If you’re someone who prefers a quiet talk with a small group of people rather than over a couple of drinks on a boisterous night out, this is the article for you. You may be feeling to have a catchup with friends or just wind down so here is a couple of top picks of the best cafes in Coventry.

1. The Pod Café

The Pod Café
Source: The Pod – Coventry Facebook

This café gave its customers a welcome return when reopening after lockdown. With most of their vegetation being grown on their own land, you can be guaranteed to receive some tasty and organic vegan and vegetarian options for sweet treats. The Pod Café provides excellent customer service, music, and a great atmosphere. It’s no doubt why they are one of the best cafes in Coventry. You can find them in Fargo Village, open from Tuesday to Friday.

2. Bean and Lean Coffee House

Bean and Lean Coffee House
Source: Bean and Lean Coffee House Instagram

As an independent and local business, Bean and Lean Coffee House started as a passion project for two bakers and coffee lovers. They target the everyday person to the enthusiastic coffee drinker, welcoming them to a fresh and vibrant space where they can enjoy a beautifully made coffee and a few delicious treats! If you’re not a big fan of coffee, you can also enjoy some loose-leaf teas, perfectly prepared to your standard. Customers enjoy this café’s roasted coffee beans the most as they are done to the customer’s standards every time. This café prides itself on ensuring to meet the customer’s needs at all costs. Friendly staff and efficient service.

3. The Good Honest Food Company

The Good Honest Food Company
Source: The Good Honest Food Co Instagram

Just a small local café in Allesley Village, this café offers good, fresh food, with high-quality coffee amongst other drinks. Their coffee isn’t the only thing that is warm, their welcome upon arrival also touches the hearts of visiting customers. Everything is made at The Good Honest Food Company, hence the name, as they use as many locally sourced and locally produced ingredients as they can. Can’t get enough? Well you’re in luck, as their Meals to Go service allows you to enjoy at home or at work! Enjoy a variety of customised catering, with gluten-free and vegan options available. You can find the Good Honest Food Company open from Monday to Saturday.

4. The Cat Lounge

The Cat Lounge
Source: Wikimedia

If you’re a lover of cats, this is the perfect café for you. The Cat Lounge runs on a pay as you go system – £1 every five minutes. No booking required, you just walk in and enjoy the company of multiple types of cats. Whilst you’re there, enjoy a couple of pastries with a hot beverage, for example, croissants, cakes, hot chocolates, coffees, and teas. With a small number of staff, the Cat Lounge offers wonderful customer service, and they only request that you do not agitate the cats or try to take them home – as much as we all want to! It is a wonderful place to relax or enjoy with another friend on a day out.

5. Choc’n’Roll

Source: Choc N Roll Instagram

Customers have named this café as having the best chocolates in Coventry. The owner, Tony Davis, started this business in 2014, and moved to Fargo Village in 2016. He had a strong ambition when creating this business, wanting to exhibit the joy and skill that comes out and is put into chocolate. Choc’n’Roll invites you to try a selection of pastries, freshly made macarons, and handmade chocolates. Not only are you able to enjoy chocolates and macarons created by a well-established chef, but you can also learn how to create your own! Their sweet treats are perfectly balanced in the richness of flavours, a delight to have!

Cafes are a wonderful place to wind down and enjoy an in-depth catch up with the friends and family you couldn’t see over lockdown. Marrying a hot beverage alongside a couple of sweet treats, you really can’t go wrong with cafes. What is your favourite cafe? Remember to wear your mask when walking around these cafes and stay safe!

Last Updated on June 13, 2024