Where to live in nottingham

Where to live in Nottingham as a student

Moving to university can be a confusing time, and deciding where to live is often the trickiest part of the process. In Nottingham, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation and no matter what type of property you’re after, there will almost certainly be something for you. Whether you’re going into your first year of studies and want to know which student halls offer the best value for money, or you’re a current student and want to rent privately, we’ve got you covered. Here is our ultimate guide on where to live in Nottingham as a student.

Student areas in Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University

The Arboretum

Aboretum Nottingham
Source: Tripadvisor

The Arboretum is undeniably the most popular student area for Nottingham Trent students. This likely to be because of its proximity to the university, with some houses being less than a five minute walk to the main buildings and 10 minutes into town. The Arboretum is essentially a series of streets on a rather large hill, making it a rather tiresome walk home after a night out. However, rent is usually reasonably cheap (between £100 and £130 per person per week), meaning that it attracts a large amount of students every academic year. The Arboretum is most popular with second, third, and fourth year students as most of the properties are private rentals, but this shouldn’t deter any first years from considering moving there.

The University of Nottingham


Lenton Nottingham
Credit: PrimeLocation

For students studying at The University of Nottingham, Lenton is the place to be. There are several reasons for this, with the most attractive factor of the area being that it’s home to the university’s Jubilee Campus. Other students may choose it for its great travel links, cheap rent and of course, its pubs and takeaways. Private rental prices in Lenton will vary depending on the size and location of the property, however, some rooms can be found as cheaply as £80 per week. Lenton is a little further away from the city centre compared to The Arboretum, nevertheless it is still only a short bus ride away from Nottingham’s main shops and restaurants. Lenton is an area mainly populated by second, third and fourth year students from The University of Nottingham due to the quantity of private rentals available.

The cost of living as a student in Nottingham

The average cost of accommodation

The average cost of accommodation in Nottingham will vary depending on which type you choose. Student halls are typically more expensive than private rentals whether you pick one that is managed by your university or one that is owned by a private company. For example, you could pay £170.59 a week for a standard en-suite room at Byron, one of Nottingham Trent’s most popular student accommodations, or instead pay an average of £110 per week for a room in a privately rented property in The Arboretum. There is also a similar comparison to be made between halls at The University of Nottingham and private rentals in Lenton and the surrounding areas.

The cost of a pint

The cost of a pint is definitely something students may find important when choosing a university city. Luckily, Nottingham has a relatively cheap pint, with an average price of a refreshing beer in the city currently standing at £3.50. That’s 29p below the current national average! Prices will vary between the city centre and surrounding areas, but your trip to the pub will probably not end up breaking the bank (or your student loan!)


Nottingham is known for its excellent public transport. Getting around the city and its nearby towns is easy and cheap when you learn how to master the tram and bus systems, which is something that won’t take you very long. A one-way under 19’s tram ticket will cost you £2.40, and for a pound or two more, you can travel all day on as many journeys as you want.

Nights out

Nottingham is known as being a great night out. The city is home to several large clubs, alongside a host of fantastic bars and pubs so there really is something for everyone! If you fancy going out clubbing but don’t have much money to spend, make sure to go on a student night as entry tickets usually cost around £5. For an even cheaper night out, we recommend visiting the Coco Tang Cocktail Bar on a Wednesday night where entry is free with a valid student ID and cocktails start at £5 (trust me, you will only need a couple!)

Fancy dress shopping

If you need an outfit for Ocean or Crisis but you have nothing suitable, Luvyababes is the place to go. Located on the top floor of The Victoria Centre, Luvyababes is the best option for cheap accessories and the most garish fancy dress outfits possible. There is no other fancy dress shop in Nottingham quite like it!

The best student halls in Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University

There is no shortage of student accommodation for Nottingham Trent students. Here are five of the best rated halls, according to Google Reviews.

  1. Russel View – Rooms from £128 per week
  2. Host Lace Market Studios – Rooms from £172 per week
  3. Byron Residence – Rooms from £164.71 per week
  4. Gill Street Residence – Rooms from £114.52 per week
  5. Goldsmith Court – Rooms from £136 per week

Russel View


CRM studfen
Credit: CRM Students

Prices from £128 per week

Russel View is a private student accommodation located in the Arboretum area of Nottingham. As halls go, Russel View offers excellent value for money, while still being only a ten minute walk from the main university buildings. En-suite rooms start at £128 per week at Russel View; studio’s are also reasonably priced at £144 per week for a standard size if you prefer the extra privacy. All rooms come with a small double bed and ample storage with all your bills also included in the price.

Host Lace Market Studios

Lace Market Studio Nottingham
Credit: Lace Market Studios

Prices from £172 per week

Described as “exclusive & luxurious”, Host Lace Market Studios is one of the fanciest student accommodations in the city. Located in the Lace Market area of the city centre, Host Lace Market Studios is run by a private company (not the university) and has a range of studio apartments available to rent. Being only a ten minute walk to Nottingham Trent University, or a five minute tram ride, this accommodation is perfect for any student.

Byron Residence

Byron Residence Nottingham
Credit: Nottingham Trent

Prices from £164.71 per week

If you want to roll out of bed in the morning and be at university within a few minutes, Byron is the student halls for you. Arguably the most popular student accommodation managed by the university, Byron is built on top of the Students’ Union in the City Campus. All rooms come with their own en-suites and you can choose between a standard sized bed or a double bed for £170.59 per week.

