By now, everyone must be feeling their bank breaking as they try to make up for last year’s summer. With the opening of clubs just around the corner, everyone wants to make sure they make the most of their summer whilst saving their money. It’s difficult to keep a budgeted night out after missing so much, however, Coventry is filled with plentiful cheap pubs that can assure you keep your Friday evenings as cheap as possible. Here is my list of cheap pubs in Coventry so that you can budget your night out. Make sure you get your bookings ready!

1. The Squirrel

The Squirrel
Source: The Squirrel Coventry Facebook

Most Coventry locals know this pub as one of the cheapest in the area. Serving lagers, ciders, and cheap meals, to keep your day going, The Squirrel is described as “a cosy little pub”. Following current guidelines, they are only allowed to accept bookings of six people and under, however, you can expect to stay in the pub for 15 minutes and more. Their friendly staff are ready to welcome and accommodate your stay. In case this pub couldn’t get any better, The Squirrel is currently hiring, so you could be eligible for discounts if you get a job there!

2. Earl of Mercia

Earl of Mercia

One of the many Wetherspoons branches in Coventry, Earl of Mercia stands out as a fan favourite. Wetherspoons is always known to have cheap and affordable drinks however, Earl of Mercia is special because of how close to the city centre it is. With no need to book, just arrive and register your attendance using track and trace. The Wetherspoons app will make it easy for you to order food and drinks to share with friends with a singular click of a button, no need to visit the bar. Make sure you plan your visit well as this pub can get very busy and full because of its popularity.

3. The Phoenix

The Phoenix
Source: Phoenix Coventry Instagram

A personal favourite, The Phoenix is known to be one of the best student pubs in Coventry. Serving not only cheap drinks but also cheap food and discounted days such as 25p wings on Wednesdays, 25p pancakes on Thursdays, and Fries Fridays, you could say the Phoenix is a great spot for a nice afternoon lunch. You don’t need to stay inside to enjoy it either! Enjoy the beautiful weather with your drinks in this pub’s beer garden where you can play on a snooker table whilst you wait. The Phoenix is also one of the pubs where you can receive a More card to collect points and receive discounts on your purchases. It’s great to say that this pub is ranked highly amongst students, just across from the many Coventry buildings, so everything is within walking distance.

4. The Quids Inn

The Quids Inn
Source: Quids Inn Facebook

If The Phoenix is number one, The Quids Inn comes at a close second. When April 12th hit, the line for this pub sprawled across the street from starting from 12 am. This is a very popular student stop for cheap drinks. Prior to the pandemic, this pub was usually the hotspot for pre-drinks before students went to the club. From drinks as low as £2.00 no wonder you see so many students attending this pub. The staff is friendly and welcoming with quick service, so you don’t need to wait for a long time. Similarly to The Phoenix, there is a cosy outside area with a kitchen upstairs in case you’re feeling a little peckish. As you can see from the photo, The Quids Inn is strictly a student only venue, meaning that the pub is tailored specifically to students. They close at 3.30 am, opening at 4 pm every day.

These pubs have a special place in the minds of students in Coventry with their low prices. What are your favourite pubs in Coventry? Would you have any on this list? Remember to stay safe and maintain social distancing as much as possible when you’re outside.

Last Updated on June 13, 2024