When you think of things to do in Coventry, it’s difficult to pin down a ‘typical event’. We think we’ve narrowed down seven things that everyone has experienced on a night out in Coventry. How many have you spotted?

1. A debate over whether to leave early and avoid paying entry or to pre-drink more

Everyone knows it’s usually the best bit of the night, anyway.

2. A late night reminder of childhood

The clubs in Cov love to play cheesy songs reminiscent of a school disco. You can moan about it, but after a few shots everyone in Kasbah will be doing the Macarena.

3. Super cheap drinks

£1.20 shots in Kasbah… if you want to get smashed on a budget (what student doesn’t?), Coventry is the place to be.

4. Weird stage competitions

Watching someone shower on stage to win their weight in beer or a year’s supply of chicken nuggets is just the norm here.

5. Guest appearances from random ‘celebs’

The Chuckle Brothers and Phil Mitchell, who wouldn’t want to meet them on a night out?

6. Seeing everyone you know

Cov’s nightlife options are limited, so when you go out on a Friday, you’re going to bump into everyone. The girl you hate? That boy you’ve been ignoring? They’ll all be there.

7. The social gathering in the takeaway afterwards

Everyone loves a Kebab Rush. So when you’re making your big entrance… falling up the stairs, remember that half the club will be in there enjoying their post-night-out cheesy chips.