241 Cocktails Manchester

10 places for 241 cocktails in Manchester

Going out for cocktails with a bunch of mates seems like a distant memory at this point with two national lockdowns and tier 3 restrictions and all. However, with 2021 on the horizon, we can only hope that there are better times ahead. When it’s finally allowed what better way to celebrate the new year with a cocktail (or mocktail) in hand? Here is a list of where you can get 241 cocktails in Manchester!

1. Turtle Bay

241 Cocktails Manchester Turtle Bay
Source: Trip Advisor

Good vibes, good food and most importantly, good drinks! There are not one but two Turtle Bay restaurants in Manchester, located on Oxford road and the Northern Quarter. Turtle Bay serves Caribbean cuisine, and the cocktails adhere to the West Indian theme (so you better be able to handle your rum). It is a great date location with the super cute fairy light dècor or a nice place to have drinks with friends. But remember cocktails are only 241 during happy hour!

2. Revolution

241 Cocktails Manchester Revolution
Source: Trip Advisor

Revolution bars can be found on Oxford road, and Deansgate Locks and have nightly happy hours where selected cocktails are all 241. Again, this is another date hot-spot as drinks are reasonably priced. Plus, they are both near the city centre so you won’t look out of place if you want to dress up a little. Make sure to bring your student ID as there are student discounts on the food they serve too.

3. Slug and Lettuce

Slug and Lettuce 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Trip Advisor

Another chain that does fabulous 241 cocktails in Manchester. Whilst all the classics are there (shout out Piña Colada) the Slug and Lettuce like to get creative with their drinks menu… there are 5 variations of Martini cocktails alone. And to top it off if you order the Berry Boobtini mocktail it will donate 25p to breast cancer charities. So you can get lit and give back to charity, what’s not to like?

4. Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Bookatable

Las Iguanas is a Latin American restaurant and bar that serves, you’ve guessed it, 241 cocktails: all day, every day. Located in Deansgate with an abundance of other bars surrounding for a good atmosphere. It also has a good selection of mocktails for all the non-alcohol drinkers too. And if you’re peckish why not try some of the tapas dishes on offer? If you are a little hungrier, they also have main dishes as well.

5. Apotheca

Apotheca 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

Apotheca is an unusual word that actually means “one who prepares and sells drugs and compounds for medicinal purposes”. If you’re looking to pick up a prescription, you’ll be a little disappointed but if you are looking for cocktails however you’re in the right place. Selected cocktails are 2 for £10 or £12 every day, which is a reasonable price in a student budget. Plus, the bar is in this really cool looking basement which makes it unique from your run of the mill cocktail place.

6. Sandinista

Sandinista 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: DesignMyNight

The Sandinista is a very niche bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter that has Spanish inspirations. A selection of their unique cocktails are 241, but that’s not all they have to offer. They have some really cool deals too. On Fridays, you get free nachos when you order selected drinks which is a pretty nice deal for all the snack lovers out there.

7. Crazy Pedro’s

Crazy Pedro's 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

Manchester is lucky enough to have not one but two Crazy Pedro’s. There’s a chilled and laid-back atmosphere which has good food and great drinks too. Happy Hour is Sunday to Friday 5 pm to 9 pm when cocktails are 241. They also have pretty good student deals as well. I mean, who can say no to beer and pizza for £4.50?

8. Walrus

Walrus 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

Walrus is the place with a major party feel and you can get a lil’ bit wavy with selected cocktails that are 2 for £10 during happy Hour. Every weekend there are DJs that playhouse garage and RnB. All in all, a pretty cool place to party and drink with friends.

9. Hold Fast Bar

Hold Fast 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Square Meal

Hold Fast Bar is situated on Newton Street and is a really cool place. All the cocktails are sailing themed and are 2 for £10 during Happy Hour. So there is only one thing left to say… drink up me hearties!

10. Fress

Fress 241 Cocktails Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

Last on the list, but certainly, not least is Fress restaurant and bar. Selected cocktails are 241 on the drinks menu, and prices are pretty good, considering it is located in the Northern Quarter. It has a pretty cool interior design and a good place to unwind and have a drink.

Fingers crossed you’ll be actually be allowed to visit these places soon, being on zoom with mates is great, but it will be nice to go out and socialise again. But when we can, I hope this list helps with finding the best 241 cocktails in Manchester.

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