With many of our universities currently on a break or coming to the end of the final semester, I feel like this is now the perfect opportunity to take a deep breath and reflect on everything we’ve been offered: a very expensive subscription service to online lectures. Now with this acceptance comes great responsibility, and so to ease the slightly stinging pain of debt, we’re going to take a look at the best London university memes, perhaps giving us something to smile at once again. Not only do they allow us to laugh at the situation we’ve been in for the past year, but maybe start to get our hopes up instead for next semester.

It’s the simple things in life

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Someone please start a petition for Queen Lizzy to let us into her house for the semester – our rooms would be bigger than the entire flat itself, and we’ll cook and clean for free!

Quarantine before quarantine was a thing

Credit: Royal Memeoway

Some people value their education, some even the name of the university they go to. But Royal Holloway students, they don’t even value people anymore. Starting: lockdown round 42.Source: Royal Memeoway Facebook

The sacrificial lambs

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At this point, I’m just convinced that LSE students were the first test subjects on if human interaction is actually essential in life.

Every little doesn’t help

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By my calculations, everyone should be eligible for mitigating circumstances and at least 50% lower grade boundaries. Where are your standards UCL?

Run, run as fast as you can!

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You’ll never catch me… wait what’s that? Stacks of essays, research, and no time to have fun as a young adult? Think we’ll pass Imperial…

What’s so funny?

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Seeing your friends in Liverpool and Leeds living on such a luxury does not help the maintenance loan one single bit.

Alexa play achy breaks heart by Billy Ray Cyrus

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Some say that not even breakups come close to the stress that KCL is guilty of on a daily basis (apparently – you didn’t hear it from me though).

The ultimate betrayal

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Think of it this way: if the library doors don’t work then how are we supposed to study? Sort it out QMUL – or don’t, we’re good with either.


ual meme
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And the countdown from ultimate happiness begins once you press send on that application.

It’s art… right?

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Live each day as though it’s your last catwalk, said every CSM student seemingly ever!

Just carry on swiping left

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If The University of Greenwich was a Tinder account, it would’ve been reported the second it signed up. Did you see what they did there? It was a scam.I’m in Spain without the S

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Maybe there was some sort of spelling error? Maybe? Hopefully.