United Kingdom’s proud capital, the city of London needs no introduction. The diverse multicultural melting pot of creative, finance and technology industries is considered to be the city of the future by many. As the heart of Europe’s second-largest economy, it is the land of opportunity and home to some of the world’s biggest and most dynamic companies. London is a truly global city and therefore is one of the best locations for graduates looking to pursue their careers. Here are 20 of the best graduate schemes available to you in London. 

Graduate Schemes in Healthcare 

1. NHS 

Industries: Healthcare/Human Resources/Management 

Salary: starting at £27,000 upwards 

If you’re looking to pursue a career in consulting, healthcare or management in relation to healthcare services. Applying to the NHS graduate scheme is the best place to start. There are also some terrific opportunities in the fields of Finance management and policymaking. There are varying requirements based on the career path you choose, so click here to find out more.  

2. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) 

Industries: R&D/Engineering/Data Science/IT/ Management 

Salary: competitive 

As one of the global leaders in pharmaceuticals, GSK has a range of opportunities available to graduates. Through their Future Leaders Program, you can find a career path in almost any field not limited to healthcare. ‘We need future scientists to discover, future Engineers and Supply Chain managers to deliver, and future commercial teams to understand our patients and consumers. And we need tomorrow’s experts in IT, Finance, HR, Communications and Procurement to achieve outstanding business performance’ their website reads. 

Media and Communication 

3. BBC 

Industries: Journalism/Production/Business/Design&Engineering 

Salaries: £20,800 

One of the many media institutions with a focus on centred around media, journalism and production. Many presenters and news broadcasters along with headlining journalists have had begun their journey in the field after getting their start at the BBC. However, there are other opportunities that are related to the business and legal aspect of work in the media industry. To find out more about that click here. With a global outreach, if you’re the type of person who loves to travel, there will be several opportunities for you to report from remote locations and get the inside scoop firsthand  

4. Sky 

Industries: Business/IT/Engineering 

Salaries: £28,800 – £31,700 

Sky is one of the leading networks and broadband provider in the UK and they continue to develop and improve their systems to ensure seamless connectivity. Consequently, they are also one of the major sponsors of several top tier sports with a presence in Football, Formula 1 and Cycling. In their graduate program, they look for people with a similar ethos, those who can rise to the challenge and quickly focus on finding a solution. Conveniently they have an easy tool to help you figure out what field exactly you will be great in. Click Here to find out more. 

5. Virgin Media 

Industries: Marketing/Business 

Salaries: £30,000 + bonuses 

While Virgin Media don’t run a specific media or marketing programme their two-year customer graduate programme is split into six-month placements across its commercial, marketing, product and digital teams. Based in Hammersmith, located just 20 minutes away from Central London you will be rewarded the above-mentioned salary as well as a nifty £2000 bonus. To apply you will need a 2:1 in any subject, but preferable a subject with a focus on Business, Marketing or Data.  

Engineering and Innovation 

6. RollsRoyce 

Industries: Engineering/Business/Management/HR 

Salaries: £28,000 

Synonymous with luxury, Rolls-Royce is known for building fancy cars and powerful engines. If you choose to work with this company, you will find yourself either in their engineering department or their military arm where they are a major contributor in engine manufacturing. ‘You might develop a hybrid jet engine, make the stealthiest submarines even quieter or evolve heating systems that can cool the world’s buildings sustainably’ their website reads. Most graduates start their careers with Rolls-Royce after completing an internship with the company.   

7. Jaguar Land Rover 

Industries: Engineering/Analytics/Information Technology 

Salaries: £29,000 

UK’s very best, Jaguar Land Rover has been a leader in the British automotive industry with a heritage that can be dated back to the II World War. Along with their flagship program in engineering technology, they also offer Graduate schemes in London for corporate, design and manufacturing. Applicants will also receive a generous benefits package, including a £2,000 bonus and privilege car purchase scheme. 

8. Boeing 

Industries: Engineering/Management/ Finance 

Salaries: £28,000 – £30,000 

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defence, space and security systems, and service provider of aftermarket support. With headquarters in the United States and global outreach and strong presence in the UK, their graduate schemes offer a range of opportunitiesIt has been specified that ‘during the graduate programme and beyond, we will support you in your pursuit of professional qualifications, such as Finance – CIMA or ACCA, Supply Chain – MCIPS, Project Management – APM or PRINCE2, Engineering – CEng.’ 

