Are you a big food fan? Or perhaps you’re ridiculously poor and could do with a free meal. Whatever your circumstances why not give an eating challenge a go? Especially at these 50 hardcore eating challenges in the UK.

Forget fine dining and imagine shovelling down a ridiculously large portion of food all for entertainment. Here are 50 hardcore eating challenges in the UK. If this sounds like your idea of a fun night out, check out our list of the most hardcore eating challenges in the country.


Hulk Burger And Sundae Challenge

50 hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Lord Beechings, Alexandra Road, SY23 1LE.

A 30oz burger with bacon, cheese, and barbeque sauce inside a giant roll with chips and a huge ice cream sundae with toppings of your choice, all of which needs to be finished in under an hour. If you do complete the challenge you will get your name on the winner’s board and a t-shirt. You’ll also have completed one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK.


The Hulk

50 hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? MeatBusters, 2 Victoria Buildings, Lower Bristol Road, BA2 3EH.

When? Every Sunday to Thursday from 7pm.

This burger weighs 2kg and you have just 30 minutes to finish the lot. If you complete the food challenge, you get the burger for free, but fail and you have to cough up £30.


The Bird And Beer Challenge


Where? Bird & Beer, 3 North Bar Within, HU17 8AP.

This eating challenge doesn’t have a prize as such but the achievement alone should be a decent reward. To complete this challenge you will need to eat a waffle topped with two grilled chicken breasts, another waffle, two buttermilk chicken breasts with bacon and cheese, and one more waffle with pulled chicken all for £20, or you can wash it down with a stein of beer for £25.


Man vs Burrito


Where? Mission Burrito, St Martin’s Walk, The Bullring, B5 4BE.

This hardcore eating challenge has two options – the El Doble and the El Triple. The El Doble, which weighs 2lbs, consists of two twelve-inch tortillas stuffed with a double helping of your chosen meats, rice, beans and salsa. The El Triple, which weighs 3lbs, consists of three twelve-inch tortillas, three lots of meat, beans and rice and can be topped with as much cheese, salsa and sour cream as you desire. If you manage to defeat the El Triple you will receive a t-shirt and your name in the restaurant’s hall of fame.

Death Proof Burger Challenge


Where? The Vegan Grindhouse, pop-ups around Birmingham and Coventry.

A giant vegan burger with a side of chips and beans – can you handle this huge meat-free patty?


T Bone Challenge


Where? The Ashville Steakhouse, 15 Leigh Street, BS3 1SN.

Steak fans this one is for you. Although this is a risky one, because if you fail to finish the steak and five (you heard us right, FIVE) sides you will have to fork out £110. If you fancy giving this one a go you have to book in advance and give a 50% deposit but it’s worth it to complete one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK.

Fallout Challenge


Where? Atomic Burger, 189 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BG.

Not only is the burger big but it’s spicy too. For this hardcore eating challenge in Bristol, you have 45 minutes to eat the burger which is filled with three beef, chicken or veggie patties, triple American cheese, three onion rings, three lots of Fallout sauce — which is said to be pretty spicy — and three lots of their chilli fries.


Nelson’s Column


Where? The Lord Nelson Inn, 36 Trafalgar Street, BN1 4ED.

You’re given just one hour to eat this massive burger with a side of chips, pickles and coleslaw. It’s free if you manage to eat it in time and £30 if you don’t.

i360 Burger Challenge


Where? Smokeys, 124 Kings Road, BN1 2FY.

You also have an hour to complete this big burger challenge. If you do it in time you pay nothing, fail and you’ll be set back by £24.95.


The Roman Empire


Where? Coco Gelato, 133B Woodville Road, Cathays, CF24 4DZ.

Could you conquer the empire? This hardcore eating challenge consists of 18 scoops of ice cream on top of four waffles with fruit and chocolate bars of your choice, chunks of chocolate fudge brownie, more toppings and syrups.

102oz Burger Challenge


Where? Grills Steakhouse, Rear of the Llanover Arms, Bridge Street, Pontypridd, CF37 4PE.

Do you think you could finish this whopper of a bun? If you do, make sure you call the restaurant to book your challenge before you turn up.


The Big Al Breakfast


Where? 4 Riley Square, Bell Green, CV2 1LX.

