Being stuck at home to study and work has taken a toll on all of us. If we had the option to, we would have preferred to study in the library, studios, or even our office spaces. When our place of comfort turns into a workspace, it’s hard to differentiate the two. However, when coffee shops start to open, you may be able to allow yourself the freedom to work outside. So, in preparation for that time, we have prepared our  top 6 choices of the best coffee shops in Coventry. These cafes will provide you with the best luxury food and peace of mind that you need to do your work.

1. Dandy’s Coffee Shop

Dandy's Coffee Shop Coventry
Source: Fargo Village

Located in the heart of Fargo, you can find a spacious café, named Dandy’s Coffee Shop. Peaceful and quiet, this café is great for big study groups with your university friends. In addition, they have the space for effective social distancing once we can go back out in groups. Because of the multiple plugs around, you wouldn’t need to worry about my laptop dying whilst you’re doing university work! I love the art in the space which contrasts the industrial interior, giving you the motivation and comfort you need at a nice coffee shop. Enjoy the vegan options, small cakes to snack on and obviously coffee, to help you stay focused during your time there.

2. The Pod Café

The Pod Facebook
Source: The Pod Facebook

We would suggest visiting The Pod Café if you are more of a physical artist or you like to jot things down. This café is low tech and tailors towards having more conversations and discussions with your peers. Being a small yet vibrant cultural hub, this cafe focuses on promoting socialisation which is especially needed for when we come out of lockdown. If you’re the type of person who works well with people around you, this is the café for you. This café keeps you relaxed, providing vegan options using their own organic products from their allotment. There are plants dotted around the café not only to promote a relaxing and friendly environment but also to promote productivity. The Pod Café makes sure to maintain affordable prices for snacks such as biscuits, small cakes, and hot drinks, in case you get a little peckish!

3. Bean & Leaf Coffee House

The Bean and Leaf Cafe
Source: Trip Advisor

Bean & Leafe Coffee House is an independent business which prides itself on its homemade coffee. To them, coffee is their passion and dream to serve it to others. They also bake wonderful smacks that you can enjoy during your stay. I highly recommend this café if you’re looking to meet for a study group with your friends and share notes, or you just want a break from staying at home all day.

4. Myrtle’s Coffee

Myrtles Cafe Coventry
Source: Myrtles Cafe

Myrtle’s Coffee turns a small and simple coffee shop into a place of motivation with their friendly atmosphere. Providing clean cakes which are all homemade, vegetarian options and using Beanworks coffee beans, this café is loved by all of Coventry. The welcoming staff are guaranteed to keep you relaxed whilst you do your work.

5. Kahawa Café

Kahawa Cafe Coventry
Source: Kahawa Cafe Twittter

Kahawa Café is an independent, family-run coffee house which provides quality service to all their customers. The rich coffee smell from this cafe allows students to enjoy rich Arabica beans from across the world. Kahawa Café makes sure to reduce their waste and remain sustainable as much as they can with recycling all they can, running a 99% paperless company and buying renewable energy. Everything about this café is to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. This is a space where you can enjoy a lovely meal whilst studying for exams or doing coursework research.

6. Ziferbalt

Finally, a personal favourite of mine is the one and only Ziferblat. This café is designed for flexibility so you can escape the pressures of everyday life. It is a pay-as-you-go café which suits your needs whether that’s to work, hangout or simply just socialise. No membership is required, and you can leave whenever you like! Take everything at your

Ziferblat cafe
Source: Ziferblat

own pace at Ziferblat! Their rates start with 8p per minute for the first hour of your stay and itis 5p per minute after. If you reach the daily cap, which is £13.80 per day, then the rest of your stay is free!

As of right now, we don’t have the luxury to go study or work in cafes which leaves us unproductive at home, proving to be a struggle for all of us. Despite this, there are plentiful ways that you can remain productive and motivated whilst being at home. So, make sure to keep your head up, these cafes will be available to you when things start to look better for all of us.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022