Sheffield boasts a sizeable student population. In fact, there are roughly 60,000 students studying all sorts of demanding subjects from Chemical Engineering to Sociology. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Sheffield offers a rich network of coffee shops for students to study in for a change of scenery. So, want to know which cafe to make your next revision space? Well, scroll down to find out which are the best coffee shops to study in Sheffield. 

1. Cawa Coffee

Address: 253 Fulwood Rd, Broomhill, Sheffield S10 3BD

Firstly, a lovely and cosy spot in the heart of Broomhill, this cafe with a passion for fairtrade, remains an all-time favourite spot for coffee lovers and students alike. However, there is so much more than coffee. Indeed Cawa as part of their vision brings freshly baked products and if you are lucky even live music. Furthermore, the smaller size allows for minimising distractions, adding one more reason why Cawa is always frequented by students. 

Cawa coffee, best Coffee shops in Sheffield
Source: Cawa Coffee

 2. Remo’s 

Address: 259 Fulwood Rd, Broomhill, Sheffield S10 3BD

Literally, two shops down from Cawa, Remo’s is next on the list. Indeed, Remo’s popularity stems from the simple and polished white decor and most importantly, a rich menu. Overall Remo’s offers a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, indeed the perfect company for revision. Unlike other venues in this list, Remo’s is better appreciated when on a study group.

3. Copper Pot 

Address: 68 Division St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4GF

Following on, no guide on the best coffee shops in Sheffield would be complete without mentioning Copper pot. Conveniently located on Division Devon Street, Copper Pot is a lively cafe. It serves food, including some of the best vegan options in Sheffield.  Although largely underrated, Copper Pot should definitely feature in your next go-to cafe for studying.  After all, what students wouldn’t want to crack on with their revision while enjoying warm coffee and an affordable delicious meal?

4. Whaletown Coffee Company

Address: 227 Crookes, Sheffield S10 1TE

Next up on the list, we are straying away from campus. Indeed, if you live in Crookes, an area extremely popular with both Uni of and Hallam students, definitely the name Whaletown rings several bells. Located in the main street, the welcoming wooden decor invites you to study for longer and longer. Whaletown is better to be appreciated on a Sunday, since most of the cafes on campus are closed, therefore Whaletown provides the perfect alternative. 

Whaletown coffee company, the best Coffee shops in Sheffield
Source: Whaletown Coffee Company

5. Western Bank Starbucks

Address: 295 Western Bank, Broomhall, Sheffield S10 2TJ

Students love Starbucks. Indeed, we are all familiar with studying whilst sipping a good, old coffee or if feeling fancy sipping a Frostino. If that sounds enticing already, then the Western Bank Starbucks contains every essential that a student looks for in a cafe in Sheffield including a decent location halfway between the city centre and studenty areas of Broomhill, Crookes and Crookesmoor, a fantastic view on Weston park and most importantly a welcoming space to study.

6. The IC cafe

Address: 44 Leavygreave Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S3 7QY

Who said that studying in the library should all be about desks, silence and dusty shelves? The Information Commons(or IC for short ) library is not the biggest cafe on the list. However, after the cafe closes the tables are still available to study. Outside opening times, there are a couple of vending machines in proximity which definitely are the cherry on top when putting on an all-nighter. However, the cafe can only be accessed with a University of Sheffield ID card since is inside one of the campus libraries (so sad news for Hallam students.)

7. Hygge 

Address: 14 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2AZ

Students in Sheffield might be familiar with Hygge since is a  popular choice for socials, however, this stylish cafe’ has an enormous potential to be your next favourite study place. In Danish, the name hygge roughly translates as comfort and cosiness, and Hygge definitely embodies such an approach to life given the cafe’s calm and relaxed atmosphere. With a location near the station, it’s ideal for those who study at Hallam and have lessons in the city campus.  

Hygge Sheffield, best Coffee shops in Sheffield
Source: Trip Advisor

8. The Diamond cafe

Address:  32 Leavygreave Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S3 7RD

Small and humble in size but nonetheless one of the best places to study, particularly if you study Engineering at the University of Sheffield. Indeed with roughly 6700 students studying engineering at the Uni of, is likely that in between labs you will probably find yourself working on your next project sipping coffee right in the Diamond coffee.

9. Jessop Cafe

Address: 1 Upper Hanover St, Broomhall, Sheffield S3 7RA

Unsurprisingly, the Jessop Cafe is for Humanities students, what the Diamond cafe is for Engineering students. Indeed, the Jessop Cafe remains a hugely popular study place as a result of its convenient location in between the main attraction of the University of campus. If you feel that coffee is not enough, well you are covered, as the Jessop Cafe also provides a limited yet inviting food selection.

10. Coffee Revolution 

Address: University of Sheffield Student’s Union Brook Hill Road, Sheffield S10 2TG

Finally, on top of the list of best cafes to study in Sheffield, Coffee Revolution, lovingly known as Coffee Rev, stands unchallenged. Indeed, this is the go-to place for dates, committee meetings, catching up with friends, and last but not least, studying. The price is average but totally worth it since the quality is fantastic. Coffee Revs also offers vegan options, therefore everyone can find their niche in Coffee Revs.

Coffee Revolution, The best Coffee shops in Sheffield
Source: Coffee Revolution

So, now you know the best cafes in Sheffield for studying. Think that we’ve missed anywhere off of this list? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know. Likewise, for more ideas of things to do in the city, check out our guide to the best bakeries in Sheffield.