Brighton is a city for everyone, with plenty to do for kids, teens, and even adults. But if you’re not aware of some of the fun things to do in Brighton for adults, you might miss out on them! So we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best ideas, so that you can have some fun by the sea.

1. Alcatraz Bar 

Alcatraz Bar 
Source: Alcotraz

Cell Block one three is a secret basement speakeasy designed like a prison. The drinks menu depends entirely on you! You can choose to smuggle in your selected booze with the help of the other inmates, or the crooked guards can smuggle your contraband in for you. Just be sure not to let the Warden catch you!

2. Brighton Zipwire 

fun things to do in Brighton include the Brighton ZIP
Brighton ZIP

For any thrill-seekers, Brighton Zipwire goes across the seafront, from a 30-meter high platform all the way down to the ground. There are 2 wires, so you can even do it as a couple, flying 300m along the coast in style! Tickets are priced £18 for a single rider and £32 for a dual rider. You could also capture it on a live video for just £4 extra too.

3. Snooper’s Paradise

Snooper's Paradise
Source: Snoopers Paradise Facebook

Snooper’s is known for its wacky antiques. The South East’s biggest flea-market, Snooper’s has everything from wacky sunglasses to comics, DVDs, collectables, and even clothing. You can lose hours wandering around the busy pathways between the cabinets, not to mention perusing the collections perched outside the store!

4. Cabaret All Stars 

Cabaret All Stars 
Source: Proud Cabaret Facebook

It’s Brighton, the city screams cabaret. So you’ve surely got to visit Proud Cabaret – especially when they have events on such as Cabaret All Stars. You can book tickets online – and whilst they’re a little pricy (starting at £40), they’re well worth it. With a night of brilliant performers, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

5. Drag Brunch 

fun things to do in brighton for adults
Source: Proud Cabaret

Again, it’s Brighton. You have to go and see a drag act. So why not pair it with a bottomless brunch at Proud Cabaret. For £30, you’ll get wined and dined, whilst seeing some of the best Queens that Brighton has to offer. Breakfast and a laugh, what more could you want?

6. Old Police Cells Museum 

Old Police Cells Museum
Source: Old Police Cells Museum Instagram

Perhaps not for the faint-hearted, you can go and visit the famous murder scene under Brighton Town Hall. The museum was created by former Brighton Councillor John Drake, and opened in 2005. You’ll be met by Polic Cadets, a police dog and an old panda car outside the building before escorted through the museum.

7. Brighton Fringe 

Brighton Fringe
Source: Brighton Fringe Instagram

From May until June, Brighton runs a music, literature, art and performance festival known as Brighton Fringe. With drinks, live music performances, open-air theatre and a whole range of other wonderful demonstrations of creativity – it is not something to miss!

8. Burn The Clocks 

Burn The Clocks 
Source: Samesky Burning the Clocks

On the 21st of December every year, Brighton is home to the Burning the Clocks parade. It is a fantastic procession which lanterns and around 2,000 people. It walks down to the beach, where people burn lanterns and homemade creations in a bonfire, and then there is a fireworks show. It is held on the winter solstice, in order to welcome in the new sun.

9. Kemptown Secret Garden

Kemptown Secret Garden
Source: Secret Garden Kemptown

The secret garden is unique. There is nothing like it in the city. It has outdoor sculptures and artwork, and a garden full of beautiful flora for you to admire. Entry is free, and the garden is fully accessible to wheelchairs. There is also a popular cafe in the garden, so you can grab a drink and a bite to eat whilst relaxing.

10. Visit one of the bars

Visit one of the bars
Source: Wikipedia

With 2 universities, lots of colleges, and lots of boozy adults – Brighton is the place to be if you want a good pub or club. If you’re not sure where to go for a pint or a cocktail – check out our list of the best bars in Brighton!