Now that University has rolled around again, whether you’re a new or returning student, you might think of joining a new society. But where to start? There are so many to choose from, so if you’re struggling to decide, let Unifresher guide you this semester with the best student societies in Manchester!

The University of Manchester societies 

University of Manchester Students' Union
Source: The University of Manchester Student’s Union

If you’re looking for the full list of student societies at the University of Manchester, click here. Otherwise, we have a hand-picked list for you of the top societies to join this year.


best student societies at manchester
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As a precursor, sports societies usually require you to take part in trials to join a league team. If you want to play sports socially or as a casual player, rather than being part of the official university team, consider Sporticipate. Sporticipate is a university-run social sport program for you to join if you’re a beginner player or don’t want to join a professional team. They run mixed sports like dodgeball, netball, and more, as well as sex-separated sports like the women’s only football session. There’s plenty for everyone, so give it a go by signing up for sessions on Playwaze.

Hiking Club

The University of Manchester’s Hiking Club is open to hikers of all abilities and goes travelling around the UK every weekend to places like the Lake District and Snowdonia. Membership for this society costs £30 for students and £35 for non-students, which is pricey but worth the money. The club hosts weekly socials like pub crawls and rock-climbing sessions as well as their regular hikes. To join the hiking club, click here.

Motorsports Society

If physical sport isn’t your thing, the motorsports society has space for you. This group holds regular F1 watch-along sessions and socials. Their focus is competing in the BUKC national karting league, and are open to both beginner and experienced members. A yearly membership costs £5, so to join the motorsports society, click here.

Pole and Burlesque

Don’t be fooled, pole dancing is difficult. However, that doesn’t mean that if you’ve never done it before that you can’t sign up for this society. If you want to build your core strength and flexibility, as well as support causes like raising money for sex workers, click here to join the pole and burlesque society.

Swing and Dance Society

Even if you have no dance experience, the swing dance society will be here to teach you! Although it is a partnered dance, you can meet plenty of people to dance with at the many socials that are held throughout the year. They teach classic dance styles like Charleston, Lindy Hop and more. To join the swing and dance society, click here.

Quadball/Quidditch Society

Harry Potter fans (or anyone that wants to participate in a new sport), this society is for you. They hold weekly training sessions in Plattfield’s Park between Fallowfield and the Curry Mile, as well as regular socials. This society is welcome to players of all abilities, so all you need is some comfy clothes and a water bottle to take part. To join the quadball society, click here.


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The Arab Society

This society is for Arab and Non-Arab students alike. They aim to teach about Arab traditions and bring together Arab students across Manchester by holding regular socials, group trips and culture nights. To join the Arab society, click here.

The Christian Union

The Christian Union is a faith-based society with the goal of spreading the message about Christianity. If you’re a Christian student in Manchester looking to express your faith, you can meet other like-minded students at the weekly prayer meeting and social groups. To join the Christian Union, click here.

The India Society

This society has the “home away from home” vibe for Indian students living in Manchester. They host many events like festival celebrations and Bollywood movie marathons. If that sounds right to you, click here to join the University of Manchester’s India Society.

The International Society

The International Society is one of the biggest societies at the University of Manchester. With over 4,500 members from 130 different countries, it’s a great way to make friends if you’re moving to the UK for the first time. Join now and take part in cultural nights, language classes and many more events. To join the International Society, click here.

NOTE: These aren’t the only faith/culture-based societies at the University of Manchester. You can find an extensive list on the societies page of the SU website.


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The Board Games Society

Fancy a game of Risk or Monopoly? Particularly if you’re a student that doesn’t drink, this society is great if you want a quiet night in. They meet every week on Tuesdays and Fridays, so if you want to be a part of this society click here and get gaming.

The Cocktail Society

If you do like to drink, the Cocktail Society has your back. With regular trips to bars and pubs across Manchester, their goal is to drink as many cocktails as possible (and make them too!). To join, click here.

The Historical Reenactment Society

This is a niche one, but very fun. Have you ever wanted to swing around a sword like you were in Game of Thrones? Now’s your chance! All you need to bring is gloves and water to Whitworth Park every weekend. To join, sign up here.

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

Are you a fan of Star Trek? Star Wars? Basically, are you a massive geek? Great! Warped (the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society) has its own book clubs, board game nights, and film screenings surrounding all your favourite geeky goodness. To sign up, click here.

The Thrift Society

Feeling thrifty? If you’ve never heard of thrifting before, it’s essentially buying vintage and second-hand clothes, which is great for the environment and your bank account too. The Thrift Society run regular thrift trips to charity shops and thrift markets, so if this sounds like your thing sign up here.