Two jumbo sausages, four rashers of bacon, four slices of black pudding, four hash browns, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and a round of toast. The record for completing the mammoth task is an astounding ten minutes.

Man vs Burger


Where? The Phoenix, 122 Gosford Street, CV1 5DL.

This bap is filled with meat galore: Two 6oz cheese and bacon burgers with a southern-fried chicken fillet and pulled pork sandwiched between, with a helping of mac ‘n’ cheese, with two gherkins all drizzled in barbecue sauce and chipotle mayo. You also have to scoff down a double portion of chips and spring onions.


The Ultimate Burger Challenge


Where? The City Cafe, 19 Blair Street, EH1 1QR.

This giant burger which has been going since 2013 is not for the faint-hearted — or under 18s for that matter. The big ass bun is filled with three hamburgers, two chicken breasts, two bean burgers, pineapple, mushroom, two types of cheese, tomato, lettuce, gherkins and guacamole all squeezed between two giant buns with sides. The whole lot must be eaten in 45 minutes for you to win. The food challenge is so hardcore, you can only face it a maximum of three times in six months.

The Chilli Challenge


Where? Boozy Cow, 17 Frederick Street, EH2 2EY.

If you’re not a fan of spice look away now. This hardcore eating challenge in Edinburgh is compiled of one chilli burger, one chilli dog, chilli cheese fries and a milkshake, all of which need to be consumed within 15 minutes.


The Monster Red Ruby Burger Challenge


Where? Urban Burger, 44 Queen Street, EX4 3SR.

Think you could eat seven 6oz burgers, 14 pieces of bacon, seven slices of American cheese, an organic burger bun, a salad and two portions of double-fried fries in just 20 minutes? Well if you manage to here, you will get your food for free and be rewarded with an urban burger t-shirt, your name on their leader board in the restaurant and your picture on their website.


Burrito Challenge


Where? Taco Mazama, 6 Renfield Street, G2 5AL.

Think you could finish a burrito that size in 10 minutes? If you do it here you will get your food for free.

27 Inch Pizza


Where? Toni’s Pizzeria, 136 Fenwick Road, G46 6XW.

90 minutes seems like a long time to finish a pizza, not when it’s 27 inches though. If you do manage to gobble it all down in the allotted time you get the pizza for free and your name on their wall of fame.

Mamouth Burger Challenge


Where? Steak, Cattle & Roll, 321 Sauchiehall Street, G2 3HW.

For this hardcore eating challenge in Glasgow, you have an hour to finish this baby and, if you do you will get a free t-shirt, your name on their wall of fame, a £25 voucher for the restaurant and dessert if you can make room for it.


Sink The Titanic!


Where? Go Burrito, 6 Church Street, LA1 1NP.

Can you finish this 6lb burrito in just 30 minutes? If you can, you’ll have completed one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK.


Challenge Pizza


Where? Tapped Leeds, 51 Boa Lane, LS1 5EL.

Can you finish this fiery pizza in just 30 minutes? It may look innocent but this pizza is topped with spicy Italian sausage, jalapenos, fresh scotch bonnets, Naga chilli and a sauce that has drops of an ingredient that is three times hotter than police-issued pepper spray. Have fun.

The Paralyser


Where? Greasy Pig, 74 Victoria Road, LS6 1DL.

You’ve got just 12 minutes to finish this fun-packed fry-up to get it for free and you’ll be able to boast to your friends that you’ve completed one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK.

Mega Monster Challenge


Where? Popina’s, 31 Brudenell Road, LS6 1 HA.

One of Leeds’ most popular food challenges, probably because it is the most difficult. Finish this whopper of a fry-up and you will earn respect from everyone in the city as well as your name on their wall of fame.


Insantiy Wing Challenge


Where? Blues Bar & Grill, 4 Filbert Way, LE2 7FQ.

This eating challenge in Leicester is aptly named as you have to be slightly off your rocker to give it a try. If you can gobble down these fiery wings you’ll get yourself a free t-shirt.

Challenger Burger Meal


Where? Rockin Diner, 2 Saxon Street, LE3 0BL.

If you can finish one of these whopping burgers in just 15 minutes it’s free.