Information & Technology 

9. Google 

Industries: Technology/Engineering/Business 

Salary: competitive 

Boasting possibly the world’s best working environments on all campuses across the world, Google has been defined by many of their employees as a fun activity rather than a tedious task. Google offers jobs from software engineering and security to finance, sales, marketing and more. And the benefits are endless with office perks including free food, pinball machines and nap rooms.  

10. Microsoft 

Industries: Technology/Engineering/Management 

Salary: competitive 

One of the world leaders in software development, Microsoft are looking for talented young graduates to be a part of their high-tech Business and Engineering programs. Their Microsoft Aspire Experience offers a two-year development program which will equip you with the knowledge, tools, habits, and connections to thrive at Microsoft and realize your full potential. Click here to see all their open positions 

Graduate Schemes in Banking and Finance 

11. HSBC 

Industries: Banking/Human Resources 

Salary: competitive 

HSBC is probably one of the world’s most popular banking conglomerate, with branches in more than 64 countries. With continuous learning, early responsibility and extensive networking, HSBC’s graduate opportunities are a great way to start a successful career. They offer a range of graduate programs, as well as internships and apprenticeships, to kick start your career in global banking. Find out more about their young graduate program here. 

12. Barclays 

Industries: Banking/Finance  

Salary: competitive 

With applications opening in August of 2020 for positions in London, there has never been a better time to apply for the Graduate Programme at Barclays. The two-year graduate scheme will see applicants dip their hands into different areas in business including Banking, Compliance and Finance. Barclays have advertised the program as a challenging endeavour but with support and training at every step of the way, you will be well on your way to a career with a reputable company.  

13. Loyds Banking Group 

Industries: Banking 

Salary: £42,000 

Their Commercial Banking Graduate scheme offers the opportunity to help UK businesses invest and grow globally. If you want to take on new challenges and build career-defining relationships, then Commercial Banking could be for you. This two-year graduate scheme will give you the wide-ranging knowledge you need to become a Commercial Banking specialist.  

14. J.P Morgan 

Industries: Banking/Technology/Management 

Salary: competitive 

This American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company is ranked as the 7th largest bank in the world. The company offers a range of internship programmes to graduate students in areas including banking, technology and asset management. “You’ll gain hands-on experience while making an impact on our customers and clients,” the company says.  

Graduate Schemes in Business and Economics 

15. KPMG 

Industries: Business Consulting/Tax & Legal/Auditing 

Salaries: competitive 

KPMG in the UK is part of a global network of firms that offers Audit, Tax, Consulting and Deal Advisory Services. Of course, a minimum of a 2:1 in a degree in any discipline is required but if that degree is business or economics centred it will be beneficial. 

16. Deloitte 

Industries: Business/Finance/Legal/Technology 

Salary: competitive 

This multinational professional services network comes highly rated. It is one of the Big Four accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals, with headquarters in LondonThey claim it to be an exciting permanent job that comes with a market-leading salary and benefits, and endless opportunities to learn and progress. 

Retail and Management

17. Harrods 

Industries: Retail/Distribution/IT 

Salary: competitive 

One of UK’s most recognised brands with a very high reputation with dealing in high-end consumer products. Apart from retail work, there are also other opportunities to work in Distribution and IT with a great range of benefits in both schemes. The 15-month graduate schemes in London will see you develop and grow with the support and training that will be provided to all those who are chosen.  

18. Marks & Spencer 

Industries: Retail/Management 

Salary: competitive + bonuses 

Retail is going through a shift. But at M&S, they are working tirelessly to respond in an efficient and agile fashion. Several opportunities are available to applicants in Store Management, merchandising, food technology and design. To find out more information, download their detailed brochure here. 

Graduate Schemes in Transportation and Logistics

19. British Airways 

Industries: Logistics/Data/Management 

Salary: £28,500 – £33,000 

UK’s national carrier offers a range of aviation-related graduate schemes not limited to piloting. There are opportunities in business, management logistics and finance as part of their graduate schemes in London, Heathrow airport. They also offer business placement programmes in their sister companies, to find out more about this, click here. 

20. AER Lingus 

Industries: Ground Operations/Finance/Marketing 

Salary: competitive 

This two-year graduate programme assures that you don’t need to be an aviation expert to apply for an aviation-related course. All that you require is a “curiosity for the airline industry” the AER Lingus website reads. Candidates will be asked to apply to the stream that is aligned with their academic background, skills and interests. 

These are just a few of the numerous graduate schemes in London.