Manchester Metropolitan University societies

What is the Students' Union? @ Manchester Metropolitan University Students' Union
Source: MMU Student’s Union

If you’re looking for the full list of student societies at Manchester Metropolitan University, click here.


best student societies at Manchester
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American Football

If you’re looking to try something new, or familiar if you’re an American student, why not try the American Football society? As a player in the Eagles team, you’ll compete in a league against other Universities playing soccer. It’s a great way to keep fit and make friends as part of a team. Is American Football not your thing? No worries! Have a crack at the Men’s and Women’s (proper English) Football teams at MMU instead.


Archery is a great sports society to join, whether you’re new at the sport or already experienced with a bow. MMU will provide basic training and all the equipment you need to get started.


Another great sports society at MMU is the canoe club. They’re open to people at all levels of experience, so don’t worry if you’ve never gone canoeing before. This club boasts regular pool sessions and socials, so sign up soon if this sounds right for you.


The MMU Mountaineering club is perfect for students that love the outdoors and want to escape the city for a while. Like most MMU sports clubs, this society is open to people of all experiences. Don’t let a lack of ability hold you back, as the MMU Mountaineering Club will be there to help you climb! This is a great choice if you’re a passionate climber, as there’s no rock-climbing society at MMU, unfortunately. There is, however, a Rock society if you also happen to have an interest in rock (the music genre, not the minerals).


Now, Manchester isn’t exactly a hotspot for surfers. There’s nowhere really to surf, considering the closest we get to an ocean is the infamous Manchester rain. However, the surf society travels to all parts of the country to hit the waves, and you can too!


Although not a society, you could join one of Manchester’s running clubs. They’re located all across the city and have different vibes. Some go at it, whereas some are more leisurely and all about the drinks at the end. Either way, it’s a good way to meet people.

Culture and Religion

best student societies in Manchester
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African-Caribbean Society

If you’re an African-Caribbean student and want to learn more about your heritage and culture, you’ve found the right place. This society hosts many events and socials throughout the year, and you can find updates on their Instagram page @mmuacs.

The Black Arts Collective

The Black Arts Collective is a home for creative students of colour that want to make new friends and express themselves and their experiences. You can find updates on events, socials and more on their Instagram page @bac.mcr.

The British Asian Society

The British Asian society holds events for British Asian students (or anyone with an Asian background) that would like to join. Their goal is to bring together Asian students and teach about the British Asian experience while holding amazing socials for its members, so if this sounds right for you, sign up here.

The Christian Union

The Christian Union welcomes Christian students of all denominations to meet each other and express their faith. On Tuesday evenings, there are talks available to attend in the Student’s Union that answer important questions regarding the Christian Faith. You can sign up here on the MMU website.

The Islamic Society

Whether you are or aren’t a Muslim, the Islamic Society is welcoming to students of many faiths and backgrounds. They aim to promote Islam and host educational and social events surrounding the faith. If this sounds like your cup of tea, click here to go to the Islamic society webpage.

The Manchester Hindu Society

For students with Hindu beliefs, this society is for you. As well as sports, cultural and educational socials, the Manchester Hindu society boasts its Chandi Ball every year, which is open to all members. If you’re interested in learning more about Hinduism or feel this society resonates with you, check out their Instagram page here.


The Pentecost Students and Associates’ Society is based around the Church of the Pentecost and differs from other faith-based societies, in that they help prepare its members for life after University. They host programs such as PENSA Music, Prayer Wave, and more. To register, click the link here.

NOTE: These aren’t the only faith/culture-based societies at Manchester Metropolitan University. You can find an extensive list on the societies page of the SU website.


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The Anime Society (AniMMU)

This society hosts weekly meetups every Friday for any student interested in manga, cosplay, or anime. If you’re a casual watcher or have a full Ryuk cosplay outfit in your cupboard, head over to their MMU webpage to sign up!

The MMU Book Club Society

The MMU Book club meets on the first Monday of each month to discuss books that are chosen by the members. If you want something new to read or to make new friends with a common passion for literature, sign up here.

The Cheese and Wine Society

Don’t worry vegans and sober students! This un-brie-lievable (sorry) society is friendly for all but has a serious passion for cheesing and wining. The Cheese and Wine society at MMU hosts all kind of events, from cheese and wine nights to live music events and art nights. Sign up here if this sounds like your cup of tea (or glass of wine).

The K-Pop Soc

The K-Pop Society at MMU is open to all fans of K-Pop and hosts weekly events, from dance sessions to quizzes and more. They have plenty on, and you can keep up to date by checking their Instagram page @_mmukpop.

The MMU Theatre Society (2BE)

This society hosts all kinds of events and socials, such as theatre trips and workshops. It’s a great place to thrive as a thespian or just watch from the sidelines if that’s your thing. To sign up, click the link here.

The Best Student Societies in Manchester Revealed!

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