As City of Culture 2021, Coventry provides some of the best restaurants to try, so you can enjoy different cuisines from around the world. We may not be able to experience the full enjoyment of restaurants right now, but you should familiarise yourself with this selection of restaurants in Coventry. Your taste palette will not be bored with this selection of the best restaurant in Coventry.

1. Nando’s

Best restaurants in coventry nandos
Source: Coventry Telegraph

One of my favourite restaurants takes the top spot as Coventry’s best restaurant. The food and design of Nando’s are Afro-Portuguese inspired with a family-friendly interior. They are famous for their grilled peri-peri chicken and their variety of Nando’s sauces. Enjoy with friends and family!

2. Wagamama’s

best restaurants in coventry wagamamas
Source: Coventry Telegraph

In the second spot, we have Wagamama’s, Japanese inspired cuisine and interiors. Like Nando’s, the interior of Wagamama’s is very family/ friend oriented with large tables and benches meant for multiple seating. They have now installed plastic dividers to enforce social distancing, and it is all table service!

3. The Botanist

The Botanist best retaurants in coventry the botanist
Source: Coventry City Centre

Located above Wagamama’s is The Botanist, which they describe as “a secret garden of food and drink”. The Botanist is a wonderful restaurant for a date or if you are just into plants! Observe the wonderful atmosphere whilst you eat and soak in all the green.

4. Las Iguanas

This Latin-American inspired restaurant takes the 4th spot, providing a vibrant atmosphere with its popping colours. This restaurant is perfect for family meals but also has an addition of Brazilian, Mexican, and Latin American inspired cocktails.

5. Jinseon Korean BBQ Restaurant & Bar

best restaurants in Coventry Jinseon
Source: Trip Advisor

Another one of my favourite restaurants is Jinseon Korean BBQ, where you can cook your own assortment of meats in a buffet format. Jinseon is authentically Korean, bringing you all the flavours and interior influences from Korea!

6. Taste Vietnam

taste vietnam best restaurants in coventry
Source: Taste Vietnam

Sticking with Asian inspired restaurants, Taste Vietnam brings tasty and authentic Vietnamese food right to the heart of Coventry. The food is full of rich flavours, spices and diversity. If you ever crave Vietnamese food or you just want a different cultural experience, Taste Vietnam can do this for you.

7. Gourmet Food Kitchen

gourmet food kitchen best restaurants coventry
Source: Eat with Ellen

Gourmet Food Kitchen was created by Tony Davies, a chef who has worked in kitchens across Europe. It is number 1 in Coventry. The restaurant is in Fargo Village and offers a chef table experience for up to 12 guests. If you are looking for a fancy celebration with you and your friends, this could be the restaurant for you!

8. Cosy Club

cosy club best restaurants in coventry
Source: Trip Advisor

Open from 9 am to 10 pm, Cosy Club provides authentic British cuisine. Enjoy cocktails, fine dining, or perhaps stop by for breakfast or lunch. Cosy Club celebrates different styles with their interior design having reclaimed wooden floorboards and an exposed concrete ceiling.

9. Noodle Bar

Noodle Bar best restaurants in coventry
Source: Noodle Bar Facebook

Enjoy Asian inspired cuisine once again at a fast-food restaurant and take away Noodle Bar. With their menu having a variety of Chinese dishes, you will not be disappointed with the types of food on offer. The restaurant is cheap to dine at with prices ranging from £3 to £10. A great place to go eat if you are looking for somewhere quick and affordable after a long day full of activities.

10. Basement Browns

Basement Browns best restaurants in coventry
Source: Quandoo

Basement Browns is a great restaurant if you are looking for fast stoned baked oven pizzas. A fantastic restaurant to hang out with friends or family with a variety of pizza sizes and toppings. When you get there, just order with the app and your pizza will arrive within 10-15 minutes. Students can get a discount as well!

11. The Farmhouse

Farmhouse best restaurants in coventry
Source: Farmhouse

The Farmhouse brings the best of both British and Indian cuisine in a pub setting with a large garden area and children’s play area. They have award-winning chefs with over 20 years’ worth of experience. Their staff is friendly and professional, ready to cater to your needs. If you would like to try a restaurant which brings the best of both Britain and India together with their dual menu.

12. Oodles N’oodles

Oodles N'Oodles best restaurants coventry
Source: Feed The Lion

Oodle N’oodles blends eastern and western dishes so that diners can experience foods from different cultures which complement each other. They have various textures and flavour combinations to choose from so you can always experiment with something new.

13. Dirty Kitch

dirty kitch best restaurants coventry
Source: Happy Cow

Interested in trying some vegan food inspired by the “dirty south”? Dirty Kitch provides vegan soul food which makes their diners question whether they have the right place or not. Whether you are vegan or not, you will enjoy what Dirty Kitch has to offer with their “chicken-style” and “seitan ribs”. You do not want to pass up an opportunity of trying this new restaurant in Fargo Village.

14. Ristorante Da Vinci

Ristorante Da Vinci is an authentic Italian restaurant which provides the finest quality Italian food. This restaurant is recommended for special occasions such as birthdays, dates, or celebrations. The staff are professional and ready to assist you at any time. Their ingredients are also very fresh from the finest suppliers. For the most unforgettable night, Ristorante Da Vinci is the one for you.

15. The Pod Café

The Pod Cafe best restaurants in coventry
Source: Coventry Biennial

The Pod Café is a cute little restaurant to visit if you want to try vegan/ plant-based food. It is a cultural and vibrant social space open to all. All their food is locally sourced and organic. They provide wholesome food at affordable prices. The community at the Pod Café is one that helps you feel relaxed and at ease, recommend for a nice brunch or lunch break.


Coventry provides us with a diverse option of restaurants you would not want to miss out on, and there is always going to be a restaurant suitable for someone. If you are around in Coventry and wonder where you can eat, try a couple of these restaurants, you might enjoy one more than the others! What would your top restaurant?