It wouldn’t be a huge mistake to call London the greatest city in the world, as plenty of people who are not from the UK believe that it is a country. London accedes up to 30% of the entire UK economy, and about 8.8 million people live in there. An exceptional environment with a variety of attractions will always remain appealing to travellers also to arts and culture lovers. Here is a list of ten unique things to do in London.

1. Visiting Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Harry Potter Studio Tours
Source: Deadline

Address: Studio Tour Dr, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7LR

Nominated as Trip Advisor’s 2020 Travellers’ choice, this magical place offers the ability to delve into wonders of the Harry Potter world, no matter how old you are. There you can see film sets such as the  Great Hall, Forbidden Forrest, Platform 9¾ and Diagon Alley. Props like the Potions Classroom, Memory Cabinet, Professor Umbridge’s Office and Puking Pastilles are also available. If you are interested in knowing the secrets of the magical creatures, here you will have a chance to discover them. If you wanted to gaze at stunning costumes of Quidditch, Yule Ball, Beauxbattons scenes, Warner Bros. studio will give you that opportunity. The studio’s shop has an excellent variety of gifts, souvenirs and clothing that will bring the world of Harry Potter closer to your home. So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket and dive into the mystery!

2. Paying a visit to Tate Modern

The Tate Modern
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Address: Bankside, London SE1 9TG

If you have a craving for modern and contemporary art, the Tate Modern is a perfect spot to visit. The entry is entirely free, but booking is needed for certain exhibitions. Some of the displays, for example, Andy Warhol, which is related to pop culture and iconic superstars like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley are not free, if you do not have a membership of Tate Modern. This exhibition will be available to visit until the 15th of November 2020. However, some of the displays are free, such as Hyundai Commission by Kara Walker. Tate Modern also has an Observation Deck that opens the breath-taking view of London, especially on evenings.

3. Going to the Barbican Centre

Barbican Center
Source: Montcalm Royal London House

The Barbican Centre is a family-friendly culture nest, which is made for arts and culture nerds of various ages. There you can find a wide range of activities related to art and design, cinema, classical music, contemporary music, theatre and dance, etc. Currently, the Barbican offers many online talks and workshops on different art and design subjects, for example, quilting, so you do not have to be actually staying in London. On the official website, you can also find a section called Read, watch& listen, where you will be able to discover free educational information about art and culture. When it comes to free activities, Level G is a place of comfort always welcomes guests for free events and performances.

The Barbican Centre is also the home of the Conservatory, which has around 1,500 species of plants and trees and this place is totally free to visit, you will only need to book a ticket. Eating and drinking facilities are also provided in the centre but they are currently closed. If you ever feel that you have enough knowledge about arts and culture, remember the Barbican Centre.

4. Attending the British Film Institute (BFI)

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Address: Belvedere Rd, Bishop’s, London SE1 8XT

This place is a perfect match for film lovers, as here you can find a huge variety of films. BFI is a cultural charity, which describes itself as a head organisation for film, TV and a moving picture of the UK. This institution shows an international programme of movies for spectators in cinemas, festivals and online. BFI Southbank is a cinema, which has three screens that are working seven days per week. Catering facilities such as BFI Riverfront, BFI Bar & Kitchen can be found in there. BFI IMAX is the biggest screen in Britain and it is located at London Waterloo. Booking is possible through ODEON website, and BFI is a great choice if you want to try something new instead of Netflix and Vue.

5. Trying the Thames Cruise

the Thames
Source: Park Grand London

Have you ever imagined yourself on a boat or ship, which floats through the Thames and gives you an unforgettable view of London? Your dream can come true, as there are numerous boat trips available around the Thames. Whether you are interested in luxurious cruises or simple boats, anything can be found on Visit London. Don’t wait for your dream to drown, and book the unique Thames experience.

6. Visiting Shakespeare’s Globe

The Globe
Source: Secret London

Address: 21 New Globe Walk SE1 9DT.

Everyone has heard of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s Globe charity gives a unique opportunity to participate in a tour of the Globe, to let you  see how the original building looked int 1599 before it got burnt down in 1613. It is a family-friendly organization, which offers many interesting events like workshops, courses, demonstrations for different age groups. There are also some online events and plays that are possible to see at home. So, if you miss Hamlet or Romeo & Juliet, visit the Shakespeare’s Globe website.

7. Stepping into Southbank Centre

South Bank Centre
Source: Conference News

Address: Belvedere Road London SE1 8XX

Southbank Centre describes itself as the biggest centre of art in the UK and one of the five most popular visitor spots. It has a long list of activities related to culture, such as arts and exhibitions, gigs, talks and debates, performance and dance, etc. There are also going to be festivals and other new arts events to be accessible from 2021. Currently, however, different kinds of exhibitions, classical music, gigs, literature and poetry, talks and debates, performance and dance events are open to the people, and some of them are free!. Southbank Centre is an appealing option if you are looking for something that will help you to relax and feel productive at the same time.

8. Bringing out an inner romantic at the Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Flower Market
Source: Time Out

Address: Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG

Columbia Road Flower Market has a long history, and it is named in honour of philanthropist Angela Burdett Coutts who built Columbia Market. The flower market started as Saturday market only, but as the Jewish community expanded, it was set up as a Sunday market. Even though the Sunday market ended, the flower market flourished. Whether you are looking for a bouquet for significant other or a parent, or want to add more greenery to your home, Columbia Road Flower Market will welcome you with freshness.

9. Standing on the top of the world in the Shard

The Shard
Source: Secret London

Address: Joiner Street, London SE1 9QU

Have you ever wanted to stare at the metropolis from dazzling heights? The Shard tower can offer this fascinating experience. In 2018 this tower received Trip Advisor’s certificate of excellence. It is 309.9 metres tall and consists of 110,000 glass panels and has 306 flights of stairs. “More than 5,000 people live and work in The Shard, from hotel guests to the people who keep the building running, operating the loading bays, lifts and restaurants.” The creator of this stunning building is architect Renzo Piano who initially used a napkin to draw the design. If you want to store memories of a lifetime with that special person or people, the Shard is made for you.

10. Having fun with mates in Draughts Café

Draughts Cafe
Source: Time Out

Address: Waterloo: 16 Leake Street London SE1 7NN;  Hackney: 41 Kingsland High St. London E8 2JS

As the weather gets chilly, Draughts Café is an original way to spend autumn and winter evenings with your buddies. Here, you can find over 800 board games to play. Draughts Café has two branches, in Waterloo and Hackney. In order to have the ultimate board games experience, you may want to book a place and then you can truly forget about your worries.

London is certainly a city of wonders, a place where you can discover anything that your heart desires: from Harry Potter magic to the board games cafe. Don’t wait for another lockdown and find the time to cherish metropolis offers.