As a fresher, you would have probably been starting to experience the full university experience in first year. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has prevented you and the rest of us from doing so. Even though clubs, bars and any fun places may be closed currently that does not mean you still cannot prepare yourself for the best clubs in Coventry! Know where to hit up first when clubs start opening with this list of the top 11 clubs in Coventry:

1. JJ’s

Source: JJ’s Coventry Twitter

Taking the number one spot by storm is JJ’s Coventry. With their main events every Tuesdays and Saturdays, JJ’s takes the top spot with creating a great club atmosphere, lively for all and with new tunes every week. COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in no dancing but you can enjoy tunes and a bottomless pizza.

2. Kasbah


Coming in second is Kasbah nightclub. A little pricier than JJs but loads of fun events on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 restrictions, there is no more dancing, but you can still enjoy the live music and tunes from your seats and have drinks delivered to you at a speed rate.

3. The Yard

The Yard
Source: The Yard Coventry Instagram

Being Coventry’s number one LGBTQ venue, The Yard takes spot number 3 in providing live cabaret, karaoke, games nights and obviously amazing tunes for a perfect club night!  They are open 7 days a week with a range of events you don’t want to miss.

4. Empire

Best Clubs in London, Empire
Source: Coventry Empire

At 4th spot we have Empire. Moving their location to Hertford Street, Empire provides club nights ready for all. Their club nights start at 11 pm and usually end at 3 am or 4 am. Big on their live entertainment, Empire provides a space for musicians to increase their fan base as well as gain experience performing. They have two bars and a balcony that overlooks the city centre.

5. Glamourous

Source: Glamorous Coventry Instagram

Similarly to The Yard, Glamourous is an LGBTQ bar which really does bring the glitz and glamour 7 days a week. They have three distinct spaces which are spread across two floors. Glamorous intends to create the ideal atmosphere for an after-work hangout experience.

6. Scholars

Source: Scholars Nightclub Facebook

At spot number 6, we have Coventry’s longest-running night club, Scholars. Unfortunately, this club is now up for sale, but that does not mean we cannot still appreciate it like we did with Empire. With the club first opening in 1995, it has been a popular location for musicians in and around Coventry to showcase their talent.

7. Catch Twenty Two

Catch Twenty Two
Source: Catch Twenty Two Instagram

Catch Twenty Two is one of the known clubs in Coventry for Latin nights. This club provides an experience with luxury and sophistication. Drinks prepared to perfection, Catch Twenty Two provides live music, weekly events, and some of the best music. You would not want to miss out on their Monday Latin Nights!


Source: S7VEN Coventry Instagram

Feel free to let yourself go at this reimagined fire station in Coventry City Centre. This club sets out to make people rethink the nightlife in Coventry, bringing a trendy, and modern flavour to the street of Coventry.

9. Daddy Cools

In 9th spot is Daddy Cools, a concept nightclub which takes you back to the ’80s, ’90s and ‘00s with their two-room venue, located on Spon Street. Do not miss out on their pop throwback of the last couple of decades to bring back memories you never thought you had! The staff are there for a helping hand, over-intoxicated customers, or if you just need a shoulder to cry on.

10. Iglu Nightclub

Iglu Nightclub
Source: Iglu Coventry Instagram

Only a three-minute walk from the Lower Precinct Shopping Centre, Iglu Nightclub provides you with all your needs of a great personal party. There are 4 meeting rooms in which you can have your own private DJ for private parties, office parties, birthdays, or any occasion whatsoever. So, if you are not keen on clubbing with a bunch of strangers, how about trying with a couple of friends and family?

11. Micbox Ktv Coventry

Best Clubs in Coventry Micbox KTV Coventry
Source: Micbox KTV Coventry

As a special bonus, the 11th spot sees Micbox Ktv Coventry, a karaoke bar, only a minute away from the transport museum. If you are down for a wild now of tone-deaf singing and musical fun, then this is the place for you.


We may be in the middle of a pandemic but do not allow that to stop imagining what you will do with your university experience when places start opening again. Explore these clubs and bars and decide which would be the top 11 choices for you!