Advertise to Students

If you’re looking to advertise to student in the UK, then we’ll be able to help. See how we support our clients to reach the student market below.

Branded Content 

We have an in-house creative team who specialise in student marketing and really understand how to engage the student market. They work with brands and agencies to create content that communicates a brand’s message and aspirations through content, inspiring students to relate and share.

We work with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you are looking for, even being able to guarantee engagement and page view numbers, with full reporting provided throughout.


Our brand partners can reach the student audience through our range of mobile, desktop and native advertising units. Unifresher’s inventory can be accessed via a number of DSP’s. For non-programmatic advertiser buyers, our team will manage, optimise and deliver display campaigns on their behalf.

Social Amplification

We have a reach of 3M students across our social accounts and we post branded content across all of our social channels. We also have the capability to target specific universities or geographically by posting on our local Facebook pages.

Our experts know the best times to post and use their knowledge of our student audience to post content that will be most engaging to get the best results for our brand partners.