Thinking of going out? Need something to do? Look no further, Junkyard Golf is here to keep you entertained! Right in the heart of Shoreditch, alcohol meets golf in an absurd and exciting fusion! The London branch has four diverse courses which capture your attention and demand your participation.

There’s never been a better time to test your mini golf skills.Junkyard Golf in London ticks every single box.  An spot with a vibrant atmosphere.  so interactive there’s no need for an icebreaker for your date. Junkyard Golf has featured on Unifresher before and for good reason! Boasting an incredible 58 thousand followers, you’d be crazy to miss out on this thrill!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself and witness the fun you could be having soon!

PABLO, DIRK, BOZO and GARY can’t wait to see you!

Why have one course when you can have four?

You’ll never get bored of mini golf with Junkyard golf’s exciting variety of colourful courses!

Immerse yourself in Pablo – a tropical circuit with a jungle theme and complex array of obstacles!

Junkyard’s own Gary – A messy scrapyard littered with cars and junk all across the course, you’ll need your focus and wit to get past Gary!

Get Weird or Go Home!

Meet Dirk – an unusual primordial soup of a circuit mixing the euphoria of the acid house scene with a tint horrors to throw you of your game!

Fear Bozo takes the horror theme and runs with it. The gothic circus is proud of the fear it induces in its unfortunate players. Be careful though, there’s more to worry about than just perfecting your stroke.  (Wait I just see a clown run past?)

Junkyard Golf in London has so much to offer!

All this at just £11! ( or £13 at peak hours!)

Classy Drinks and cocktails

cocktails at Junkyard Golf in London

Why not try one of the many exuberant cocktails offered at Junkyard golf in London?

Your Tiger Wood’s strategy not planning out how you thought? The frozen daiquiri will shock you back into life rejuvenating you for the next round! If that doesn’t work, the house special junkyard spritz is ready to help you perfect your aim.

Most cocktails are conveniently priced at £8.50 but keep an eye out for the happy hour where all selected beverages are £6! This offer runs from Sunday to Wednesday every week! And there you have it! Junkyard Golf in London is a must visit destination so tell all your friends and make a booking!

The thematic neon décor will let your competitive spirit manifest as you battle with your friends to win indoor mini golf.

With the real likelihood that Junkyard Golf in London is all booked here are some other legitimate mini golf locations to check out!