Uncle Sam’s Burger Challenge


Where? Uncle Sam’s, 94 Bold Street, LL1 4HY.

This food challenge is to consume 10,000 calories in an hour. Thousands have tried but only 29 have succeeded. Will you be the 30th winner and complete one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK?

The Quadruple Bypass


Where? Pattersons, 26-28 Gradwell Street, L1 4JH.

For this hardcore eating challenge in Liverpool, you have to eat two beef patties, with fried chicken, bacon, three types of cheese, hash browns and onion rings with fries and coleslaw on the side in just 20 minutes. Win and the food is free.


The Triple Chili Challenge


Where? MEATliquor, 15 Hoxton Market, N1 6HG.

Think you could handle a chilli burger, chilli dog and chilli cheese fries? Eat it all in under 10 minutes and the food is free.

Chump Tower Challenge


Where? Meat & Shake, 47 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7TR; 17 The Green, Ealing, W5 5DA; and 127 High Street, Watford, WD17 2TQ.

For this eating challenge, you are given as long as you need to eat a burger with five different meat patties, a side of dirty fries and a shake. But the restaurant keeps a record of the time it takes each challenger to finish and if you’re able to eat the burger in the fastest time in three months you will get £250 and a free t-shirt.

Mile High Challenge


Where? Boondocks, 205 City Road, EC1V 1JN.

This chicken-based food challenge consists of six pieces of buttermilk chicken topped with apple and poppy seed coleslaw, honey mustard sauce and cheese with a side of sweet potato fries and a super-sized milkshake. Finish it and you will get your name on the wall of fame, but fail to finish and you end up on their wall of shame. If you finish this eating challenge within 15 minutes you will get a tote bag and, if you finish within the fastest time in the month you will get a free dinner for two.

Big Ol’ Belly Buster


Where? Man vs Food, 42 Syon Lane, TW7 5NQ.

This entire restaurant prides itself in an array of food challenges for you to try. From their 1.5kg ice cream ‘Banana Split Belly Splitter’ challenge to their 3.5kg burger ‘Big Ol’ Belly Buster’ challenge, pay Man vs Food a visit if you think you can handle some of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK.

Iron Pig Challenge


Where? Porky’s BBQ, 18 New Globe Walk, Bankside, SE1 9DR.
Porky’s BBQ, 18 Chalk, Farm, Road, NW11 8AG.

The aim of this game is to eat the Ultimate Porky Burger, St. Louis Ribs and six hot wings as fast as you can. If you complete it in the fastest time in that month you will get a free meal for two.

The Lumberjack’s Double Knuckle Challenge


Where? Oktoberfest Pub, 678-680 Fulham Road, SW6 5SA.

Two slow-roasted pork knuckles served on a bed of chips with a side of salad, sauerkraut and a stein of beer.

Dude vs Dough


Where? Tank & Paddle, Minster Court, 3 Mincing Lane, EC3R 7AA and Tank & Paddle, 201 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3AB.

For this food challenge in London, you’ll need to eat a metre-long pizza and a side of mac ‘n’ cheese to yourself in under 15 minutes. Complete the challenge and you’ll get £40 and your name on the wall of fame.


The Rodeo Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Stockyard, 106-108 Ashley Road, WA14 2UN.

Imagine a giant plate filled with a ribeye steak, a half-metre hotdog, fries, onion rings and a Triple Homicide Burger — three patties topped with cheese, bacon, pulled pork, a runny fried egg and topped with onion rings. If that wasn’t enough, to complete this hardcore eating challenge you have to finish the whole plate and two pints of larger in 30 minutes. If you do manage to gobble that down in time, you get the meal for free, a photo on the wall of fame and a Stockyard Rodeo t-shirt.

The Challenger


Where? Manchester Smokehouse & Cellar, 18-22 Lloyd Street, M2 5WA.

Pay £24.95 and face this huge bun filled with 2 steak patties, buttermilk chicken, a Belgian waffle and maple butter, smoked bacon, two types of cheese, pulled pork, brisket, with a bit of salad and smothered in barbecue sauce. Give it a go if you think you can complete one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK.

21 Pancake Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Infamous Diner, 3-5 Basil Chambers, Nicholas Croft, M4 1EY.

