Brunch is one of the best times of day. It’s where you can have a hearty meal, pair it with a glass of Prosecco (or two or three if you choose to go bottomless), and not feel guilty. Because it’s brunch time! And one of the best things about living or studying in Bath is that there are lots of great places to go for brunch – any day of the week. Let your mouth drool from thoughts of waffles, big breakfasts, french toast and more as we unravel where you should dine at tomorrow morning.

The Provenist

The Provenist Bath brunch places
Source: The Provenist

The Provenist is a relatively new café, located a short walk from the town centre on Walcot Street. The coffee shop is set alongside an interior design shop, making you feel absolutely at home. The menu is filled with healthy options, both sweet and savoury. Their counter is also filled with pastries from the famous Bertinet Bakery.

Address: One Tram Yard, Walcot St, Bath BA1 5BD

The Courtyard Cafe

The best places for brunch in Bath
Source: The Courtyard Cafe Instagram

This little place is located down Liliput Court down a small alley. It is the perfect hideaway spot. Now that things have reopened, their outdoor seating is filled with colourful tables and chairs. They have a variety of foods to offer, from waffles and sandwiches to their super specials, such as ‘Huevos Rancheros’.

Address: 3 Lilliput Court, Bath BA1 1ND

The Cosy Club

cosy club bath
Source: The Cosy Club Instagram

This franchise restaurant is super known for their brunch. In Bath, the Cosy Club is located on the first floor of a building right in the centre of Southgate. If you are seated outside, you can overlook the busy crowds from their balcony. The interior of the restaurant is very strangely designed, mixing multiple styles together. You are bound to feel good at Cosy Club.

Address: Unit R4, Southgate Place, Bath BA1 1AP

Good Day Cafe

Good day cafe bath
Source: Good Day Cafe Instagram

In Bath, the Good Day Café is known for their perfect brownies and their ultimate love of dogs. Above everything, however, they make the perfect brunch. From traditional brunch options like English Breakfast to some more modern classics, the café has it all. The staff are always super friendly and in the greatest of moods, making it the perfect place on a Sunday morning. Or any morning!

Address: 12 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RH

Wild Café

The Wild Café is another great option for your brunch. Their menu is very diverse, with options for everyone. Their pancakes are one of the best in Bath. On top of it all, their outdoor seating is right on the street, making the scenery very idyllic. The place always plays great music in the background, making us love it even more!

Address: 10a Queen St, Bath BA1 1HE

Café Au Lait

The best places for brunch in Bath
Source: Cafe Au Lait Instagram

Located right outside the train station, Café Au Lait is perfect. Their menu is filled with very traditional and very well-known brunch dishes, however, they can always be curated to your liking. They also offer a range of cakes, with vegetarian and vegan as well as gluten-free options available. The atmosphere in the shop is very minimalistic, and the wooden furniture gives it a very homely vibe.

Address: 12-14 Dorchester St, Bath BA1 1SS

Sweet Little Things

The best places for brunch in Bath
Source: Sweet Little Things

The Sweet Little Things Café is the perfect place for a girls day out. The interior of this café is filled with flowers and pink furniture as well as pink walls. It is the ultimate teenage girl dream. They have a selection of their own-made cupcakes (also pink) and a range of other cakes. Their brunch menu is not very extensive, but the food is delicious. It is very popular for big groups, so you might want to book beforehand!

Address: 6 Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR

If you end up missing brunch (or lunch), you can still go somewhere nice for dinner. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants in Bath that will feed your belly every day of the week! Or if you want to keep things cheap, head to one of the city’s top cafes and coffee shops! 

Last Updated on May 23, 2024