Gill Street Residence

Gill Street Residence Nottingham
Credit: Nottingham Trent

Prices from £114.52 per week

Gill Street is another student accommodation managed by NTU which is split into two separate halls: Gill Street North and Gill Street South. Both are located less than a five minute walk away from the main university buildings, making them extremely popular with Trent students. Gill Street South is newer than its sibling, with the modern facilities and décor reflected in the price (a standard en-suite room will cost you £164.71 per week!) However, parts of Gill Street North have also recently undergone renovation.

Goldsmith Court

Goldsmith Court Nottingham
Credit: Student Living

Prices from £136 per week

Goldsmith Court is another favourite of Nottingham Trent students. Built directly opposite NTU’s Newton Building, your commute to lectures could not be any shorter if you rented a room here. With Goldsmith Court, you get a great location and a great price as rooms can be rented for as cheaply as £136 per week. All rooms come with their own en-suite, study desk, wardrobe and plenty of storage.

The University of Nottingham

Students at The University of Nottingham also have an extensive choice of accommodation. The university itself has many different halls, most of which are located on campus and come with a choice of catered and self-catered rooms. Here are five of the top-rated student accommodations for UoN students, according to Google Reviews

  1. Cripps Hall – Rooms from £171 per week (catered)
  2. Nightingale Hall – Rooms from £171 per week (catered)
  3. Lincoln Hall – Rooms from £171 per week (catered)
  4. Student Roost – Nottingham Two – Rooms from £155 per week
  5. Florence Boot Hall – Rooms from £171 per week (catered)

Cripps Hall

Cripps Hall Nottingham
Credit: Student Crowd

Prices from £171 per week

Cripps is home to over 3000 students and was originally opened back in 1959. As with most halls at The University of Nottingham, Cripps Hall is catered, meaning that you don’t have to worry about cooking for yourself after a long day of lectures. Located to the North of University Park, Cripps is close to bus stops, banks, bars, bookshops and even a public park with a boating lake!

Nightingale Hall

Nightingale Hall Nottingham
Credit: Student Crowd

Prices from £171 per week

Located in the Sports Zone of the University Campus amongst an abundance of green space, Nightingale Hall is another popular catered option for UoN students. Equipped with its own bar, library, common room and even a tennis court, Nightingale Hall is a great option if you’re looking for a friendly and sociable accommodation. If you study on the Jubilee Campus, don’t worry! Nightingale Hall is also close to the free university Hopper bus which will take you straight there

Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall Nottingham
Credit: Nottinghamshire Live

Prices from £171 per week

Also located in University Park, Lincoln hall offers a slightly different accommodation experience compared to the other halls on offer. New for the 2020 academic year, Lincoln Hall is now a quiet living accommodation, aiming to support those who wish to live a quieter lifestyle at university; this means that there are alcohol free study and social areas and students are asked to keep noise to a minimum in the evenings. Lincoln hall is also catered, and is close to all local amenities and transport links.

Student Roost – Nottingham Two

Student Roost Nottingham
Credit: Pads for Students

Prices from £155 per week

Despite the fact that most first-year students at The University of Nottingham choose accommodation on-campus, Nottingham Two is a great alternative. It’s managed privately (not by the university) and is a five minute walk away from the Jubilee Campus, so there’s no need to spend time catching buses! For a very reasonable price, Nottingham Two also has a gym, communal area, BBQ area, bike storage and much more.

Florence Boot Hall

Florence Boot hall

Prices from £171 per week

Florence Boot Hall is the oldest student accommodation on campus and is close to the West Entrance of University Park. Although it will be closed to students for refurbishment for the 2020/21 academic year, Florence Boot Hall should definitely be commended for its stunning grounds and ample facilities, meaning that students who live there have everything they need under one roof.

The cheapest halls in Nottingham

Price will certainly be on the forefront of everyone’s mind when searching for student halls. Here are two of the cheapest accommodation options available for both universities.

Nottingham Trent University

Common sense prevails that the most expensive halls will be in the city centre. If you’re studying at city campus, choosing accommodation here might be the most convenient option for you. However, there are some brilliant affordable options if you don’t mind venturing out a little further.

College Drive (Clifton Campus)

College Drive Nottingham
Credit: Nottingham Trent

Prices from £97.02 per week

College Drive is the cheapest student accommodation on offer by Nottingham Trent University. These halls are exclusively for postgraduate and mature (age 21+) students and are in close proximity to the university’s Clifton Campus. Although managed by NTU, College Drive does not look like other accommodations – it is split into eight separate houses, with each having between three to five bedrooms and shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Staying at College Drive would be a great option for students who want a little bit more independence, away from the business of the city centre and while still only being a short bus ride away from the main shops and restaurants.

The University of Nottingham

Student halls managed by The University of Nottingham tend to come at a similar price per week due to the fact that there is little difference between quality and facilities between accommodation buildings. If you want to save a bit of money, maybe a self-catered, privately managed halls instead…

Raleigh Park

Raleigh Park Nottingham
Credit: Derwent Students

Prices from £105 per week

Raleigh Park is a private, self-catered accommodation which caters for students of all ages. It’s a short walk from Jubilee Campus and the Queens Medical Centre and has a variety of room types to choose from. Being £66 cheaper per week than halls on campus, Raleigh Park offers excellent value for money without missing out on the basic amenities. For £105 per week, you can rent a room in a flat with a shared bathroom and kitchen, making it very easy to make friends and socialise.

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