To complete this food challenge in Manchester, you’ll need to gobble down 21 pancakes topped with an array of fruits, sauces and sweets in under 30 minutes. If you complete the challenge, you’ll earn yourself a t-shirt, pin badge, your name on their wall of fame and the food for free.


The Ultimate Burger


Where? Man vs Food Grillhouse, 35 Hudson Street, NE34 0AD.

This restaurant offers a number of hardcore eating challenges but this one is the trickiest. You will have 30 minutes to eat four 6oz burgers with melted Monterey Jack cheese, Mexican cheese, beef chilli, crispy turkey bacon, and barbecued brisket with a side of skinny fries, coleslaw, nachos, beans, onion rings and chunky chips.

Belly Buster Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Zapatista Burrito Bar, 28 Ridley Place,NE1 8JW.

You’ve got just ten minutes to eat this giant wrap stuffed full of meat, beans, rice and sauces of your choice.

Breaking Badass Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse, 10 Mosley Street, NE1 1DE.

As one of the most hardcore eating challenges in the UK, only one person has managed to defeat the bull in this Breaking Badass Challenge. It took the competitive eater two attempts, so this is a really intense challenge and now he’s beaten it they’ve made it even harder!

10 Scoop Ice Cream Sundae Challenge


Where? Aroma Coffee, 20 Union Quay, North Shields, NE301HJ.

10 scoops of ice cream in just 15 minutes. Brain freeze is almost guaranteed with this food challenge in Newcastle.


The Big Five-0

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? 8oz Burger Co, 9 Leopold Street, S1 2GY.

For this food challenge in Sheffield, you’ll need to eat a 50oz burger with bacon, cheese and a side of half a pound of fries in just 15 minutes to get this meal for free.

Man vs Food


Where? Smoke BBQ, 1 St Pauls Place, S1 2PN.

Could you consume a burger with four beef patties, smoked brisket, pulled pork, cheese and onion strings with a side of half a kilo of twice-cooked chips, one cornbread muffin, a jar of coleslaw and two pints of ice cream milkshake in 30 minutes? Give one of the UK’s most hardcore eating challenges a try here.


Boston Belly Buster


Where? Smoke Stop The Road To BBQ, Welshpool Road, SY5 9LH.

This eating challenge comes with a cash prize as well as a free meal. In exchange for this prize, you will need to consume a 5.5lb burger, 10 slices of cheese, 10 rashers of bacon, 10 lettuce leaves, 10 slices of tomato, onion, 10 onion rings and four pickles in under 90 minutes.


Apocalypse Cow


Where? Flaming Grill pubs.

This pub chain offers a number of hardcore food challenges across the UK; one of them is Apocalypse Cow. For this challenge you will be served up an entire butter loaf with four beef burgers, four rashers of bacon, barbecue pulled pork, lettuce, cheese, onions and burger and barbecue sauce with a side of wings, onion rings, corn on the cob, onion rings, coleslaw and fries.

Champion BBQ Challenge


Where? Grillstock BBQ Smokehouse.

You’ve got an hour to gobble this lot down, but their record holder did it in just 17 minutes. Think you could go for gold?

Wings Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Absurd Bird.

This eating challenge requires you to gobble down 24 wings in as little time as possible and you will only get the food for free if you break their record.

Harry Ramsden’s Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Harry Ramsden’s.

This fish and chippy chain will give you a free t-shirt if you eat a large cod, chips, curry sauce and onion rings in less than 30 minutes.


hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Rub Smokehouse & Bar.

Chicken nugget fans this is the best eating challenge in the UK for you. Rub Smokehouse is well renowned for its creative challenges and Nugzilla is the latest venture. To win this food challenge you must single-handedly eat the giant nugget with chips and mop up all the sauce in less than 10 minutes and you will get the meal for free. However, if you beat the current record time — which stands at six minutes and 20 seconds at the time of writing — you will win £500 worth of vouchers to spend at the eatery.

Metre Long Hotdog Challenge

hardcore eating challenges in the UK

Where? Shooters Sports Bar.

In this UK food challenge, you are given 20 minutes to eat four smoked hotdogs with tomato, red onion, cheese, ketchup and mustard which are all packed in a 1-metre baguette with a side of fries. Winning will give you the meal for free, but losing will mean you’ve got to cough up £25.