Are you bored of just going to the cinema or the pub? Are you looking for alternative places to spend time with your friends and relax? If yes, mini-golf is something worth considering. Here you will find five outstanding London venues to get lost in the game.

1. Crazy Putt

Crazy Putt
Source: Crazy_Putt Instagram

Address: Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range, Tunnel Avenue, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0QE

Crazy Putt describes itself as the leaders “in advanced Minature Golf Courses around the UK.” This place welcomes all generations: from little children to older people. Established in 2017, Crazy Putt differs from other mini-golf venues by using themes such as Jurassic, Lost world, Pirates, etc. Another reason why you should go there is are their courses that have been inspired by places like The Belfry, Wentworth, St Andrews. At the peak time, adults over 16 only need to pay £12. So what are you waiting for? Seek adventures with Crazy Putt!

2. Swingers Crazy Golf

Swingers Club
Source: Swingers.Club

Address: Swingers West End, 15 John Prince’s St, London W1G 0AB or Swingers City, 8 Brown’s Buildings (Between Bury Street and St Mary Axe), London EC3A 8AL

This 18+ mini-golf venue with a controversial name is made for you if you want to spice up the routine. Time travel into the 1920’s English scenery of elegance with this Junkyard Golf course.. The City venue offers the greatest hospitality services, including four street food vendors, in addition to their two bespoke crazy golf courses, four cocktail bars, five private hire spaces all of which is accessible to wheelchairs. In West End, you can find the same advantages, just two more private hire spaces, but the setting of this place is a joyful seaside. Tickets price for each person is £13. Step in the Swingers Crazy golf and get to know the historical English elegance.

3. Plonk Crazy Golf in London

Plonk Crazy Golf in London
Source: Plonk Golf Instagram

Address: The Stables Market Unit, 410 Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AH

A group of set designers from the film industry created Plonk Crazy Golf courses to amaze the public with their exceptional sets. The first course was made in Haggerston, London in 2019 and is totally environment friendly because 100% upcycled materials from Hackney area had been used in the building process. Plonk Crazy Golf suggests four venues of choice: London Fields, Peckham Levels, Camden Market and Horniman Museum. Each of these places has vivid colours and looks like a complete world. Price range depends on a place, but the cheapest option is the Horniman museum, which is just £4 per person! Take your loved ones in the Plonk Crazy Golf in London and bring back the spark into your life!

4. Puttshack

Source: Puttshack UK Instagram

Address: Puttshack Westfield Ariel Way, London, W12 7HB

Puttshack is an international mini golf business, existing in the USA, and in the UK within London and Essex. In London, it can be found as Puttshack White City at the Westfield shopping centre and can make you feel like you have entered in the other universe, as it is “tech-infused” mini-golf venue. Besides the exciting game, there are amazing global cuisine facilities suitable for every taste: from omnivores to vegans. Grab your friends and them to the Puttshack tech adventure, which is not expensive at all, just £10 per person for one round during the peak time.

5. Junkyard Golf Club

Junkyard Golf Club
Source: Junkyard Golf Club

Address: 88 Worship Street, Hackney, London EC2A 2BE

Placed in several cities of England such as London, Manchester, Oxford, Leeds and Liverpool, this venue is student-friendly because it gives 50% discount. Junkyard has four available nine-hole golf courses such as Dirk “Acid House of Horrors”, Pablo “polluted tropical madness”, Gary “scrapyard challenge” and Bozo “Dark fairgrounds, circus freaks and twisted clowns.” Junkyard also suggests a rich menu of drinks and cocktails and peak a price is £13 per game. If you haven’t paid a visit to the Junkyard Golf Club, add it to your to-do list!

Spending your weekend, a day off or special occasion in mini-golf venues is a great and unusual choice when you are looking for something simple and fun. Playing golf can also improve your connections with loved ones and make you forget about mundane duties. Pick those special people and try yourselves in a golf course.

Last Updated on July 3, 2024