Edinburgh is famous for its gin and whiskey scene, but what about its cocktails? Behind every good night out is a series of flavoursome drinks and luckily, Edinburgh has a vibrant cocktail scene! We’ve rounded up a few of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh, ready for you to check out in your evenings.

Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms - best cocktail bars in Edinburgh
Source: Paradise Palms Edinburgh

Although this bar and restaurant is central to student life, these cocktails are well-known throughout Edinburgh and some of the best. Set against a background of draped hangings, palm trees and tiki glasses, Paradise Palms has a tropical vibe unmatched in the midst of Edinburgh’s cocktail bars. It also dishes up award-winning vegetarian and vegan food daily until 10pm. You can visit Paradise Palms any day of the week, and even head there during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Bramble Bar and Lounge

cocktail bars in Edinburgh
Source: Bramble Bar, www.https://www.bramblebar.co.uk/cocktails#&gid=1064198455&pid=3

Open from Wednesday till Sunday weekly, Bramble Bar is a worthwhile weekend visit! Their cocktails are delicately crafted to ensure the best quality in taste and looks. And with cocktails starting at only £8.50, you will be hard stretched to find a better deal at one of the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh! Located on Queen Street, Bramble Bar is easily accessible by public transport and perfect for your next night out!

56 North

cocktail bars in Edinburgh
Source: 56 North, www.fiftysixnorth.co.uk/menu/

Home of the Edinburgh University Cocktail Society, 56 North is located right across from George Square. A dignified interior, this bar is also a working gin distillery! There’s over 300 gins and spirits being served on the premises, so everyone can find their perfect cocktail. With gins starting at £4.50 plus mixer and cocktails beginning at £8.95, enjoying Edinburgh’s oldest gin bar and one of its best cocktail bars is an affordable feat!

The Voodoo Rooms

voodoo rooms edinburgh
Source: Voodoo Rooms

Found near the west of Princes Street, The Voodoo Rooms is a bar, restaurant, and cabaret live music venue all-in-one! Offering five specific cocktails, the refined quality of these drinks provides every drinker with a beautifully crafted cocktail. Also well-known for their rum and tequila selection, you can pretty much get any cocktail you could want. Beyond the great drink selection, the best thing about The Voodoo Rooms is the speakeasy style decor. If you’ve ever wanted to travel back to 1920s New York or Paris, The Voodoo Rooms is definitely worth a visit on your next night-out.

One Square

one square
Source: One Square

A bar and brasserie in the heart of Festival Square, One Square is another well-known gin provider. However, if gin is not your go-to beverage, they have a wide variety of other carefully designed cocktails. Ranging from £10.00 to £15.00, these cocktails are right on the money for cocktail prices in Edinburgh. Additionally, One Square offers a selection of wines, whiskeys and tequila, so you can spice up the night with a different liquor when you fancy it!


bar tonic best cocktail bars in Edinburgh
Source: Bar Tonic

An award-winning cocktail menu should be enough to get everyone interested in this place! Tonic is an independent bar found on North Castle Street. Open until 1am every night, Tonic is just the place to go to enjoy a relaxing night out with friends. And what night out isn’t complete without a few classic cocktails? With all cocktails priced at £11.00, it is easy to calculate the bill split at the end of the night!

The Cocktail Mafia

cocktail bars in Edinburgh
Source: The Cocktail Mafia, www.thecocktailmafia.co.uk/gallery/

For those looking for truly unique cocktails mixtures, The Cocktail Mafia is the place for you! From Crème Brûlée Expresso Martinis to their Swimming with the Fishes sharing cocktail, The Cocktail Mafia has a drink for every mood and occasion. Drinks start at £7.50, with the average cocktail priced at £10.50. If you want to make your own cocktails, why not try out one of their masterclasses? The Cocktail Mafia will give you a night to remember!

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