If you have just finished your degree, then your graduation will be just around the corner! Congratulations, by the way! But what do you wear when the weather in the United Kingdom is incredibly temperamental? Let’s hope it’ll be lovely and warm! If you’re undecided about what to wear, then read on for some guidance on how to decide what to wear to your graduation!

1. Check the weather

what to wear for a UK graduation

I would advise checking the weather a week before the big day to have a rough idea of what the weather could do! If it is saying cloudy but sunny, then a shorter dress or playsuit will be perfect, but if the weather suggests it might be a little on the cooler side, I’d recommend opting for a longer dress, an elegant jumpsuit or even a stylish suit!

2. Choose something you feel comfortable in

comfy clothes for a graduation uk

The most important thing on your special day is to wear something you feel comfortable in. There will be plenty of photo opportunities at your graduation, and you don’t want to feel as if you’re being crammed into a teeny tiny dress or that you are wearing something that is the opposite of your style! Being at ease in your clothes allows you to pay attention to your body’s demands without being distracted by the feeling of being constricted or out of breath! When your clothes don’t get in the way of your movement, it’s much easier to enjoy yourself!

3. Pick out something suitable

Match your outfit to your style but try and ensure that it is appropriate for the day! After all, lots of people’s family and friends will be there to support and celebrate their loved one’s achievements, so make sure you look smart enough to not upset or offend anyone!

4. Select suitable shoes

shoes suitable for a graduation uk

You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet during your graduation, so make sure you choose comfortable shoes! Kitten heels heeled or flat sandals or smart trainers will be perfect! I wouldn’t advise wearing high heels as they will be uncomfortable and there is also a chance of falling over!

5. Choose something colourful and eye-catching

colourful clothes for a graduation uk

Graduations tend to take place in summer, so wear something bright, bold and most importantly something spectacular and impressive! A bright floral dress or a block colour suit or jumpsuit would definitely make you stand out! White can look very sophisticated too! Make sure you consider the meaning behind colours too – we break down the graduation gown colour code here.

6. Top tip

Remember, you will also be wearing a graduation gown and mortarboard, so choose an outfit that isn’t too baggy or hot! With that in mind, I recommend wearing something that isn’t black or the same colour as your gown, as your outfit will blend in completely!

You’ve worked hard. You put in long hours and have likely had plenty of sleepless nights studying. It’s now time for you to graduate and celebrate everything you’ve accomplished. Let the fun begin! Whatever you choose to wear, I’m sure you will look lovely – enjoy!

Last Updated on March 19, 2024