Bonfire Night — a peculiar British tradition where in the brisk November chill, folks gather to marvel at fireworks and a blazing heap of timber. This spectacle commemorates a man who attempted to detonate Parliament four centuries ago.

If you’re not from around here, Guy Fawkes Night might seem a tad odd (and you wouldn’t be wrong). However, our passion for the spinning Catherine Wheel and the sizzling of sparklers remains undiminished.

Across the UK, numerous impressive bonfire night events can be found, but London boasts an unparalleled number of fireworks displays worth catching. This year, the city’s skyline will shimmer with fireworks, so we’ve rounded up the best places to go in London this Bonfire Night.

Regardless of where you live in London (or where you plan on visiting), there’s bound to be a fireworks display luring you out into the brisk winter evening.

Ready for Bonfire Night in London? Here are our top recommendations within the city.

bonfire night london

When is Bonfire Night in London?

As the saying reminds us: “Remember, remember the fifth of November.” Bonfire Night is always marked on November 5th, and this 2023, it conveniently falls on a Sunday. Many of the displays are set to light up the weekend from November 3-5. In line with recent traditions, many events kick off in the afternoon, complete with funfairs, food and drink, and more, for a fun afternoon/evening out this bonfire night.

Our top tips for Bonfire night London

  • Plan Ahead: With many of London’s free bonfire events not happening this year, securing tickets is crucial for an up-close experience of the fireworks. Be proactive!
  • Dress Warmly: Trusting the dodgy British weather is a gamble. Layer up and make sure to wear something waterproof to sidestep a damp, chilly night.
  • Bring Cash: While card payments are widely accepted, it’s best to be prepared. You wouldn’t want to be left in the cold without a means to purchase a hot chocolate when you feel chilly. Withdraw some cash before heading out.
  • Skip the Sparklers: As enchanting as those glowing sticks can be, many official bonfire events either prohibit them or insist on on-site purchases. Maybe leave them at home, yeah?

The best bonfire night events in London 2023

Looking for the best fireworks displays in London? If you can’t decide where to go this Bonfire Night, we’re going to help you make the best choice for you and your mates.

From food and drink stalls to indulging in a street food village, here are some of the best Bonfire Night fireworks displays to catch this year.

1. Alexandra Palace fireworks festival

Where to watch fireworks in London in 2023
Source: Alexandra Palace

3-4th November 2023

Ally Pally’s Fireworks Festival, also known as the “Glastonbury of Fireworks”, is without a doubt one of the biggest fireworks shows in London. Taking place in Alexandra Palace Park across the 3rd and 4th of November, you’ll be treated to a full spectacle. In addition to the fireworks, there’s live music, the UK’s largest German Bier Festival, DJ sets and even an ice rink. That means it’s a great option to go with friends as there’s just so much you can do. In terms of prices, a fireworks-only ticket costs £17 on Friday and £18 on Saturday, but if you want access to everything, it’s £35 on Friday and £40 on Saturday. 

You can also indulge in hearty street food, marvel at a light show by Lords of Lightning, and enjoy their expansive German Bier Fest. The fest features performances by tribute artists Joel Coombes as Elton John and Rogue Minogue as Kylie, alongside DJ sets from Fat Tony and DJ Spoony. Plus, get ready for a drag celebration headlined by famed drag queens Jonny Woo and John Sizzle.

Visit their website to get your tickets ahead.

2. Dulwich fireworks display

4th November 2023

Kicking off at 5pm, Dulwich fireworks display is a family-friendly event (especially at just £1 for under 16s). As well as a spectacular fireworks display, get your hands on mulled wine, real ale, pizza and plenty of barbecue food. The fireworks kick off at 7pm, so make sure you’re wrapped up warm and ready.

You’ll need to get your tickets ahead, as none are available on the night. Buy them here.

3. Battersea Park fireworks

Where to watch fireworks in London in 2023
Source: Battersea Park Fireworks

4-5th November 2023

If you want something a little more central, then Battersea Park Fireworks is the option for you. On Saturday 4th of November, there is not only a stunning fireworks display but also a massive bonfire. The fun continues after the 8pm fireworks show, where you can enjoy a drink and some live music/DJs and dance the night away. Tickets are £12.30 per person (plus a booking fee) for everyone 16+, although unfortunately there is no student discount. Visitors to Battersea Park fireworks can also enjoy seasonal treats like mulled beverages and hearty autumnal food.

Given its popularity, it’s wise to secure your tickets early as it always sells out.

4. Morden Park fireworks

12th November 2023

The Morden Park fireworks showcase features two great fireworks displays. At 5.15pm, a child-friendly spectacle with a magical theme takes the stage. This is succeeded by a more intense “One Hit Wonders” show for adults at 7.15pm, promising greater auditory impact. Additionally, attendees can enjoy fairground rides and an array of food stalls.

Get your tickets and celebrate Bonfire Night in style.

