There are over 60,000 students living in Sheffield, brought to the city for its great universities, nightlife and culture. Sheffield is geared towards students in many ways, which includes its great range of student accommodation. But if you’re new to town or don’t know the area very well, you may need a helping hand when finding somewhere to live. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate guide to finding student accommodation in Sheffield.

Where to live?

Before thinking about student accommodation in Sheffield, it’s important to think about the area you want to live in. There are cheaper areas like Broomhall, Crookesmoor and Walkley, which are conveniently close to Sheffield University. Or Sheffield Hallam students may want to look into accommodation in areas such as Broomhill, full of cafes and shops and just a short distance from uni.

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What type of student accommodation?

You also need to think about whether you want to live off campus or on campus. Sheffield offers students the chance to live in halls or find their own accommodation.

Student halls

If you want to live in student halls, you can choose from private halls, such as Unite Students, Devonshire Courtyard, centrally-located CRM Students COSMOS, and other CRM Student accommodation areas such as Electric Press and Portobello Point.

Alternatively, you can find student halls for each of the universities. Ranmoor/Endcliffe is a popular student accommodation option for University of Sheffield students. Meanwhile, The Pinnacles, Central Quay, Beton House and more provide student halls that are great for Sheffield Hallam students.

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Student houses

The ultimate guide to student accommodation in Sheffield
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There are many student houses populating the city of Sheffield, which makes it easy to find accommodation. It’s always a good idea to research the area you want to live in and then find a reputable letting agency (see below).

Generally, private housing is often a cheaper type of accommodation than student halls in Sheffield. There’s plenty of options so you can find a studio just for yourself, a shared home with friends, or a flat to share with a mate or two.

Luxury student accommodation

Sheffield also has a range of premium or luxury student accommodation for you to choose from. Luxury student accommodation is defined as high-end accommodation that’s self-contained, meaning you don’t have to share as much. On the other hand, traditional student accommodation often includes a bedroom with other shared facilities.

As expected, this will come at a higher price. But if you can afford it, you enjoy the benefits of having bespoke studios, rooms close to campus, ensuite bathrooms, private kitchens and more. The demand for luxury student accommodation in Sheffield has grown, which may be due to students wanting more for their money.

How to find student accommodation in Sheffield?

The ultimate guide to student accommodation in Sheffield
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There are a number of student letting agencies that will help you find suitable accommodation. Many, such as UniHomes, will also provide student homes with bills included, which is something to think about.

One of the best approaches to finding student accommodation is through finding which area of Sheffield you want to live, then finding letting agencies operating in that area. For instance, if you decide the more economical areas like Crookes, Walkley or Crookesmoor are best, then agencies such as WH Properties or Broomhill Property Shop can help. Alternatively, you can find specific student letting agencies, such as Sheffield Student Property, or Sheffield Student Housing (part of Dove Properties) are useful.

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What to do if you can’t find student accommodation in Sheffield?

If you’re still struggling to find student accommodation, it’s a good idea to contact your university.  Current or prospective students at Sheffield University can contact the accommodation department on +44 114 222 4488 (option 2) or by emailing

If you’re studying at, or going to be studying at, Sheffield Hallam, you can contact their accommodation department on +44 (0)114 225 4512. You can email them for general enquiries at or for private sector housing email

Last Updated on May 21, 2024