a five-minute walk from Abbeywood Retail Park, which is home to many shops and restaurants, as well as a large Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Harbour Court

Habour court hall Bristol

Price: £175 per week

If independent accommodation was your preference, this private residence provides swish and modern living spaces. Although you might need to catch a bus to get to the Frenchay campus, Harbour Court is close to the beautiful Harbourside district of Bristol, which is home to many intriguing pubs, restaurants and shops. The accommodation itself has a private outdoor courtyard complete with games and seating areas, along with other indoor social spaces. Many of the bedrooms even come with their own flatscreen TVs, making Harbour Court one of the more luxurious living options available to Bristol students.

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