5. Coram’s Fields fireworks display

3rd November 2023

Located in Camden’s Coram Fields, this intimate, family-centric fireworks gathering stands out for its early start time, perfect if you’re heading out with the whole family. Festivities begin at 3.30pm, with the main fireworks spectacle set for 6pm.

While general admission is free, special tickets can be secured for optimal viewing. In addition to the obvious fireworks display this Bonfire Night, visitors can relish offerings street food stalls and enjoy performances by local schools and young people.

6. Barnes bonfire night

4th November 2023

This classic Bonfire Night event includes a ‘best guy’ contest, where the winner earns the honour of igniting the main bonfire. Fireworks are set to launch at 7.45pm. A spread of delicious food, mulled wine, and a full-service bar awaits.

The atmosphere will be soundtracked with a DJ curating the night’s music. Plus, sparklers are available for purchase on-site, a relief for those familiar with the typically long waits. Remember to purchase your tickets ahead of time.

london bonfire night fireworks

7. Wimbledon Park fireworks

4th November 2023

Witness ‘musical fireworks’ at Wimbledon Park’s dual display. The initial showcase at 5.15pm is choreographed to ‘magical’ melodies, while the 8.30pm performance is themed around one-hit wonders. Along with the dazzling lights, there’ll be food, drinks, and funfair attractions. It promises to be a memorable evening.

Heading to Wimbledon Park this Guy Fawkes night? Get your tickets online ahead.

8. Fireworks night cruises

4th November 2023

Escape the throngs and experience Battersea Park’s magnificent fireworks display from the unique vantage point of a Thames River cruise. Swap out traditional jacket potatoes and lukewarm beer for an upscale experience of bubbles and canapés on this floating observatory.

As you meander past the city’s iconic landmarks, enjoy live music as you watch a spectacular fireworks display this Guy Fawkes night. The journey starts at Westminster Pier and spans two firework-filled hours. Get your tickets online in advance.

9. Beckenham fireworks display

4th November 2023

The Beckenham Scouts are back in action, hosting the annual firework display at Croydon Road Recreation Ground, a tradition they’ve upheld since 1946. Opt for the gentler, child-friendly presentation at 6pm or the more robust adult version at 7.45pm. Regardless of your choice, funfairs, savoury food stalls, and toasty beverages await.

Get your tickets online.

10. Totteridge fireworks night

3rd November 2023

North London residents are drawn each year to the annual display at Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club. The evening starts with a bonfire at 6.30pm, followed by a musically-synchronised fireworks show at 7.40pm. Additionally, numerous stalls will offer warm treats, and licensed bars will be available, serving delicious mulled wine.

Get your tickets in advance online.

11. Fire In The Sky

4th November 2023

Where to watch fireworks in London in 2023
Source: Resident Advisor

For those of you who enjoy a good party, then Fire In The Sky is absolutely where you should watch fireworks in London this year. It will take place at Studio 338 in Greenwich on the 4th of November. You’ll be treated to a massive fireworks display on the glass-roofed terrace of Studio 338 before a massive rave until 6am. Truly, an explosive night. The price of your ticket depends on when you enter. If you arrive before 8pm or after 2am, your ticket will cost £10 per person. But, if you get an entry anytime ticket, that will cost £25 per person. 

Get tickets here.

12. Waltham Forest Light Show Spectacular

3rd – 5th November

Where to watch fireworks in London in 2023
Source: Walthamstuff

The Waltham Forest Light Show Spectacular prides itself on being a more environmentally conscious show. Rather than using fireworks, they have created a stunning light show. On the 3rd through 5th of November, Fellowship Square in East London transforms itself into a light show spectacular each evening. Like with many of the other options on this list, the show is more than just fireworks. With street food from KERB+, a full bar from Big Penny Social and an array of street performers, it’s bound to be an event to remember.

Tickets are £8.50 per person, plus a booking fee. 

13. Richmond Fireworks

5th November 2023

Where to watch fireworks in London in 2023
Source: Visit Richmond

For the West Londoners reading this, Richmond Fireworks is where you want to go to watch fireworks in London. On the 5th of November, the Richmond Athletic Ground puts on a fantastic fireworks display, this year with the theme of ‘Monarchy’. There is a wide range of food and drink on offer, from hamburgers to churros to mulled wine to teas/coffees. Richmond-based charity Basement Door and two local dance companies Studio K and Resolution Dance will entertain you from 5:45 until the main show starts at 7pm.

A general admission ticket is £12 per person, plus a booking fee. 

14. The Fawkes Festival

3rd – 4th November 2023

Where to watch fireworks in London in 2023
Source: Fawkes Festival

There are actually two sites for the Fawkes Festival. One in Ravenscourt Park and in Bishops Park. This is another show that uses lights instead of fireworks, so it’s a good option if you want all the spectacle of fireworks without actual fireworks. Some of the pre-show entertainment at both sites includes a funfair, a bar, a wide range of food stalls as well as hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Tickets are £13.88 (£12 + £1.88 booking fee) at both sites. 

London is one of the best cities to watch fireworks, you just need to know where. Whether you’re in North, South, East or West London, there’s lots of options for a great fireworks show near you.