Fancy a cool, leisurely swim with nothing but peaceful sounds of the outdoor? How about a quick dip minus the chlorine? If so then wild swimming will be right up your alley! There are literally dozens of spots for wild swimming near London just waiting to be explored! As we approach summertime, you can bet that your (very) public swimming pool will be packed to the limit. So why not make a change and enjoy some of the best wild swimming locations nature has to offer near London instead? Keep reading to find out top picks, which are all accessible to Londoners via train!

1. Frensham

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Frensham Pond is an ideal destination for wild swimming near London. With relatively shallow water and a lovely, sandy beach, it’s a location that shines particularly during the summer. There’s a car park, toilets are available, refreshments and its wheelchair accessible. Taking a train from London to Farnham generally takes around an hour and 15 minutes. From there you can take the number 19 bus within walking distance to the pond. Traveling there via car takes around the same amount of time.

2. Henley-on-Thames

Henley-on-Thames wild swimming near London
Source: Visit Thames

The river Thames is the gift that keeps on giving. Henley-on-Thames is a prime wild swimming spot near London best suited for intermediate swimmers.  With Henley-on-Thames stations being close by, you have especially easy access. It’s also connected to Marlow by water if you’re up for the challenge. Travelling to Henley-on-Thames from London only takes around an hour and 15 minutes by car and an hour via train (Paddington Railway Station).

3. River Medway

River Medway wild swimming close to London
Source: Visit Maidstone

If you’re looking for a more low-key wild swimming experience, the River Medway by Ensfield Bridge, Tonbridge might be right up your alley. An underrated aspect of this spot is how close it is to London. Leigh Station (the closest station) is 30 minutes from London Bridge meaning you still have the rest of the day to do something else afterwards.

4. River Colne Rickunsworkth

River Colne Rickunsworkth
Source: Geograph Britain and Ireland

Hertfordshire’s River Colne has excellent reviews but this popularity comes at a cost because you can expect a lot of traffic during peak hours. This the best wild swimming spot near London for beginners. The water is shallow enough to stand in, so once you’re finished swimming feel free to walk around. Surrounded by nature’s beautiful architecture you’ll feel away without actually being that far away.

5. River Thames Marlow

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Our next location is under 50 minutes away from Paddington station and around an hour by car from Central London. Tucked away in Buckinghamshire is Marlow, a cute town boasting one of the best places for wild swimming near London. Not far from Marlow station and Cock Marsh you’ll find a cosy area perfect for a cool, casual swim with inviting, soft ground.

6. Diver’s Cove, Surrey

Diver’s cove, Surrey wild swimming near london
Source: Divers Cove

Last but definitely not least Divers Cove is a swimming lake in Godstone that could indeed be the best choice for wild swimming near London. Boasting a charming natural reservoir with clear waters, friendly staff and various facilitates Divers cove is the full package. All this comes at a cost however. For non-members each swimming session will set you back £9.90 (plus an admin fee). Or you can sign up to one of their memberships, starting at £25 per season for reduced swimming rates. Each time you go, you will need to pre-book. Although it’s not free like many other wild swimming spots near London, it’s a great experience.  You’re also encouraged to make a day of it – once you’ve had your fill of wild swimming there’s also hot tubs and saunas available. This location is just over an hour away from central London via train and just under 2 hours away if you’re driving.

As we reach the end of this list you may be wondering whether wild swimming is actually for you? There are many benefits to wild swimming (besides a good time). Studies show that wild swimming is particularly good for your hair and skin, boosts brain power and even decreases stress levels. As university students, stress is practically unavoidable at times. If you’re interested in learning more about how to manage stress you can read our article about it here. But it’s always important to make sure you do it safely.